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Current Status: Open

Payment: Until paid for, the commission will be on hold.


•Manga (BlacknWhite)




•Reference Sheet
•Special Requests



  ~Full body:$5/500p



Reference Sheet:


Any additional characters will cost an additional 50% of the base price

Added props:



Clients may choose to have a public domain, stock image background or a plain, single color background (both free of charge), or a drawn-in background:
  •Simple Background:+$2/200p
  •Complex Background:+$3/300p
About commissioning:
  I do not and will not draw pornography!
  •I will not draw any hate art.
  •Do not ask for free art!
  •Private message me to start a commission.
  •I will deny any commission that I feel I can not do.
  •Please do not spam commission requests.
  •Please describe what pose, expression, etc. you would like.
  •Please be specific and descriptive on what you want!
  •Please provide references! The more references, the better. Any kind of reference is better than no reference at all.
  I will keep you updated throughout the process and will ask you if you would like to make any changes or add any small details along the way.
  Please don't be afraid to ask me anything.
  •<i>Please do not rush me. 
  If you would like the commission to be done within a certain period of time, please tell me beforehand
  You may use the artwork in any non-commercial (not earning money off of it) way you like.
  Please credit me (preferably with a link) when using any artwork of mine.
  •Do not claim that you drew anything that I drew!

Art Examples:
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