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Mess Perfect 2 - 004

By Epantiras

The "Lazarus Project" name is not very subtle...

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HectorBoloMK33FTW's avatar
Maybe they thought it would be misleading. "no one could be THAT obvious naming this thing..."
Bull5h1tt3r's avatar
Well Lazarus was revived by Jesus in the book of John. to do religious preaching and shit. Kinda makes sense. I mean the Illusive man is kinda egotistical.
And in space, humans are either Christian or worship an indeterminate vague space Maker.
Bull5h1tt3r's avatar
Just because they use religious symbolism doesn't mean they are religious.
I meant Ashley, Lazarus Project, Eve (yeah, I know that was Mordin but still), David's weird crucifixion. For a game where humanity is ruled by a secular democracy, they wrote in some notable Christian elements.
RickOShay1's avatar
Hey, the Council's insignia is the satanic eastern-star. 

And the Quarians reflect Judaism. 
Bull5h1tt3r's avatar
Probably more symbolism for their roles in plot and such. After all that is pretty much what the game industry is full of. Fun, rage, and symbolism.
RickOShay1's avatar
Hey, the Council's insignia is the satanic eastern-star. 

And the Quarians reflect Judaism. 
gendoruwo's avatar
besides, Christian symbolism is both popular and safe to use! 
Try making a game using stuff from Islam, try it and see the troubles coming your way...
RickOShay1's avatar
Oh yes, all hell would break loose. 
Mastadon-King's avatar
"Project Awesome" would have been better...cigar smoking dumbass.
Il-Mentore42's avatar
I like "Project Messiah" a lot more.
TIM in the middle panel : "Behold of my epic chest hair!"
Yes only Shepard can beat the Reapers, which is why you betray her and replace with a far less competint minion known as Kail Leng? What was the Illusive Man thinking?
bullitx92's avatar that david hasselhoff?...
BinkuMuja's avatar
Shhh!! He's undercover!!
Sexual-Yeti's avatar
If I was the Illusive Man, I would have called it "Operation: Hot-fudge Sundae". Delicious Desert is exactly the sort of thing to pour billions in for years, which means investors and auditors won't ask annoying questions.
AngelOfLife0600's avatar
I tought Illusive Man was the boss and he doesn't need to ask anyone before doing something xD
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dark-amon's avatar
The entire Shepperd-thing isn't very subtle.
Knight-Watcher's avatar
Little regarding Cereberus is subtle - basically every mission you do for them means well you are going to die... again... well maybe. I never trusted T.I.M. even though he brought Shepard back from the grave... well he paid for the project. Miranda and her people did the real work.
nyuurocks's avatar
Considering it's been released that Cerberus is now Pro-Reaper, I think you're trust was not misplaced.
Knight-Watcher's avatar
Indeed well something seemed odd when I noticed T.I.M's eyes looking machine like. Ocular enhancements perhaps. I mean he was also against destroying the Collector Base. I blew it up because we don't need their technology to defeat the Reapers. Every time we tried to co-op alien technology in ME-verse its backfired badly.
nyuurocks's avatar
I actually think those were just human-generated implants, though they do look like Saren's. I just think TIM sold out the universe to save humanity and kill the others, even though he should remember the Reapers are A-holes that don't keep their word.
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