NPoWriMo Day 30 - Cell

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July 29, 2021
NPoWriMo Day 30 - Cell by EnzymeDevice
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The edifice rises from chasmic horizons

and, doing so, engineers chess on four levels

which legions of lords could not overthrow;

paradigm shifts are maintained in the overflow

and so the president rises agape from her throne

and her glittering fingernails point to the moon

and the hovering moonspawn cry shrill in atonement

and clinking gold whispers,

“It's over too soon,"

and despicably

Earth is a cosmic spittoon.

:iconnapowrimo: is done on time! Woohoo!
Just scratched this one out in like ten minutes before it's too late, haha.
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Nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
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I don't think I've seen "chess" as a verb before. Fascinating~