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Northern Lights

Description:Ok this is my result of basic experimentation with colors and gaussian blur in PS, while extremely basic to achieve, i think the lighting and direction of the colors works nice.

I called it Northern lights after the gorgeous natural light display of the same name.

Resolution: 5120 by 1600 should resize to still be pretty cool on smaller res.


...... another one for my dual screen brethren :D
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Thank you, fantastic work.
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This was the wall pack i was speaking of btw mate -…
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Love the smooth colors on this, great work :D
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Nice stuff there mate ;)
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Nice work bro!
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lovely flow:heart:

i feel it's a tiny bit too top heavy though, =)
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thanks, please try it first, maybe you will see is ok :)
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Beautiful :) I love the colors.

:star: Featured on iconpaper
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Thanks for feature man, yea i is happy with the result :)
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Nice job man! :D
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thanks my friend :)
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Very nice wall, just applied and using now :)
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thanks mate, hurry up and post some new work yourself, it has been a while now since I see new things from you :(
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working hard on that Corporate skin, there's too much new parts for windows 7 :S
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lol sounds like when i tried going from skinning Sony mobiles to the new Nokia series 60's platform .... eiiiiiiiiii over 400 icons :O .... I made I think three complete Nokia skins, and after that never again lol
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long and colorfull...
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hahaha ( dirty mind ) :P
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