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Mess Perfect 2 - 002

By Epantiras
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My expression when I saw Shepard die

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Best Prologue.
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First time I played the game... that was my reaction: WTF? 5 minutes into the game and my protagonist is already dead?! O_O...
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It's only a flesh wound.
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I totally imagine Shepard being the descendant of the Monty Python's black knight
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My face at that moment aswell XD
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I was like D': But it explains true friendship really.
Mastadon-King's avatar
I always did hate the intro to number two. Not even twenty minutes in and already you're getting back-handed pimped slaps all across the face like you were someone's bitch. So freaking depressing...but it gets better when you get to do the same thing but a hundred times better. WHO'S THE BITCH NOW YOU REAPER DOUCHES!!! CHOKE ON IT!!!!!!
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sadly not for me...

sigh... wasnt home the weekend i could play it so i youtubed... walktrhough...

very ashamed... oh well did NOT do that with me3 though.
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That face in the last panel; my exact thoughts. :lmao:
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Same face , but with tears.
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You look like that? cute!
Veni-Scripsi-Vici's avatar
My first reaction was me yelling into my headset "no no NO NO NO NO NO!!!! " Now every time I watch it I just tear up.
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i can never keep myself watching Shepard's descent without feeling sick *ugh* xP
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Shame on me, I play Mass Effect 2 before the 1, so the death of Shepard didn't affect me very much. :O
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QUICK !!! Do the twist plot dance !!!
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my reaction:
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last pannel gets the reaction of everyone XD
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EVERYONE'S expression when they see Shepard die.
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And dies again in ME3. ( •̀д•́)))

Oh. Right. Spoiler.
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Hahaha this is true.

Worry not, I have played them allllllll.
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I find it idiotic how they bumped Shep off in 2 only to resurrect the dope-and then kill Shep off again in 3. All they had to do was have Shepard go AWOL because the Brass were dicking them about and Cerberus were the only ones who'd help. Or even better, actually try looking for a way to kill the Reapers instead of spelunking around the galaxy in search of new pokemonz.
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I mean, I can see why they did what they did, because my Shepard (she's, like, at 500,000% Paragon and is loyal to everyone [hence why she only ever romanced Kaidan] and wants to save everyone) could never in her right mind willingly sign up for Cerberus because she knows their methods and what they do and doesn't agree with any of it. She *had* to get drafted the way she did. Besides, in the end she said "EFF YOU TIM I'M DESTROYING THE BASE AND GETTING OUT OF HERE" and was fighting him the entire time. Soo...

But, yeah, I see your point. And would Sheps be the best Pokemon trainer ever?
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