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Hello, everyone. First of all, I do believe that I owe everyone who follow me, enjoyed and supported my work an apology for the rather sudden and long-term disappearance. To summarise, a great deal has happened that has left me both physically and emotionally exhausted to the point where I questioned if I wanted to continue creating artworks. I'm in a much better headspace now than I was before and after having a good long think, I felt that ultimately I'd at least owe you all an explanation. Some of you may be angry and/or disappointed at my actions, and rightly so. But I post this journal not to seek forgiveness, but to explain myself and to close this particular chapter in my life. I will be bringing back all my artworks to date belonging to this gallery, but unfortunately there will won't be any new artworks posted under this name. Thanks again for your interest, love and support through the years, and I'm sorry it took this long for me to come around. Sincerely, Eosphorite
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I wish i knew where you went. I used to hang out in your Livestreams and was a big fan of your work overall! I hope you're doing good Eos... I always had a good time hanging around your chat/Livestream. I miss your art alot!
add "farceton" on steam, it's him

woa awesome! I was really down finding out that he deleted everything from everywhere. thank you!

Heyo Eos, what happened? I havent checked on your stream in a while and now your art is all gone... Have you been fine?
Whoa what happened to your art?
Whoa, all of your art is gone!  Is everything okay?