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some favorites from :icondesert-photographers: :D

Last breath of summer by PeterJCoskun    Colorado  River by CitizenFresh    Break of light by PeterJCoskun    Aztec Butte Granary by tourofnature

sand5 by imas200    Rainbow Basin III by j-ouroboros    away.seas by altjeringa    Dead vlei namibia by EyeOfBoa

Glowing Walls by MirMidPhotos   :thumb199412678:   :thumb170655184:

thanks everyone for use of your wonderful work!

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2 min read

sorry i haven't been around much but i promise to make up for that as soon as i return from south america!

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my friend :iconchriseastmids: extended my devArt subscription for 12 months!~  :dance:  christian is a dedicated and prolific photographer but i'll try to pick a few of my favorites out to honor him here  :worship:  christian is fond of sunrises and sunsets, macro shots, reflections in puddles, and an old piano he found in the woods :)

:thumb204386891: Bruder Vansant by chriseastmids

suppression by chriseastmids virtual hmmmm by chriseastmids

it's a pleasure to know you, christian, and thank you so much! :hug:

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21 min read
well it's the first day of spring and my sub is due to expire soon so i want to make one more feature :D

one of my favorite parts of dA is the marvelous nature photography and especially amazing shots of birds.  so in honor of spring i'd like to feature some of my favorites here.  these great photographers make it look easy but it's really hard!!!!!!!  

2011-39 Twisted by Daniel-Volpert Delicate by mydigitalmind alcedo atthis martin pescatore by FrancoBorsiWildLife White glide by PeterJCoskun The Raven by thrumyeye Mountain Bluebird by Nate-Zeman :thumb153876488: :thumb197960990: Subadult Spotted Owl by MirMidPhotos :thumb197323247: Snow claws by BogdanBoev :thumb196217170: Fly by Nate-Zeman Sort Eared Owl by queegqueg Crimson by mydigitalmind No Poison Required by joeelway Owl in EveningLight by thrumyeye Camouflage... by thrumyeye Winter Bluebird by mydigitalmind Golden-crowned Kinglet by Ryser915 Puffed Up Chickadee by Ryser915 Bird Battle by thrumyeye Scorn by mydigitalmind Please Get Out ? by Robin-Hugh Snow ball by PeterJCoskun .:Rocketeer:. by RHCheng Mohawk by mydigitalmind Wonderful time by Justysiak :thumb189170461: Heavy Weather by thrumyeye Superb Starling ll by deseonocturno :thumb95034390:  :thumb188470321: Meise by MrMeik :thumb187909889: Mi primer martin by javierherrera86 Robin by Coigach portrait of an eagle_III by T0mcat6 Cold Feathers by thrumyeye Dance baby dance by JuhaniViitanen Soaked Sparrow by thrumyeye   The Deal by thrumyeye D by realityDream :thumb177715965: The Call by Raymaker Hurry, mom..... by thrumyeye :thumb176322890: Cornered by In-the-picture Tern of Love by JWFisher Avocet by PeterJCoskun The Four Tenors by thrumyeye The Raven's Call by JeweledFaith family trouble by EintoeRn We Are Family by tso2me Youngster by tso2me vulture by demi2004 Mute Swan 2 by taterdivan Three Chicks by jennyiscool983 img_14461 by dfm63 A HAPPY COUPLE by dogansoysal VULTURE CULTURE - I by dogansoysal DuckRace by thrumyeye Great Egret by RHCheng Rainy by Swordtemper Chickadee in the wind by AllorNOn gathering of the sea gulls by arthika Canada Goose family by gregster09 Goslings by jonathanknowles   Framed. by thrumyeye Yuan Yang - Spring by Ghost-Dreamer Out of the Darkness by Milanogreg Magic Bird by juddpatterson  :thumb148277967: Pheasant+snow+mist by Coigach

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Work by stereotypemylife Dark Secret Window by shadowseyez State Of Soul by Garelito-Photos Oldblue by xsinisax Barn in the snow by younghappy    Through The Window by erbphotography :thumb156292267:   Ablak by Bazsitoo  :thumb159524720: :thumb157480208:  :thumb160626781: Broken window by CountessBloody Caged by Coffin420 :thumb156642515: Warriors by Garelito-Photos   Welcome Home by LunaPopelka :thumb161727785: Rome 0003 by etsap:thumb48385706: Make Your Choice II by AForAdultery Break time by heelontheshovel :thumb162133612: :thumb143374783: eggHDR0088 by The-Egg The Escape by Farguss Sisters by Farguss The Window by kbartram :thumb160965720: just a window by sr-kabuto   Salzmann 02 by HorstSchmier :thumb163516113:   Mauve flap by dbroglin Victim by ericthom57 An old window by JACAC Symetry by GoRk88 window by sciurulus   Eye Of The Beholder by silentmute His and Hers by TheFulkrum wide view by calis   the wonderland by EintoeRn It's been a while... by DimensionSeven red by 1510 E.D. Warner Cash Grocery by Waxmanjack InsideOut by Waxmanjack Hubcap Hideaway by Waxmanjack eyes II by 1510 green II by 1510 Tetris by Garelito-Photos Rua das Flores by Garelito-Photos La Fenetre by Garelito-Photos Blue Eye by Garelito-Photos Open Wound by Garelito-Photos Cat at the window by Seb-z Reflecting on my past Life by Coffin420  :thumb134557914: Ayr Road: Window by Coigach Window and Vine 2 by dbroglin Bless by raindrop88    :thumb77755579: Rusty Window by murme :thumb172534809: Window by mobetter the window. by kamilla-b Always 17 by Garelito-Photos staalkrullen by EintoeRn :thumb177643172: House of Fire II by eDDie-TK picture.frame by altjeringa Dark Star by DpressedSoul Mint by Garelito-Photos   Hang Me Up to Dry by MarinaCoric The Dwarf's House by Garelito-Photos :thumb174555151: la ventana by voltsalive   'Past Paintin' by Waxmanjack :thumb179128367: :thumb150861240: Memories by Garelito-Photos