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In celebration of it recently going RTM here is my first Windows 7 theme. Still a WIP the artwork for the controls is borrowed from lassekongo83's work, mainly Knorr Smooth Mod I believe.

The Aero glass bits are my first attempt at some original work. There is still plenty of Win7 graphics not changed, but I'll aim to do some more a time goes by.

Drop the "Slate.theme" file and "Slate" folder in the Windows > resources > themes folder and then it should show up listed under "Installed Themes" in the standard "Personalization" dialog. You'll still need to have your uxtheme and other files patched though.

Update 08/09/2009: Small tweaks and the max caption font colour fixed.
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Wow! A visual style I can actually bare.
More than that. This far I quite like it.
Thanks! :-)