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Torvosaurus vs 'Edmarka'



Author: Rubén Molina

Silhouettes: Andrey Atuchin unpublished illustrations (EoFauna's dinosaur book project)

Torvosaurus tanneri (BYUVP 4882)
premaxilla 26 cm
127 cm cráneo - skull
11 metros - meters

Torvosaurus gurneyi (ML 1100)
maxilla 63 cm
127 cm cráneo - skull
11 metros - meters

Edmarka rex (CPS 1010)
Pubis 86.6 cm
12 metros - meters


Britt, B., 1991, "Theropods of Dry Mesa Quarry (Morrison Formation, Late Jurassic), Colorado, with emphasis on the osteology ofTorvosaurus tanneri", Brigham Young University Geology Studies 37: 1-72

Bakker, R.T., Siegwarth, J., Kralis, D. & Filla, J., 1992, "Edmarka rex, a new, gigantic theropod dinosaur from the middle Morrison Formation, Late Jurassic of the Como Bluff outcrop region", Hunteria2(9): 1–24

Hendrickx, C.; Mateus, O. V. (2014). «Torvosaurus gurneyi n. sp., the Largest Terrestrial Predator from Europe, and a Proposed Terminology of the Maxilla Anatomy in Nonavian Theropods». PLoS ONE 9 (3):  pp. e88905.

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so Edmarka grew up to 12 meters long?