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The Dark Side of Mobius Part 1
Part 1
Entering Mobius
Petunio: (watching the news) Wait a minute...
News reporter: On the faraway planet, Mobius, it is getting ever darker as the dark side of Mobius is expanding and exposing many to the vacuum of space. Although many at this rate are still alive, it will take some time for them to be finally dead. Over 500 on Mobius are experiencing this, and one of these is Princess Sally Acorn.
Petunio: Did he just say Sally? No.
Tails: We'll have to do something about it.
Petunio: I'm not exposing myself to the vacuum of space.
Phoenix: Well, that's good. I'm ridden of my worst enemy forever.
Petunio: Not yet. I think Dr. Robotnik must be under this...
Tails: Have you got the teleporters?
Petunio: Easiest question ever - yes.
Phoenix: Can't we just stay? I'd long to Sally suffer.
Petunio: No. You can't.
Phoenix: Uh...okay.
(Petunio grabs three teleporters and gives one to Tails and one to Phoenix)
Petunio: Okay, then...3...2...1...TELEPORT!
(Petunio, Tails and Phoenix are telepor
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The Stinkbomb Plot
Scene 1: Petunia's secret club
Giggles: I hate you, Petunia!
Petunia: I hate you too!
(Giggles sticks out her tongue, Petunia sticks hers out back)
Giggles: I quit!
Petunia: You can't quit. You're fired!
Giggles: You can't fire me. I quit!
Petunia: I fired you first. And I'm changing the password!
Giggles: Go ahead. See if I care. I don't want to be in your secret club anymore!
Petunia: Good! Because we don't want you.
(Petunia flounces back inside her secret club tent, Giggles stalks off)
Scene 2: Tails' secret club (A.K.A. Purple Fort)
Tails: Halt! Password!
Youhal: Smelly toads.
Tails: Wrong.
Youhal: What's the new one then?
Tails: I'm not telling you. You're fired, remember?
Youhal: Can't I join again, Tails?
Tails: No way!
Youhal: Please?
Tails: No. Petunio's taken over all your duties.
(Petunio pokes his head through the branches of Tails' lair)
Petunio: No babies allowed.
Tails: We don't want you here, Youhal. Get lost.
(Youhal bursts into tears)
Tails and Petunio: Crybaby!
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Whirlin' Around Part 1
Scene 1: Petunio's house
Petunio: (watching Pokemon: Advanced Battle) When WILL the new Diamond & Pearl anime come out?
(Petunio's mobile suddenly rings)
Petunio: Darn, I forgot to turn my mobile off. ANYWAY...hmmm, unknown.
(Petunio answers his phone)
Petunio: Hello?
???: Hi, I was looking for someone named Tails.
Petunio: Tails? If you're looking for him, he's next door to me.
(??? hangs up suddenly)
Petunio: Well, I guess this mystery man can't be bothered. OMFG!!! I completely forgot I was going to the park to see Kid Cat!
Scene 2: Park
Petunio: Hi Kid Cat - oh sh-
Petunio: Well, I was -
(Kid Cat knocks Petunio out)
Kid Cat: Serves you right for being -
(Petunio instantly regains consciousness)
Kid Cat: I just wanted you to meet my new friend. His name's Whirly.
Whirly: Hi, stranger.
Petunio: Lemme were the one looking for Tails?
Whirly: Yes, I was.
Petunio: Well...I said he was next door, so let's go!
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The Mission Part 3
Continuing from Part 2
Part 3
Scene 1: Jungle
(As Phoenix pulls her trigger the only sound can be heard are clicking sounds)
Phoenix: What the?
(Tails takes the opportunity and runs towards Phoenix and knees her in the stomach and grabs and flips her over with a judo-like throw, causing her to land with a thud)
Phoenix: Gah!
Tails: (sees Phoenix's gun) No wonder. Your using a Revolver, you forget those things only carries six shots, meaning you forgot to reload. But you have some fine aim.
Phoenix: Fine aim? It's great uhh... (passes out)
(Tails walks off leaving the unconscious Phoenix there, he walks north until he sees the bridge with Sally waiting)
Scene 2: Bridge
Sally: Hi Tails, what kept you?
Tails: Did I keep you waiting?
Sally: Nah.
Tails: Let's cross the bridge, okay?
Sally: Sure!
(As they cross the bridge Tails sees someone coming, the person then speaks)
???: Good work Tails! Sally will be coming with us.
Tails: Who are you?
???: What? You don't know me? You forgo
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The Mission Part 2
Continuing from Part 1
Part 2
Sally the heroine (not the drug, you idiots)
Scene 1: Jungle
(Tails is able to pass through the guards even though he knocked out 2 guards and hide, then he enters the cabin. It's pretty normal from the inside. Tails saw another door, he decides to investigate and enters slowly and sees someone burning paper, she notices him)
Scene 2: Cabin
???: Who's there? (quickly burns all the papers) You'll never get anything from me!
(Tails goes round the corner to see a brown squirrel with dark red hair that is rather long)
Tails: Calm down, I'm here to help you. You must be Sally.
Sally: Yes, I'm Sally, and who are you?
Tails: I'm Tails, I'm here to get you out of here.
Sally: Really, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!
Tails: Oh by the way. Why..
Sally: I'm here? I was kidnapped by a mad Scientist who wants my help on some evil plans but I'd refused so he forced me. And why in Russia it's more secluded.
Tails: O__O Okay..are you a psychic.
Sally: (giggle) No, it's j
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The Mission Part 1
The Mission
Part 1
The Mission starts
Scene 1: In a cockpit of a U.S. army plane flying over Russian airspace
Petunia: Ok, we're near the dropsite. About a few more minutes.
Flippy: Right, Tails, are you ready?
Tails: ...
Flippy: Tails! Are you ready?
Tails: Yeah. (gets up)
Flippy: Okay, get ready to jump.
(Flippy calls Tails over to an open door, at this stage the plane is thousands of feet above the ground)
Flippy: Good luck.
Tails: Thanks, Commander.
(in the air)
Flippy: We've been assigned a mission.
Tails: What mission?
Flippy: Yes, but not just any mission. A mission of your specialty and a rescue mission.
Tails: Ok, I'll do it... Where is this person I should save?
Flippy: Well...She's in Russia.
Tails: (thinking) Who is this woman? And why she's in Russia? (deploys parachute and still thinking) Well, I'm gonna find out soon enough.
Scene 2: Base
(Tails receives a radio call)
Tails: Tails here.
Flippy: Good, you made it. Now, for your objectives, you have to rescue the heroine.
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The Mysterious Red Ball Part 2
Continuing from Part 1
Part 2
The visit
Scene 1: Tails' house
Tails: You look worried, Phoenix.
Phoenix: I'm fine.
Tails: I've just thought of a great idea. We get my special x-ray glasses, then use them on the location where Giggles is right now so we can see what the red ball really looks like. Do you agree?
All: Yes.
(They all take a look at the location of Giggles with the glasses on. Surprisingly, it works)
Petunia: Wow! This thing works!
Jacob: And works well, too.
Petunio: Looks mysterious...there's markings of some sort on it...
Tails: He is right! There are some mysterious signs of evil on the ball!
Petunio: Wait a minute. I know this HTF who has psychic powers who could help us.
Petunia: In what way?
Petunio: Well he can give us psychic powers.
Phoenix: Awesome! I've always wanted psychic powers!
Petunio: Well lets not waste our time, lets go now?
All: Ok.
Scene 2: Psychic HTF's house
Psychic HTF: Why are you here, Petunio?
Petunio: Well, as you may or may not know, there's t
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I don't need bed time
Scene 1: Tails' house
Tails: What are you doing in my room?
Youhal: Looking for my blue pencil.
(Youhal stares all over the room)
Tails: Well it's not in here, so get out. And don't you dare touch anything.
Youhal: You should be in your pyjamas. I am.
Youhal: Your room stinks.
Tails: That's 'cause you're in it, smelly.
Youhal: Mum! Tails called me smelly.
Millie: (Tails mum, see bio) Stop being horrid, Tails!
Tails: Smelly, smelly, smelly. Smelly, smelly, smelly.
Youhal: MUM! He did it again.
Tails: Tattle-tale! Meanie! Poo breath! Stinky! Mega-stink! Baby! Nappy-face! Ugg! Worm! Toad! Ugly! Pongy-pants! Duke of Poop!
(Millie bursts into the room)
Millie: That's enough!
(Millie looks at her watch)
Millie: It's eight o' clock. Why aren't you in your pyjamas, Tails? Bedtime, both of you.
Youhal: Hurray. I love going to bed.
Tails: NO!
Youhal: I'm sorry I've been so naughty, Mum. I was so busy doing tomorrow night's homework I didn't notice the
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The Mysterious Red Ball Part 1
Part 1
How it all began
In the beginning of the making of this, a regular ball was cut up, had the power of evil placed in it and a red skin was placed around glowed with a small but blinding light it covered the whole ball, and then the ball got markings on the skin...The creator of this mysterious object, as of yet unknown, has planned to take over the world with it...
Scene 1: Tails' house
Tails: Have you heard the news? It said there was someone on the loose that was trying to take over the world with it. It said it could possess anyone to have the power to kill the world.
Petunio: No, but now you've told us, we know what we're watching out for.
Jacob: Expect me to get possessed -
(Petunio covers his hand over Jacob's mouth)
Tails: Don't say that, Jacob or you actually will!
Jacob: I hadn't finished yet though.
Tails: Good. Now apparently the ball doesn't need to be in the process of possessing someone to destroy the world. It can be placed on the mystical shrine in the for
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Phoenix's bio
Phoenix's bio:
Description and Personality:
A dark brown coyote with black eyes, a beige coloured belly, white claws and toes. Most of the time she carries her axe, which doesn't look sharp, but is a constant appearance on Killing Spree Day. She is a left hander, and you will find out why soon. Phoenix, all in all, has mixed feelings. One minute she can be caring, then next she could be flipped out. Like Tails, she flips out when things don't go her way. However, she can be very determined and will always fight for the will to live, even if she doesn't flip out.
History and Present:
Phoenix was born on 3rd December, 1995 by her parents Kylie and Benny, and without her right hand. She eventually got one at the age of 5. They looked after her until last year, when they both got killed in a car crash, with Phoenix dieing as well, but she did come back, however the same cannot be said for her parents. Phoenix lives by herself, as she has no relationships with anyone since her parents died.
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Payback is a bitch
Scene 1: Petunio's house
Petunio: Someone from the most unlikely spot is coming.
Tails: Is it Petuni?
Petunio: Not even close. It's my other brother.
Tails: Jacob?! Well perhaps you'd better change you're bio then.
Petunio: But he's not my character.
Tails: You never said you own this fanfic! Anyway, I met Jacob once before in this fancy restaurant and he ended up spewing all over the table.
(doorbell rings)
Tails: Get everything ready now!
Petunio: Everything IS ready, duh.
(Jacob enters, but he is stopped by Tails and Petunio, who are in devil costumes)
Tails: Stop! You may only enter if you owe me a million pounds!
Jacob: Sorry, it's not gonna happen, I don't have that kind of money.
Tails: In that case, just hand over what you got!
Jacob: But I need some of this to get my self a PS4000. I know my brother has one, but he never connects it when I'm around.
Tails: Just owe me what you don't need! Or you can owe me your credit card.
Jacob: I don't have a credit card. I'll give you 2 po
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Love is in the air
Scene 1: Flippy's house
Flippy: Well, I went on a date with Petunia yesterday, but I guess she's so in love with me she's asked me to come on another date. I don't know why, but she's been all over me in class, just like Kid Cat and Bill have been doing over Phoenix. Well I guess ther's no option but to go out is there?
Scene 2: Petunia's house
(Flippy knocks on the door, and Petunia is at the door)
Petunia: Oh, hi! (kisses Flippy on the cheek, and Flippy blushes)
Flippy: Is Flippelli watching us?
Petunia: No. At least, I hope not.
Flippy: Soooooo...where do ya wanna go? And just in case it goes all wrong, I've always got my timing device with me.
Petunia: Don't use that.
Flippy: Where's Petunio?
Petunia: Dating Flaky. Again.
Flippy: Aw man. If only Giggles or you was one of the starring characters in Party Animal, I wouldn't have been mentioned so much for crashing my party.
Petunia: Flaky gained her peanut allergy there, right?
Flippy: Yeah, she did. I turned out to be allergic to Mi
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Sickin' it
Scene 1: Flippy's house
Flippy: Man, I feel unwell...
Mime: Don't worry, you'll live.
(Flippy sneezes all over Mime and Mime starts to feel unwell, but Flippy is alright)
Flippy: Whaoh! That was one big sneeze.
Mime: But I don't seem to fell well...
Flippy: Well the good thing is I can finally get to my date with Petunia. Bye!
Mime: Don't go...
(Flippy has already gone)
Scene 2: Pop & Cub's house
Pop: Well, Cub, we'll be going out today to the superstore. You'll probably not survive though. Ha!
(A piece of snot falls on to Pop, and he starts to catch a cold)
Pop: Maybe not. I've got a bad cold now for some reason.
(Pop sneezes and the snot lands on Cub, causing Cub to catch a cold)
Cub: Daddy! I have a cold.
Pop: (in huge looks of pain)'
(Pop dies. Cub dies shortly afterwards, but not before sending tons of snot sneezing towards a school bus)
Scene 3: The school bus
Giggles: Man, can't this bus go any faster? I'm gonna miss my date with Cuddles.
(The beforementio
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Tails' bio
Tails' Bio:
Description and personality:
A yellow fox with normal black eyes, a beige coloured belly and two white and yellow tails. He always carries a dagger, just like Petunio, and a red-green bracelet which is said to possess great fortune. He used to wear a very bright yellow bracelet but it snapped. He is a nice person sometimes, but will flip out if things don't go his way sometimes. He is often described as a killing machine by his mates because of this. He can also use his two tails to fly.
History and Present:
Tails was born on 22nd May 1992 by his parents Andy and Millie, both foxes (of course). Millie is still alive today, but when Tails was 5, Andy was involved in a car crash and was killed permanently. Tails currently still lives with Millie, and his younger brother Youhal.
Name: Tails
Nicknames: Majesty of the Purple Fort, Flyer
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Likes: Killing, weapons, playing truant, stealing from Lifty and Shifty, beating up the Secret Club.
Dislikes: Anyth
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Petunio's Bio
Petunio's Bio:
Description and Personality:
A light-blue skunk without his tail, and hair in some places around him. He has a dagger which he received as a present on his most recent birthday and which he carries around all the time. He doesn't flip out, but he can go insane most of the time. Sometimes, if not most of the time, he is practically neutral. He has eyes like Nutty's but golden and they are on both sides.
History and Present:
Petunio was born on 26th September 1995, but unlike all the other HTF's, he wasn't actually born. He was created by his now best friend, Tails, to be Petunia's brother. There was a rumour that Tails had a 'nightmare inside his left hand' and used it to create Petunio. When he was alive, he subsequently killed Petunia with his dagger which had also been created by Tails (strange thing was, it snapped once it had hit Petunia and killed her). He lives Petunia and her previously conjoined twin sister, Petuni, who most of the time is locked up in the attic.
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Dining at Ze Restaurant
Scene 1: Tails' house
Lumpy: Great news, everyone. Blasty is taking us all out for dinner to Le Posh, the best French restaurant in town.
Youhal: Oh boy, Restaurant Le Posh. We've never been there.
(Tails stops scribbling all over Youhal's stamp album)
Tails: NOOOOOOOOOO! I don't want to go there!
Pop: It's Lumpy's birthday, so we're celebrating.
Tails: I only like Whopper Whoopee. Or Fat Frank's. I don't want to go to Le Posh.
Youhal: (tidying up his toys) But Tails, it's a chance to try new food.
Lumpy: Quite right, Youhal. It's always nice to try new things.
Tails: No it isn't. I hate trying new food when there's nothing wrong with the old.
Pop: I love it. I eat everything except tomatoes.
Lumpy: And I eat everything except squid.
Youhal: And I love all vegetables except beetroot. Especially spinach and sprouts.
Tails: Well I don't. Do they have pasta?
Lumpy: Whatever they have will be delicious.
Tails: Do they have burgers? If they don't I'm not going.
(Pop and Lumpy look at each o
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You may call me Petunio :)
Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: R&B
Favourite photographer: Not sure
Favourite style of art: Anything 3D.
Operating System: XP
MP3 player of choice: Mobile phone
Shell of choice: Petrol
Wallpaper of choice: Ripple
Skin of choice: Why would you want to know
Favourite cartoon character: If Happy Tree Friends is included, petunia.
Personal Quote: Oh man!
Im back after a fairly long drought away from dA (if that's how you put it).

However, things have changed. Ever since SSBB (Super Smash Bros Brawl) came out, i've  started to like HTF a lot less. I've now been put into Nintendo (and as an added bonus, some Japanese soccer game that none of you are bound to know about).

So don't expect me to be talking about HTF.

Petunio, signing out.

P.S. The Nintendo game I'm mainly into is Mother 3, which some of you Nintendo fans ma have heard of...
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