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Mess Perfect 001

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Published: September 26, 2010
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Colonist + Sole Survivor, the most tragic Mass Effect background story.
Nervous breakdown is a predictable consequence.

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LMAO, I don't remember panel 3, I must replay the game. ;)
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STan94Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I'm pretty sure that's already headcanon territory. 
RickOShay1's avatar
STan, what are you doing here? ;) 
STan94's avatar
STan94Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
stalking you, of course ;)
RickOShay1's avatar
Wait till you see page 121. 
Seikalice's avatar
I like this comic already !
Snowyflakey's avatar
SnowyflakeyProfessional Digital Artist
Perfect start XD
Urzu7's avatar
"Carth Onasi Mental Hospital." I love it. xD
ormondropon's avatar
Carth Onasi hospital? I think I'd Rather name a syndrome after him, but i guess a mental hospital is fine too!
Isabel198's avatar
I like this comic already! 
valkarie16's avatar
:rofl: Cath Onasi mental hospital.
Arklyte84826's avatar
ehh. Sorry to say, but it seems that you have forgotten eezo tanker disaster in his/her childhood.
kato42's avatar
Yeah, I figure Shepard would just be a teeny bit PTSD.
famma's avatar
I don't know if I wrote it long ago when I have found this comic, but I had the same combination for my Shep.
Just more reasons to hate Cerberus :P
RisZad's avatar
poor poor shepard
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darthsquirt2Hobbyist Writer
Carth Onasi Mental Hospital eh?
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RiveriiaHobbyist Digital Artist
XDDD i love sole survivor. But I always choose Earthborn--I love the idea of my Shepard being a total street rat who signs up for the Alliance. (And... somehow becomes mostly paragon but takes all the renegade interrupts. Let's face it--if you dont take renegade interrupts, you life will NEVER be complete)
DannyAndYoko's avatar
My fem Shep is an orphan from Earth and sole survivor too!
Also with vanguard training. ^^

And she generally ends up a paragon with a few renegade points as well... XD

Only have done Mass Effect 1 though XD
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RiveriiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Oohhh yeah I loved ME1!  You should totally play the rest too, just for the sake of getting the whole story.  ME1 was fantastic, but all of the games have their merit.  Like the combat in ME3 was hella.  The story/people of ME2 was hella.
DannyAndYoko's avatar
Well I am on a 2nd playthrough of ME1 after I found out I missed a lot of side quests XD

I did the very beginning of ME2 but after getting used to ME1 controls I found really hard to get into :(
Also what's the deal of suddenly needing ammo?! :\
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RiveriiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh heck yeah ME1 has so many side quests XD.  I'm such a completionist when it comes to gaming, and I went through literally every planet thoroughly with the mako.  Yeah needing ammo in ME2 was my least favorite part of the game, but you actually don't run out of ammo very often.  Especially when you're a Vanguard and you can just biotic charge your way through everything.  Seriously play as a vanguard in ME2 and ME3 because I think I only fired a gun like... less than a dozen times.  It was always with biotic charge and melee.  The controls take a little time to get used to, especially since a lot of stuff switched around after ME1, but the game ends up being super fun to play.
DannyAndYoko's avatar
I want to go over EVERY planet too and get as many map markers as possible ^^
If I see an unmarked place on the radar I WILL make a detour for it. XD

Well my Shepard is a Vanguard, Commander "Angel" Shepard. ;)
And I intend to port her over to each game. ^^

I'm really upset about the ammo thing, the Codex in the first game gave a very good explanation that you didn't need ammo any more. :\
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RiveriiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Man I know right!?  I loved reading about that cool little detail.  Apparently the excuse was that it's not "ammo," instead it's "thermal clips" so the guns don't overheat anymore.  The guns still work the same way, but now they run on heat clips so you don't have the overheating problem.  It just seems like a step backwards when it comes to innovation and improvement, though.  The actual reason for it was that BioWare wanted to make Mass Effect a little more FPS-like.  The first one was more RPG stype (which is my favorite kind of game), but they've been working on their Dragon Age series which fulfilled their RPG audience, and they wanted to cater to more people.  It was more a business progression than a lore-related one.
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