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Well ok I was back a while ago but I've been pretty much ignoring dA for a while since I've been back, idk why, I just do that sometimes.

So Zambia was absolutely amazing! The kids were so cute and I learnt and saw so much stuff that I'll never forget. Unfortunately some of the memories from it aare already starting to slip away :( BUt I have my journal and photos to remind me. The skies there arte incredible! I took so many photos of sunsets and sunrises because they were just amazing/ And the night sky, wow! I could see galaxies the whole milky way and everything it was just incredible. I can't wait to go back there one day.

I havent been doing much art lately. Haven't really had the time, though I've done some stuff at school that I'm really happy with, Ill upload it on here when I have the time. You might be beginning to see more written stuff from me. I've decided I want to do creative writing in uni and so I have to start building up some kind of "portfolio", not a proper one just some pieces to show I can actually write.

Exams soon. Not too stressful, I think I'll be alright.

Right now it's holidays :D just for one week but still. During the weekend I went to gay pride, which was so much fun!

So yeh that's it
see ya laters
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