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... more practice.

*edit name changed, and some graphic edits.
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yes, im looking for freelance web developers and graphic designers :)
if your interested please do send me a note
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I don't do code, but I will happily do design work if you need it :)
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yes, please note me your price list of your services :)
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good stuff mate ! awesome
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thanks old friend :)
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Very Very awesome looking!

What font did you use for the logo?
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I think it was Myrid pro variants ;)
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Amazing! :wow:
Although the navigation could use a little more work imo. :)
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Thanks simple was key here though ;)
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The whole design looks really clean. You've combined anough whitespace with a good Typo. I also like these little icons at the headings but i think you should place them before, not after the text - now it looks a bit like a "hover over me and I will show you some info"-icon ;)
The colors in the header doesn't look really nice, I would love to see something more bright and maybe a bit spacy, aurora thingy (strange words i know, i hope you know what i mean). The last thing are the headings in the footer: the background of them is just the reversed gradient of the whole footer. That isn't a bad idea but a think a bit inner shadow would bring a great appealing effect. In adittion you could apply some nice 1px border effects like you did in the sitemapbox at the bottom.

Overall you made a very solid design but with some finetuning it could be outstanding :)
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Thanks my friend I will try do what you have suggested :)
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Excellent work! :#1:
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nice job buddy :) keep the clean stuff up :D
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