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No Sir... All thirteen!

By Enzy-Wenzy
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So I have been trying to develop my art skills and this is what I decided to draw after the wondrous 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who! I loved the whole episode but this two seconds got me most excited.

I think Capaldi will be a great Doctor and I can't wait to see him in action! People who have said he is too old and then love John Hurt need to give him a chance >:3 /endrant

Of course, it's your opinion but yeah, Peter Capaldi, Twelfth Doctor of the BBC- thanks you guys :3

Please tell me what you think! I am trying to get better AND LEARN THY WAYS OF THE ART! XD Anyway, have a good day >:3
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Someone fainted in the theater when that scene appeared.
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Really? xD Oh wow, they must have got very excited :3
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Can't wait for Christmas though.
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Me neither, it is quite shocking how excited I am. I have high hopes for the episode : D