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English Pmx Editor - v1.1

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I've decided to take a shot at fixing some small bugs found in the previous version I translated.
You can now edit Joints!  :)

32-bit (x86):  link  (will NOT WORK on 64-bit operating systems.)
64-bit (x64):  link

Remember: "Unblock" the .zip file before extracting it (see the readme).

System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 or higher 
CPU: SSE1 or higher
.NET Framework 4.5 (or newer):  link
DirectX 9.0c:  link
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package:
   32-bit:  link
   64-bit:  link

Image 1
Image 2

VirusTotal Scan Results:
(in case you think this might have a virus...)
64-bit (x64):  link
32-bit (x86):  link
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ShiroNyankoStudent Filmographer

I've extracted it but the 'Unblock' option isn't even there idk what to do

Edit: I had to download DirectX now I can open it and get to work ;D


PokemonSilverFangirl's avatar

I can't open the 64x application I've unblocked it and extracted it and everything and the other one doesn't work on my computer.

ShotsGhotsYT's avatar
ShotsGhotsYTNew Deviant

The thumbnail tho

S H E ' S S O T H I C C

Lolbit88's avatar
Lolbit88New Deviant

Everytime I try open the application it looks like it's working but then it doesn't open. A way to fix this?

MMDstyler's avatar
MMDstylerNew Deviant

the same happens to me! but then I saw my system type was 64-bit and downloaded it and it said the same thing it needs to be fixed!

TaichiLazuli's avatar

To me it is on Japanese still, is there any way to change the language of existing editor instead of downloading English because this one seems not to work?

Xay123098's avatar

For people having problems launching it, I set my system locale to Japan and it started working. For those that don't know how to change your locale here is a link


PokemonSilverFangirl's avatar

Tried that it still doesn't work

scarymadalena's avatar
scarymadalenaStudent Digital Artist

I tried anything....but it doesn't open....can someone help me?

LacesofClouds's avatar

before you extract it you have to left-click on the file and go down to properties option, after that on the general page, go down and you'll see the word security click unblock, hit apply then it should be able to open on your computer. you also have to download the correct version for your computer for it to work.

Uwk07M's avatar
Uwk07MNew Deviant

i'm sorry but, i don't see any unblock button, is it because i already extracted the file?

PokemonSilverFangirl's avatar

Still doesn't work for me

LacesofClouds's avatar

gosh dang it :/..have you've tried asking around?? also i apologize for the late response.

PokemonSilverFangirl's avatar

It's fine. I'll try looking around on Google :/

LacesofClouds's avatar

that's really odd that it won't work for you q-q..wait what issue are you having??because this is um old comment, i have a horrible memory so i do apologize..

PokemonSilverFangirl's avatar

Well when I try opening it, it'll turn my mouse into that loading icon like it's opening but then it won't and I check and I've definitely got the right version

LacesofClouds's avatar

ahh okay i think i know what the problem is when you download the pmx editor before you un extract it -right click on the winrar or file zip whiwhicheverch ever you have it on and click on properties option of it, go down and; (example)

Example Through Winrar Properties

once you've checked the unblock button hit apply than extract your pmx editor file, and before you open the pmx editor right-click it again and open it as 'run as admin' -see if that works.

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MMDstylerNew Deviant

OMG it worked!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

LacesofClouds's avatar

Of course :D glad i could help

scarymadalena's avatar
scarymadalenaStudent Digital Artist

I did that..it didn't work

LacesofClouds's avatar

thats weird...it should be working..uhh does it like say anything when you try to open it?? did you download the things it states in the description below if it doesn't work for you??

scarymadalena's avatar
scarymadalenaStudent Digital Artist

I tried to install them but nothing works....

LacesofClouds's avatar

you're going to have to look up on youtube if anyone found a way to fix this problem or going to the group mmd help on here to ask for help on this issue because i have no clue why it won't open x.x

scarymadalena's avatar
scarymadalenaStudent Digital Artist

I found out why... its because directx didn't worked on my pc. I had to search for another version. Now it works! And it's amazing

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