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Take up the sword. by eowyntje Take up the sword. :iconeowyntje:eowyntje 2 0
Not Falling Apart
I'm not falling apart,
I just miss you a bit,
Not breaking up more
Than circumstances permit.
I'm not pushing this down,
I just can't let it burn.
I can't find strength to break,
Now that I have to learn,
Saying 'I love you too'
To someone who's dying.
Smiling for what we had,
So far beyond crying.
Learning to hold the hand,
Of someone who won't heal.
I'll squeeze into your heartbeat,
But I refuse to feel.
Though I love you too much,
Though it's going to sting,
Without you I'm not broken,
I just don't feel a thing.     
I'm not crying that much,
I would drown it I did.
I'm not falling apart,
I just miss you bit,
Not breaking up more
Than circumstances permit,
:iconeowyntje:eowyntje 10 2
T.E. Lawrence by eowyntje T.E. Lawrence :iconeowyntje:eowyntje 0 2
Remember the day
When you taught me not to lie?
Did you know then where it would take me?
Or did you think that by the time
My life balanced on the edge,
My body too public and too visible
My heart too private,
Did you think I would by then have learned to compromise?
But I remembered. And decided
That integrity
Is more than a pledge made in court
Is more than proper conduct,
And often quite the opposite.
Our integrity pushes is where no one would have us go,
No one but our heart.
Our integrity is not some cold intellectual possession.
It is the spark of our life,
Bursting through our skin
Coloring our cheeks,
Shining in our eyes.
It is our heart beat.
It is the strength through which we Are.
It is the steps we take.
The fragile hands with which we expose our hearts
And allow them to be stolen.
As we say the most difficult words of all
'This is who I am'.
:iconeowyntje:eowyntje 1 3
Tell me how the world has battered you,
Tell me how you felt to blame,
For every failure put upon you,
Playing an unfair game.
Tell me how they told you,
Of the heights to which you'd fly,
As they taught you how to bend your knees,
And never face the sky.
Tell me how they promised you,
That you could be a shining star,
By never taking chances,
And never straying far.
Let me take your shaking hands,
And wrap my own hands round,
To curl your fingers into fists,
And pick you off the ground.
Let me take your shattered smile,
And kiss you with the rage,
Of all the wrong they did to you,
Of the invisible cage.
Let me hold your frightened heart,
And set your chest aflame,
With anger at the ruined state
of the long unfair game.
Let me show you it is not too late,
To fight back and reclaim,
Your own skin as a work of art,
The world a canvas for your name.
:iconeowyntje:eowyntje 12 3
Soft and Raw by eowyntje Soft and Raw :iconeowyntje:eowyntje 1 0
On hate and living
I started to live the day you hit me.
The day you taught me bruises heal
Without your kisses to make it better.
I started to grow the day you left me
The day you taught me I could deal
With life after your goodbye letter.
I don't need you.
And I remember
The day you cut off my balls
And told me I was too gay to have a family plan.  
The day you called me a sissy
And liberated me from the need to 'be a man',
Threw me in the gutter, the day my life began.
And I don't need you
Maybe I've always been stronger alone
Or maybe through your abuse I have grown
Into something more than black and blue
There are rainbows on my skin,
Where your fists could not break in
Where your hate could not break through
I will never hit your back
My hands were made to give,
For all the wisdom that you lack,
I hope one day you'll start to live
And I'll be there to forgive you.
:iconeowyntje:eowyntje 5 6
Knighthood by eowyntje Knighthood :iconeowyntje:eowyntje 0 0
Radical Love Letters
I want to fuck up life, as it was meant to be
Fucked up, as we were born to be.
No lines, no reversal,
I want to make love controversial.
Build a family of billions,
Because I'd rather be a bigamist than a bigot.
And my heart has no room for jealousy.
Marry without a ceremony or a blessing,
Wear three wedding rings, and keep people guessing.
I want to be the kind of father,
That gives make-up advice to his son,
Like he was his daughter.
I want to give him the money
To buy his girlfriend her first strap-on, cause honey,
Love is not about rules or tradition.
I can not love with inhibition.  
I can not love with moderation,
Let the world shout it's condemnation.
I do not want to own you, I won't ask you not to cheat.
Just make our love sweet,
And rough, with blood on the sheet,
And lipstick bite marks on my spine,
I won't try to define,
What we have, 'cause we do not own it
We just live it, say it,
Scream it, moan it.
Love without possession,
Without guilt of confession.
:iconeowyntje:eowyntje 6 8
Life on Mars by eowyntje Life on Mars :iconeowyntje:eowyntje 0 1 Puzzle by eowyntje Puzzle :iconeowyntje:eowyntje 0 1 I got bored by eowyntje I got bored :iconeowyntje:eowyntje 1 1 Subtechnological by eowyntje Subtechnological :iconeowyntje:eowyntje 1 2 Burden by eowyntje Burden :iconeowyntje:eowyntje 0 3
Don't Tell.
It was an accident,
Is his latest excuse,
He tells new lies
For every bruise
Doesn't know how much more
He'll be able to take
How many battles to lose,
How many bones he can break.
But he walks in silence,
Keeps his eyes on the floor,
Doesn't answer with violence
Let's his pride turn sore
Tried to keep his family,
But he's paying the price
Wishing he had listened
To his momma's advice.
Don't tell dad, boy
It aint right,
Don't tell dad
Where you've been last night.
Don't tell dad, boy
Just be smart
Don't tell dad, boy
Hide your heart.
Walking in dark alleys
Waiting for the kill,
'Cause if his friends don't get him
His dad sure will.
There's not much to lose,
When love turns to dismay
The last chance of survival,
Was running away.
Don't tell dad, boy
It aint right,
Don't tell dad
Where you've been last night.
Don't tell dad, boy
Just be smart
Don't tell dad, boy
Hide your heart.
It's a double life,
Living with the repression
Not surprising a teen
Would turn to aggression,
Takes it out on
:iconeowyntje:eowyntje 7 1
Being my own
I spend half my life,
just running away
Avoiding the stares,
waiting for a new day.
I didn't know if it would come,
I didn't know if it would last.
Just knew I couldn't go on,
I grew up too fast.
I couldn't see what was wrong, so
I just fought with the mirror
Thinking of a better place,
but it never got nearer.
I wanted to dream,
but what dream would that be?
All the dreams in the world,
would do nothing for me.
Knight and riches can't save you,
when the fight is your own.
So you build walls to survive,
try to make it alone.
But there is no way out,
you look in every direction,
Only to be defeated,
by your own reflection.
It's a sad kind of life,
born with the wrong name.
Fighting only yourself,
there is no one to blame.
I've got to shed my skin,
make a brand new start.
It may seem that I'm crazy,
but it's a choice of the heart.
Gotta keep on believing,
though it's hard to explain,
These unusual feelings,
this invisible pain.
I've got one chance now,
to do more than survive,
If I stay
:iconeowyntje:eowyntje 4 2


13 HQ Old paper Textures by overdosse 13 HQ Old paper Textures :iconoverdosse:overdosse 1,594 389 Not So Clever - Painter IX by Girl-on-the-Moon Not So Clever - Painter IX :icongirl-on-the-moon:Girl-on-the-Moon 1,930 282 outside the stories by thenizu outside the stories :iconthenizu:thenizu 1,079 255 Sea mist by plangdon2 Sea mist :iconplangdon2:plangdon2 25 5 Archenemies by luluha Archenemies :iconluluha:luluha 725 220 your move by luluha your move :iconluluha:luluha 672 175
Little Soldier
Keep brave my little soldier of the invisible army.
Seek no waves my child of the war.
Fight back hard when under attack,
but hide when you can fight no more.
Fight your way down enemy lines unseen by your opposers probing eyes.
Keep your head ducked low, as you hold your chin up high.
Fight this losing battle, so you may win the war.
Find strength in your spirit, pluck courage from your heart.
Your soul is weakened, but has not broken yet.
Keep brave my little soldier,
when you fear you can fight no more.
Black, blue, and bloody,
you've come from the battle field alive,but barely.
Your heart is broken, your spirit crushed.
Your soul is wounded, your courage all but gone.
You are a missing soldier in the invisible army,
an absent child that has lost the war.
Keep brave my little soldier,
keep fighting until you can fight no more.
Cry little soldier,
and mourn what you have lost in this war.
Keep trying little one, it's not over until you fall.
Loss of faith at the sight of darkness,
:iconperfectdecepti0n:PerfectDecepti0n 3 7
Daydreams by shley77 Daydreams :iconshley77:shley77 1,462 115 Doctor Hoo - T-SHIRTS A GO by pupukachoo Doctor Hoo - T-SHIRTS A GO :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 15,298 1,881 Trafalgar by RadoJavor Trafalgar :iconradojavor:RadoJavor 4,619 313 SWG Card art by kerembeyit SWG Card art :iconkerembeyit:kerembeyit 2,838 233 You Coward by Girl-on-the-Moon You Coward :icongirl-on-the-moon:Girl-on-the-Moon 865 129 Learning session by andreimogan Learning session :iconandreimogan:andreimogan 79 5 Portrait by czarnystefan Portrait :iconczarnystefan:czarnystefan 68 5 Zenith by JoeyJazz Zenith :iconjoeyjazz:JoeyJazz 1,535 195 Doctor + Master brief history by Elyssiel Doctor + Master brief history :iconelyssiel:Elyssiel 3,602 665



I need a tagline?
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Hi Everyone,

It's been forever since I updated my journal and I'm thinking of just removing the entire journal-thingy.
The only think I can think of to put here is another big collective THANK YOU!
for the favorites, comments and such that I've received. I'm so glad my work is appreciated, even though I write/draw/etc mainly for selfish reasons.
So, here's a journalpost to show you all that I have not been replaced by an art-submitting robot.

See you,
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