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English Pmx Editor - v1.1

By eoscustom3d
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I've decided to take a shot at fixing some small bugs found in the previous version I translated.
You can now edit Joints!  :)

32-bit (x86):  link  (will NOT WORK on 64-bit operating systems.)
64-bit (x64):  link

Remember: "Unblock" the .zip file before extracting it (see the readme).

System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Graphics: Shader Model 3.0 or higher 
CPU: SSE1 or higher
.NET Framework 4.5 (or newer):  link
DirectX 9.0c:  link
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package:
   32-bit:  link
   64-bit:  link

Image 1
Image 2

VirusTotal Scan Results:
(in case you think this might have a virus...)
64-bit (x64):  link
32-bit (x86):  link
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1vyyy's avatar

do u have onother link to download this that is not from mediafire? my antivirus dont let me download it at this link :(

AngelicOceanboy's avatar

Deviantart is being a butt right now. It won't let me upload the zip file, so I'm afraid you cannot download it.

AngelicOceanboy's avatar

I'm afraid that he's inactive. So I don't think there's any other link besides Mediafire, but I'll try to put a download link from, if you want.

1vyyy's avatar

oh thank you!

AngelicOceanboy's avatar

You're welcome, but Deviantart is being a butt.

YTxxxmadmax's avatar

how do i download this?

LovelyVaneUnUz's avatar

how do i add clothes to my model and save it? im a beginner modeler

Wolfboyyaboi's avatar

i tried to open the file, and now i have this window that refuses to close. unless i close it, i cant delete the files

please help

TheKidWithAHat's avatar

Yep, having this issue. You can force close it in task manager though at least.

RKrika's avatar

dl it. thank you

hanahoshikooo's avatar

How do I unblock..?

Heyboo1's avatar

How do you put the charecter im new

ThatSxckofPxtatoes's avatar

Same I’m still learning

darkelfmmd's avatar

help! whenever i click the morph tab everything turn grey

Eror Pmx
LostMisty's avatar

cant get directX on my win 10 ;;

Niwa2D's avatar

Hi, I am having trouble importing OBJ files, I am doing it right but nothing shows up. Can you help me? Heres a video on what shows. Also, I recommend turning down the audio.

neruxlen2003's avatar

if i have problems with direct3D I have to download the DirectX archive??

miakiikazu's avatar

sorry i keep getting this error message i tried both the 32 and 64 bit versions but it wont work

LovelyRosselia's avatar

I've the same errors, if you keep pressing enter for a long time, you will be able to open it

miakiikazu's avatar

ok i tried again and maked sure i had the other softwares needed but apparently the os (windows 10) is too old for direct x

PeachyChipss's avatar

hi~ i dl'd a couple days ago and when i try to load hair, clothes, shoes, etc it doesn't work and i'm left with the ghost glitch. however, tda bases/bases in general load perfectly fine. i searched youtube and tried to fix this little glitch but it wont work :C

kurisamasan's avatar

why isnt it working

i allready follow the rules

anonymous's avatar
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