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Eofauna es un equipo formado por investigadores, creativos y especialistas enfocados principalmente en la fauna prehistórica. Para ello contamos con amplios conocimientos en biología, paleontología, metrología, diseño, ilustración y modelismo.

Eofauna is a team formed by researchers, creatives and specialists principally focused on prehistoric fauna. We have a wide knownledge in biology, paleontology, metrology, design, illustration and modelism.


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Hello, Eofauna, my name's Christopher Bland The Whale, I'm Cetologist (whales, dolphins and porpoises biology), Marine Biologist. Palaeontologist, Artists, Cartoonists, I like prehistoric animals and marine animals, my favorite mammals which is whales, dolphins and porpoises, I like prehistoric cetaceans such as Indohyus, Pakicetus, Hymalayacetus, Ambulocetus, Rhodocetus, Maiacetus, Indocetus, Protocetus, Kutchicetus, Basilosaurus, Dorudon, Zygorhiza, Aetiocetus, Mammalodon, Cetiotherium, Squalodon, Kentriodon, Odobenocetops, Livyatan, Brygmophyseter, and other prehistoric cetaceans. I like Looney Tunes, SpongeBob SquarePants (TV series), Regular Show, and more. Here, click my pictures sees all about information.

Christopher Bland The Whale
Happy birthday!
Eofauna, by the way. Do you have a projected future atlasaurus? It is a very rare sauropod and I think that to date it has not been represented either in vinyl, resin or PVC. It would be good news if Eofauna someday made a PVC atlasaurus like its palaeoloxodon antiquus, mammoth trogontherii and giganotosaurus carolini.