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Innocent - Astrozerk04 collab

Orochimaru and Anko - lineart by :iconastrozerk04: / colour by me.

I really had fun with light effects in this one, I tried new interesting ways of colouring, expecially with the snake and Anko's hair.

Original: [link]

Go and visit ~Astrozerk04's gallery!! NOW!!
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How to draw him not hot? This was awesome!
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nice i like how you got the looks of the light on the leaves as well great work there
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thank you ^_^ I tried to do my best
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It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen *_* :hug: The way you colored it makes it look sooo realistic!Excellent job!:heart:
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Do you have the original image of your avatar? It looks awesome :O
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fawesome job on the coloring, it really looks fantastic!
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Nice job !! ^______^ It's very beautiful !!! *o*
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Even though lines aren't yours, the coloring is amazing!! :O It really gives the feeling they ARE in a forest (and something like that :'D) ^^

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thanks ^_^ I'm so proud of my forest background ;-)
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you're welcome ^^ that forest truly is amazing :o
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!!! :D Great colouring :)
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WOW! That really is a great colouring! How did you make the skin of the snake? It really looks realistic!
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I'm glad to know that you like it ^_^

I coloured the snake with a light flat colour, then used a Paint Shop Pro brush that looks like lots of small dots and used it on the 'upper' part of the snake with a darker colors, then another darker color on it again on the whole snake. on a separate layer I added the shadows (the layer setting was the same we used for shadows in our Resident Evil collab). then I blurred the layer with the flat color and all the dark dots. I created a new layer and painted with the 'small dots' brush some white areas in order to make it looks as light reflected on the scales. I think I set the layer to "weaken" but I'm not sure ;-P
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direttamente dalla tua!
il disegno di astrozerk04 è indubbiamente fantastico, ma il (ancora)! sei davvero in gamba!.., in particolare il braccio e le vene della mano... ma anche il serpente... e lo sfondo...l'ho già scritto wow?
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I sadly don't know the charries but it's very spiff! I agree the snake texture is awesome : )
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Nice job on them oh i thot that was Saya from blood
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thanks for the comment and the fave ^_^
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Your welcome and no prob ^-^
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