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You may not use, replicate, manipulate, or modify this image without my permission. All Rights Reserved. Thanks :)

wall (no available) [link] by Dracoart-Stock
Woman [link] by ~xstockx
chains [link] by nico-brushes

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so you ara alive!!!
free-breeze's avatar
le escena de un sueño o de una pesadilla, tensas emociones, imagen cargada de metáforas. ¡Impresionante!
ENZZOK's avatar
muchas gracias y me alegro que lo captes bien. Saludos
EmanuelGreatGod's avatar
So distressing and sad that it's perfect!
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dAb-blingin-art's avatar
this wonderful piece is featured in my group's "Feature Box". See it here: [link] :heart:
ENZZOK's avatar
thank you and sorry for the delay
dAb-blingin-art's avatar
no problem, you are welcome!
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Your work has been featured here *CrimzonRose
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I love in the wall: 'my soul is free'...
For me this work is much more conceptual than emotional.
It is a kind of thougt provoking, so it goes beyond the know what I mean??
Very nice :thumbsup:
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good observation thank you very much :)
StateOfKaos's avatar
Thanks for reply...
You have a new watcher... I'm very interested in learning manipulations and you do great :-)
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Featured in this news article! [link]

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feature :la: thanks!
dAb-blingin-art's avatar
This fantastic piece is featured in my journal tonight ... [link]
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Yah. I'll just admire in silence.

Thank you for adding your work to Digital Delicacies! :heart:
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thanks i appreciate it :)
almcdermid's avatar
Most welcome--it's a stunning piece of art.
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