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The Only Fantasy World Map...

Here's something I threw together for the game I'm running with some coworkers. I plotted out where everything was going to go on a world map then decided, yknowwhat, let's just keep the serial numbers filed off, so now it's a map good for every RPG setting ever. Starting in the Tiny Bickering Fiefdoms is traditional but anywhere works. (My players are mostly from Tortuga.)

EDIT: Wow, almost four years later and this thing just exploded. The internet is a thing of mysteries. Thank you all! A lot (well, a number) of people have requested a blank version so they can add their own names... yeah, sure thing. To anyone asking for permission to use this for their own campaigns... I mean it hardly qualifies as "original", so as long as you're comfortable stealing from someone who steals from the people who only steal from the best, knock yourselves out :)

If I could make some additions (which I suppose I could, but, nah) I'd call out the Boring/Doomed Pastoral Village somewhere in the Tiny Bickering Fiefdoms or the Land of Poncy Knights, and also add a Giant Wall to Keep the Monsters Out. Giant walls are so hot right now.
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Oh, here's one:

Airborne Island(s) People Don't Fall Off of, Somehow.

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Why is it literally Earth?
*When your fantasy parody map has more diversity than most fantasy settings*

"What the cinnamon toast fuck?"
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This is a pitch perfect pathfinder parody.
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Pretty much every fantasy world is like this when you think about it.
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Awww.... come on! :/
I thought it was the map of Pangaea!
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I think I could successfully pitch a multi-volume fantasy short fiction anthology based on this map alone. 
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It looks like Terry Jones re-named a world setting from my old D&D days; somewhere Fritz Leiber, Robert E Howard, and Fletcher Pratt are nodding in approval. :)  Or more like my old university D&D group got a hold of the DM's campaign world map, xeroxed it, and then the least attentive player wrote in all the quick references instead of the actual names. 
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Have always wanted to customize this for my own use and finally got around to it. Thought you might like to see what you've inspired. Thanks

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Describes most fantasy worlds down to the mildly racist undertones that comes with most of them.
So where is Westeros, Middle Earth and Narnia??? Without all of them, no fantasy map is complete.
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Good idea. It's both funny and smart.
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Incredibly awesome.
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Generic Fantasy Land Map Template by Dark-Eyed-Junco
 I roughly translated everything into bad Proto-Indo-European for a more fantasy-sounding feel. I might do something with it in the future. Thanks for the template.
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Challenge accepted. :D
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I want to go to Aztec Serpens..It sounds like a mysterious place to go.. :) .. Love your map..hehehe very unique..
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If there's one thing I'd add, it'd be a "Magic Fairy Forest of Innocence."

... maybe an "Orphanage of Deceptively Powerful Children" and "The 'Holy Shit, This Was Earth!' Ruins", also.
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I think I'll go for the Clockwork Tsardom. Steampunk Russians sound promising.

Mecha-Putin, I choose you!
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We don't go to Ravenholm...

...because they are neighbours with the crumbling crusader state so there's been some political turmoil...

...and zombies.
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I like how Crusader state is very close to hellfire empire 

Also drowned kingdom is on island not in the ocean.
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