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CHIBI Bookmark Angel and Devil



well, the angel and devil was originally supposed to be part of my Philippine Government project (yeah... the angel/ good path and the devil/ evil path and stuff XD)
Then I decided to make it a bookmark. there are two versions, this one (the big one) and ver 2 (It's a bookmark in the form of a card. exactly like one. back to back and is the exact same size as an ordinary playing card. its like the joker card but with an angel/devil and instead of joker being written, its angel/devil and the back of the card is purple checkered diamonds)

I love how I did the devil's hair XD
BTW: I got the checkered pattern from someone in deviantART. forgot who though. If you know who it is, please tell me XD
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I love the demon's hair^^
and the angel is so cuute! :iconiloveyouplz: