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Mess Perfect 066

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Quickest way to kill geth: run over them!

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I BET that at least one of the fourth geth's runtimes shared a platform with at least one belonging to Legion some time ago. They sure as hell have something in common. One of them, sadly, joined heretics.
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We are Geth, we hate Mondays! XD
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lightbluesskrillHobbyist Digital Artist
this is just exzacly what I'm doing in the game X3
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this just reminds me a firend's real life driving stile... oh god...
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KidforlifeHobbyist General Artist
I keep coming back to this and laughing my ass off every single time! :rofl:
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SonOfLestrangeHobbyist General Artist
Me too. :D
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Shepard has swag.

Ashley is having a 'HOLY F*CK' moment.

And Liara is upto praying to the 523rd forgotten godess of the asari. Pricless.
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I like seeing everyone through the canopy. Everyone is stressing over Shepard's driving skills, but it's getting the job done though. Also, is the mako a stick-shift? If so, that's awesome!
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I was hoping one of them in the top panel would say "Roger, roger!".

Nice job on the sparky, fire-ey effects, especially in the last panel.
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AndaurilHobbyist General Artist
That's exactly how my Shepards squadmates looked like when she was driving :D 
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Killing them on foot earns more EXP (and it's faster on higher levels)
And running over doesn't work on armatures.
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not true it makes them act like bambi, you know the disney deer?

it will make them fall.
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It's a wonder nobody's revoked Shepard's driving privileges after some of the stunts in the first game.
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Why? Maybe the mako has inertial dampeners like the Kodiak, at most they feel gravity pull in another direction but they wouldn't get whiplash. Besides, look at his driving record. Didn't drive into lava ponds on therum or off cliffs in a snow storm on norevia. If anything, his driving is the reason they'll still alive.
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Was that due to his skills though, or the Mako's security features?
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Don't see how security features account for lava ponds or steep cliffs. What about being shot by the geth on Feros or Ilos?
Shepard is also pretty good at driving the Hammerhead and those skycars when he forced down an armed skycar driven by a specter in a taxi, in oncoming traffic on Illium
ManusDei's avatar
I was thinking more about internal cushioning of some sort, but even that wouldn't do much about Shepard's driving. I mean, he was still able to flip the Mako over. As for the Hammerhead, an angry stare or a sneeze would be enough to blow it up.
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PoisonShallEvanesceHobbyist Writer
Running the geth over worked for a while... until one of the little bastards thought it would be funny to get stuck underneath it. Thus making it VERY difficult to drive... I cannot even remember how many times that happened and I ended up driving into a lava pit on Therum... ¬_¬
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SnowyZo3Hobbyist General Artist
We are Geth

We do not have insurance that covers getting run over by space buggys
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Glide08Hobbyist General Artist
I read the geth dialog in legion's voice... i lol'd.
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Why I have yet to see a more accurate depiction of Shepard's driving. Everyone knows that he/she drives like a maniac. It truly terrifies me to think just what kind of speeding tickets she gets back on Earth...
ManusDei's avatar
What makes you think Shepard's driving license on Earth hasn't been revoked yet?
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Ah the dulcet tones of pelvises shattering against your bumper.
SuperVegitoFAN's avatar
and it stuns armatures... AND it can take hits... armatures and thresher maws acid (which bypasses shields) are usually the only thing ive lost to while in the MAKO...
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