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Slate Aero

In celebration of it recently going RTM here is my first Windows 7 theme. Still a WIP the artwork for the controls is borrowed from lassekongo83's work, mainly Knorr Smooth Mod I believe.

The Aero glass bits are my first attempt at some original work. There is still plenty of Win7 graphics not changed, but I'll aim to do some more a time goes by.

Drop the "Slate.theme" file and "Slate" folder in the Windows > resources > themes folder and then it should show up listed under "Installed Themes" in the standard "Personalization" dialog. You'll still need to have your uxtheme and other files patched though.

Update 08/09/2009: Small tweaks and the max caption font colour fixed.
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Wow! A visual style I can actually bare.
More than that. This far I quite like it.
Thanks! :-)
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I really wish this had proper color support, and some bugfixes, but I still love it. Maybe I'll update it myself sometime, since it's under CC.
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I for one love this theme. I've used Win7 since 7077 and have yet to see a better theme than this - I keep coming back. I think the only one that comes anywhere close is Soft7, but it has no personality, it's just an improvement on Aero.
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Um i don't really like themes that have ugly looking buttons at the top of the window. I think you should keep them original, it looks better.
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You'd be surprised how the originals just didn't work well at all.

Out of interest is it the glyphs you don't like or the buttons overall?
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Best Win 7 Skin after Clearscreen...
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i'm a member at [link] and i'm preparing a post of great visual styles availible for windows 7, i'd like to include a screenshot and a link to this page among those but before i do so i would like your permission. i will not be hosting your content anywhere else and all downloads and credit will be given to you. please respond with a personal messege. thank you.
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Of course you have my permission, in fact I'm flattered.

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thank you for allowing me to share your work with the people at
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I love the clean sleek look of the shellstyle and start menu. This is a beautiful theme.
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could it be possible to make a version that would accept window color better ie if you pick red it makes a purple-ish color. The reason I ask is because I'd really like to make it grey but when selecting a grey color there is almost no noticeable impact on the window frame color (although, I have to admit the blue you used is very slick). Also, would it be possible to remove the aero stripes since they really only show on the taskbar (I know you said you are still working on the taskbar). Either way thank you for such a good theme, been using it exclusively since I upgraded my comp that supports aero.
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Yeah I would be possible to try something like this, I must upload an update with this as a variation.
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thank you in advance
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Love this style.
But I found two bugs.
Languange bar is a white square and tabs got extra black line on its right.

PM me I'll send screenshots. ;)
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F%^&ING awsome theme love this works great with x64 architecture fav from me.
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I have found a bug.

This probably only happens at my resolution (or aspect ratio perhaps): In Internet Explorer, right click on anything, and the resulting menu will have buttons so thick it needs to be scrolled through.

My resolution is 1366x768 (16:9).

Thank you - love the theme (I think I commented already on that though).
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That's odd, it doesn't happen on my end. Could you post a screenshot if possible to take one. Also what ver. of WIn 7 are you running?
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Seems to not skin the language bar :) .
you know.. the little box where it says what language your keyboard layout is.

just a heads up :D

using your theme, suits my needs :juggle: :D
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Fantastic - and I don't say that lightly - you got me to replace my own theme with yours.
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Hawt, thanks! I'm still using Vista but I'll check this out for sure when I upgrade to 7.
Great theme, this is my favorite for windows 7.

Love the whiti-ish buttons and stuff, much better than the light blue which windows has.

As SiCKtertainment noted, the title bar changes to black on maximize.
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This really is a beautiful theme. It's good to see one that completely changes the titlebar buttons, but hopefully with the RTM we'll see more like it.

I'm getting the same problem as the above comment though, and since I'm using a dark colour with transparency off it's hard to see...
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