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PupPoppy Update Event entry 23.3 by EonIllustration PupPoppy Update Event entry 23.3 :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 3 1 Lu - Kyfesh by EonIllustration Lu - Kyfesh :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 1 0 Lu: Folklore by EonIllustration Lu: Folklore :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 3 0 Lu - Stepsta Dawg by EonIllustration Lu - Stepsta Dawg :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 1 0 Lu: PupPoppy by EonIllustration Lu: PupPoppy :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 3 9 Isomara - Exploration - Ocean 1 by EonIllustration Isomara - Exploration - Ocean 1 :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 2 1 Lu - Color Palette by EonIllustration Lu - Color Palette :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 0 0 Lu - Full Design by EonIllustration Lu - Full Design :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 3 0 Lu Plushpet MYO by EonIllustration Lu Plushpet MYO :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 5 2 Lu Impim by EonIllustration Lu Impim :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 9 1 Lu Mocchi by EonIllustration Lu Mocchi :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 7 0
Isomara - Lit. Exploration - Colorful Currents
     Leaves rustled as Lu plopped into his nest. He had returned to his secluded den after his little “experience”, let’s call it, with Hasha. That certainly didn’t go as Lu had hoped for or expected. Things sure could have gone smoother, to say the least.
     Well, looks like Lu will have to find someone else to go ocean exploring with him. Slayer was off doing her own stuff, and Hasha said she couldn’t go.
     He couldn’t think of who else to ask to go exploring with him. Lu really didn’t like the idea of just asking a random Isomara to go with him. He just wanted to have someone else around as a guide or a lifeguard for him this one time. He was considering to just go by himself.
     He went back to the beach the next day, deciding to go east this time, and had started walking up along the shore, debating what to do next.
     He was half hoping that he would just
:iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 2 3
Lilith by EonIllustration Lilith :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 3 0 Draw This Again - Cato by EonIllustration Draw This Again - Cato :iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 2 0
Isomara - Prompt - Delivery
     Lu stepped through the doorway of Slayer’s hut, scanning back and forth for the blue Isomara.
     With the ocean filled to the brim with skrill, Lu wanted to go explore the ocean to experience this annual phenomenon. Though, he felt like he shouldn’t go by himself, at least not for his first time, especially considering the endless amount of skrill swarming the waters.
     He hadn’t really interacted with any other Isomara besides Slayer. So, she was really the only one he could think of to ask. Besides, she was very well experienced and knowledgeable. If anything were to go wrong, she would know what to do. If Lu had any questions, she would have the answers.
     Not really smart for a naive weakling like Lu to just go wandering into the ocean, during a swarm, by themselves. As much as Lu didn’t like asking things from others, he felt like this was kind of necessary.
     A board
:iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 0 1
Isomara - Lu - Colorful Currents
     Lu let out a sigh of relief, adding the last rock to his pile of freshly rounded stones. He had spent the whole night smoothing rocks for a nest, not to mention spending yesterday going around gathering leaves for bedding as well. And it was quite the burden carrying all those leaves from the forest up to his spot in the mountain. All of this just to make a nest that he probably wouldn’t use much, if at all, anyways.
     He’d prefer sleeping under the open sky; besides, he’d probably be journeying around the island alot and would just fall asleep wherever he’d be at the time. Though, it was nice knowing that he had a secluded den to retreat to if ever need be.
     Sure, it would have been nice to have another Isomara around to help out, but Lu didn’t mind. He liked being alone. It was why he settled here, after all. It was the perfect spot, specifically picked out, away from any loud, crowded villages.
:iconeonillustration:EonIllustration 0 1
:iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3: Enjoy my gallery! ♡

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I'm sorry for the MYO spam but I'm entering a lot of different species XD
I'll get back to drawing other art soon


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Beginning animator with a passion for story-telling and character development. I know I have a long way to go, but I dream of becoming a popular content creator one day! <3

As of what I like, I literally like some of every genre of music. I just like anything that has a good beat. Also, any kind of cartoony art style will automatically catch my eye.

Q: Do you do requests?
A: No, but I do cheap commissions
Q: Can I use your art?
A: As long as you are only sharing it, but please credit me. Do not edit my art. Do not repost my art.
   This journal is part of my monthly series to advertise and share other's projects, such as contests, giveaways, raffles, and more. Feel free to join in on any of these! Items in the list with deadlines are in chronological order by their due dates. It's my pleasure to help other people; I do this to help others get more traction. Sharing this journal is much appreciated! The journal will be updated regularly and new items will be added over the first few weeks of the month. If I made an error anywhere or you'd like for me to remove an item of yours from the list, let me know.


-Art trades
-Looking for ___

•Art trades:

-Link: Yall art trades are open

-Link: Art trade info

-Link: Art trade [open]

-Link: Art Trades! (OPEN)

-Link: Twilight's Art Trades - [OPEN]

-Link: Art-trades are open!

-Link: Art trades OPEN

-Link: Art trades [OPEN]


-Desc: draw an animal/s on a journey
-Prize/s: art
-Deadline: 10 March
-Link: Contest - Animal Journey

-Desc: redesign Aaron (hedgehog) into a wolf
-Prize/s: cash/points and  art
-Deadline: 25 March (Extended)
-Link: Redesign Contest $100

-Desc: draw their OC
-Prize/s: art
-Deadline: 17 March
-Link: ART CONTEST (ends March 17th 2019)

-Desc: design Moth a sona
-Prize/s: core, art
-Deadline: 23 March
-Link: Design Me a Sona Contest!

-Desc: draw any of the listed characters
-Prize/s: points/art and art
-Deadline: 29 March

-Desc: draw any of Paddle's characters, relationship/love themed, open to prize donations
-Prize/s: points, art, and characters
-Deadline: 30 March
-Link: I Love You contest .:win 2000 points, Open:.


-Desc: free MYOs
-Deadline: March 3

-Desc: become a member and share to get a Common MYO and tag 3 friends to get a Rare MYO, raffle for a Mythical MYO
-Deadline: 12 March
-Link: Folklore MYO event! - 5 days - OPEN!

-Desc: Share to get a common Quirvine, tag five to get a rare Quirvine
-Deadline: 13 March

-Desc: Join group and share event to get a common Starlight MYO
-Deadline: 15 March

-Desc: free Lacelion MYOS
-Deadline: 15 March
-Link: EVENT: MYO Lacelion !

-Desc: share, must have a theme that is not yet taken
-Deadline: 16 March

-Desc: join group & share to enter, can make up to common-rare MYOs, one free mutation, account must be at least 1 month old
-Deadline: 18 March
-Link: /FREE Kyfesh MYO event OPEN/

-Desc: join group and share event to enter
-Deadline: 20 March
-Link: piqip myo event (open)

-Desc: Challenge yourself creatively (use a new technique, style, or medium for example) to earn a MYO 
-Dealine: 29 March
-Link: MYO challenge

-Desc: free MYOs
-Deadline: 31 March
-Link: Free Myo Inkcitvalas Event (OPEN)

-Desc: two free MYOS, one for Nervid & one for Faeling
-Link: [Arcadia] - 100 Members Milestone

-Desc: 2 free MYOs per person

-Desc: complete the user tutorial and get a free Arborling MYO

-Desc: your Dreemari will be used in Moony's story, join and share group to enter, looking for guest artists
-Link: Dreemari MYO event!


-Desc: FTOs can complete prompts to earn MYOs of any of the 4 species
-Link: FTO's Artist Challenge


-Link: Kiriban at 2500 views!

-Link: 25,000 Pageviews Kiriban Catch!

-Link: Kiriban 50,000!! (dorapz)

•Looking for ___:

-Link: Looking for anthro Ocs (Open)

-Link: [O]LF Pacapillar Redesign Tips/Commission O:$/art

-Link: [Open]| L: Characters O: Art + Customs

-Link: Seeking Commissions!

-Link: O: art LF: characters

-Link: Looking for female human/humanoid designs!


-Link: LF art/ych and rainbow adopts! // OPEN

-Link: LF Customs!!! (OPEN)

-Link: LOOKING TO COMMISSION with 6331 points to spend!

-Link: (Open) Looking for Customs!

-Link: Lf: Space themed ocs (open)


-Desc: comment your favorite thing, color, and animal
-Prize/s: Rare Chompee or Uncommon Chompee
-Deadline: 6 March
-Link: Free Chompee Raffle

-Desc: 2 raffles, share to enter, must become a member
-Prize/s: (FTO Raffle) free custom, (Free-for-All) Rare MYO
-Deadline: 7 March
-Link: [OPEN] Folklore Raffles

-Desc: help Marble make a new cupcake flavor for his bakery, create a cupcake based on a character
-Prize/s: your character gets cupcake-ified
-Deadline: 9 March
-Link: Character Cupcake Creation Raffle!!

-Desc: share to enter
-Prize/s: Spacedog custom
-Deadline: 10 March
-Link: custom spacedog raffle

-Desc: Allowed to make up to two designs, join and share to enter, account must be at least 1 month old, theme can't be already taken
-Prize/s: Villager MYO
-Deadline: 25 March
-Link: (Contest) Villager MYO contest

-Desc: draw to enter raffle, 3 winners, account must be at least 1 month old
-Prize/s: MYO
-Deadline: 31 March
-Link: LdL ::: FTO-only DTE MYO Raffle - OPEN!

-Desc: join group, draw the Necrobie featured in the journal to enter
-Prize/s: Necrobie MYO
-Deadline: 31 March/1 April
-Link: March Monthly Gift Art Contest/MYO raffle-OPEN!!!



-Link: Offering Requests During March 2019!

-Link: Reqest for cute character.

   ~:icondistortedqueen2003: &:iconthecameraeye97:
-Link: I swear if I keep needing to repost this XD


-Desc: discounts/bonuses on literature commission orders
-Deadline: 31 March
-Link: GET $30,000 FREE! bonus (BIGGEST EVENT)

-Desc: charity project, Pokemon collab
-Deadline: 2 April
-Link: Easter Pokemon For the Animal Shelter!

-Desc: selling Isomaras, Iso eggs, and Iso companions 
-Link: [Isomara] Cleanout Sale [OPEN]

-Desc: upgrading & story-based ARPG group

#advertisement #project #contest #myoevent #myocharacter #commission #commissions #rafflegiveaway #raffle #raffleopen #custom #customdesign #customcharacter #request #requests #requestsopen 



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