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Mess Perfect 011
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Published: October 24, 2010
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Ever wondered why Mass Effect has no influence system?
And BTW, that's Xan from Baldur's Gate.

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still feel rotten for what I did to that poor guy... twice... :)
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He was just suffering from humanitus, he got off lucky... XD
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PoisonShallEvanesceHobbyist Writer
I do also wish that Mass Effect had the influence system. It would have made the romances feel more rewarding.
earthward's avatar
I wish it had an influence system, would have made much more sense than simple loyal/disloyal. 
SuperVegitoFAN's avatar
I was thinking dragon age tbh, but considering its supposed to be a "spiritual succesor" of baldurs gate...


nonetheless why?? i believe its because mass effect is an ACTION rpg... and for someone with social skills that are... well pathetic (including myself) its easier to get a romance achivement in mass effect than dragon age..

although i wont lie i like origins, and kotor's dialouge system... but if me is to use that then it needs to use me3s respect system where renegade and paragon stack on each not seperately..

btw please show that issue with miranda/jack and tali/legion where you need to almost go EXCLUSIVELY paragon or renegade to fix it.

P.s: yes i only have an account for comments... i like doing that.
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Good thing your teammates cannot disapprove or they would have hated me xD
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DaggerXIVHobbyist General Artist
Povero Xan!
DrLiaraTSoni's avatar
"Ashley/Kaidan disapproves -10" xDDD
Dragon Age style, nice :rofl:
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dreadwolfclawHobbyist Traditional Artist
shoulda put screw you instead of forget it but hey it's your comic.
JelenaEllethil's avatar
JelenaEllethilHobbyist Digital Artist
Me too.
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nikolai60Hobbyist Writer
I punch that guy even when I play paragon
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Vert8472Hobbyist Writer
Ashely: Disapproves -10 <3
Game: Renegade +2
Shepard: F*** yeah
LTAshler's avatar
LTAshlerHobbyist Writer
Yeah, Shepard still looks like a dude...
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lesathoHobbyist Digital Artist
As soon as I saw the guy in purple running around screaming we're doomed, my mind hopped right to Xan. Reading your comments made me feel all sorts of accomplished *strikes heroic pose* And a little bit like I lack a life ;) Loving this so far.
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RolueVasReisaProfessional Writer
hahaha Lmao epicness, thats just hilarious hahaha XD it would be really funny if ME used Dragon Age's approval system haha lol
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It was just a punch, what a couple a goody two shoes.
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Maxamillion2009Student Writer
"Game over man!" Geeze, right or no, he was annoying as al hell. Falcon punching him in the jaw was one of the few renegade options I do NOT regret to this day.
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lol I like the disaproval symbols at the end. I punched that guy too but it was a mistake so I loaded it cuase I want to be a goody goody.
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EleimaHobbyist Writer
I just *love* that you included Xan there!!!! ^_^
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mitisvenatrixHobbyist Writer
Okay, still reading, but had to stop long enough to say this:


I love you!
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xD This one is awesome. (As are all others by you.)
And I love the Xan cameo. ^^
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vick330Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hair-knot... hair... why does that remind me of Safiya :? And your PC is a little extreme, a good old bitch-slap would have been as efficient in my opinion :)
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Jigg007Student Digital Artist
Shifty looking lab, long lost brother of shifty looking box? :)
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EpantirasHobbyist Digital Artist
And cousin of the shifty looking cow ;-)
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