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Hart, TX tornado


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Hart, TX tornado


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Eons Of Power ch5

Chapter Five: The Southland "I can see the ocean from here." Laties commented as they continued heading south. "I can see a city." Latnious replied, pointing along the highway. "It looks really big." Latias commented. "I've seen cities like this before back on Earth." Latnious said. "This one looks kinda like Tulsa, where all the really tall buildings were spread out.  Not very large population wise only about three hundred and seventy thousand people.  But the skyscrapers were everywhere." Indeed the skyline of this city was fairly spread out.  There were pockets of mid and high-rises with a centrally located scattering of a few skyscra

Eons Series

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Heroes Of Altomare bk8 redo1

Heroes Of Altomare (Book Eight) or Unexpected Visitor Prologue: School for Seth and Alice was an adventure.  Seth ended up traveling all the way to Hoenn to obtain a new Pokedex.  He made a permanent rival who tried again and again to sow Seth up, but failed every time.  And as if that wasn’t enough, a tornado menaced the island, causing massive damages in the southern end of town by the ports.  Then Seth had to perform two separate tests, one of which included defending Latios’ reputation against a persistent enemy.  As a reward he earned a prototype Poke Ball known as the Polar Ball.  Then a day later during another battle his C

Heroes Of Altomare

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Grand Julian - Hourglass

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OKC Sunset

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Niagara Falls

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Jackson, MS

2016 Skylines

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New York

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Hart, TX tornado


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Columbus panoramic


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Lati Cards 6


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