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Crayfish knight

I drew a knight based off a crayfish for some reason.
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really great art, some of it reminds me of another artist I love called Matthew Houston

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Your work is a nightmare
  are beautiful!!!CreepyPasta Laughing Jack 
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Omg! Wonderful!!
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So cool! I wonder how you get your traditional art to scan so nicely? It all looks so crisp and clean.
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oh man, the perfect knight! He's armor on the outside and the inside!
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Are small commissions a thing you still do, Eoghan? Considering that post was from 3 years ago, now.
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Commissions yes, but prices are different now.
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Where are the new prices posted?
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There's no prices posted anywhere but you can contact me at if you want to enquire. 
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Nice. Super nice!

A duel you're better off refusing.
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Aaand, after the tournament, this would make a nice dinner, if "he" is overcome... I'm hungry...Get in my belly! 
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Who's your (craw) Daddy?! Hilarious and finely done. This is probably exactly how a crayfish would imagine himself, if crayfish could imagine.
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Beacause it's cool.
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Awesome job :D
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Because it's awesome?
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This looks really funny and realistic at the same time ... love the coloration :D
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Buetiful and I love it, I didn't know I needed this in my life
I am sorry but my more realistic nit picky side must come out, I love it but I can't stop but to over analyze this
Wouldn't he hold a shield in his claw hand as it would be stronger than his fingers and why would he carry a 2 handed sword if he has one hand, also I can't tell if he is wearing headgear or not but with that kind of posture wouldn't you want a lot more face protection as it is closer to your opponent.
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Looks nice for an underwater fantasy
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Amazing, you have the best ideas, totally badass
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GOD that would be the most awesome thing to see in a movie or a mmorpg . Nice job mate :)
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I love the idea of armor sets for creatures! It's not particularly common and it certainly takes a lot of imagination :D
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