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Adamantisaurus mezzalirai



Adamantisaurus (ah-dah-MAHN-ti-SAWR-us; "Adamantina lizard") is a genus of titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur from the Turonian and early Maastrichtian stages of the Late Cretaceous Period (93 to 70 million years ago), of what is now South America. It is only known from six tail vertebrae but, as a sauropod, it can be assumed that this dinosaur was a very large animal with a long neck and tail. It may have been armored but, until more material is discovered, its exact appearance will remain a mystery.

Although this animal's remains were first mentioned in print in 1959, it was not named until the description written by Brazilian paleontologists Rodrigo Santucci and Reinaldo Bertini in the article Uma nova espécie de titanossauro from the UNESP newspaper (2006). It was the first dinosaur named in that year. The only species (A. mezzalirai) is named in honor of Sergio Mezzalira, the Brazilian geologist who originally found the specimen and first mentioned it in print. The genus Adamantisaurus is named after the Adamantina Formation in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, where the fossil was found and also incorporates the Greek word sauros meaning 'lizard', the most common suffix used in dinosaur names.

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