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ATB cover

By Epantiras

The cover of the "Neversummer Nites 2: Ask the Betrayer" parody comic.

ATB (for short) is a parody of the superlative videogame "Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer".

Russian translation [link] by :iconrhieks:

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What program did you use to draw this, did you make sketches on paper beforehand, and where did you get this font?
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Speaking of Ask the Betrayer, yes I made sketches on paper and then colored them with Paint Shop Pro (it's a very old painting program, you can acheive the same result with any other graphic program such as GIMP). Later comics such as Mess Perfect are drawn directly in the painting program using a graphic tablet
Your Race alone and that first spell made me want to play NWN2.

But Im not seeing a "Half demon" on the wikis for it anywhere?
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You should make these into a book. I would spend good money for that.
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What class did you play as for this?
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Reading this comic made me want to play the game and I'm really glad I did. I like it way better than the original campaign. So thanks for that! :w00t: After playing the game I came back and read the comic again and it was even better. Keep up the great work! (Loving the Mass Effect parody too, btw)
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Amazingly done parody of MotB :) I already read the comic once and I'm just about to finish it once again...still as funny/quirky/witty as the first time I saw it :D
So,if Safya is one of your fav characters in MotB...Who were you buddies in NwN2 initial campaign ? I usually considered Ammon Jerro one of the best companions and always brought him along as a party member(even if I already had a warlock in the party, namely me :B ) Then again, Bishop,Sand and Khelgar are cool too, but I'm kinda "meh" about the other guys.
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I liked Neeshka and Bishop (sad there is no romance with him). Ammon was an ok guy imo, too bad you have him in your party for such a short time.
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These are brilliant!
Just finished the game today, and LOVED it. :'O
Almesiva-Moonshadow's avatar
Did anyone ever tell you that you're a genious!!!

I LOVE YOUR COMICS!!! :) :) :)
Epantiras's avatar
:-) glad to hear that
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I never new this was made.... I feel ashamed
Darkwing-Eli's avatar
Fantastico. L'intero lavoro è semplicemente geniale! :D
Mr-Versipellis's avatar
Wow, never knew you made a whole COMIC of NWN2! Keep it up!
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can you make one about the original NWN2?xD
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There's already *vick330 who's doing that ;-) it's an enjoyable parody comic, you should check it out if you haven't already :D
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I just started playing MotB, and your Gann, Kaelyn and Safiya crack me up :rofl:

I was thinking on making a parody of NwN2, but I'll wait to see what you'll come up with first :)
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DON'T read my comic if you're playing MotB for the first time!! I don't want to ruin your game ;-)
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I'll read bit by bit, and even if there are spoilers I don't mind much :)
Excuse-me Epantiras, I really want to speak you about Nwn, I don't know how does work this website... Can I add you in my msn messenger? (or I give you my adress :) )
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You replied to one of my postings, so Epantiras won't receive a new message warning. You have to write directly to her below in the "Add A Comment" box so she'll see it. You can also send her a Private Note by clicking the "send note" option in the upper right corner of her profile page.
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daaaaamn, i love you xDDD
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