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My Bio
Gonna draw till I die. And then, I'm gonna keep drawing until I die some more!

Current Residence: My epic 2-story cardboard box, NOW WITH LIGHTING!!
Favourite genre of music: Video game music, techno/house, trance, jazz
Favourite style of art: Colors! Lots of colors! And action! The body in motion! Also... CARTOOOOOOOONS!
Operating System: Uh.... Rock Star energy drinks?
MP3 player of choice: Just a simple CD player, thanks
Shell of choice: Snail Shell
Wallpaper of choice: Creepy stuff
Skin of choice: The skin I'm in, baby
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime
Personal Quote: "Oh goodness..."

Favourite Visual Artist
Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Caravaggio, Artemesia Gentileschi
Favourite Movies
There's so many... But I DO have the Lion King memorized
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Gorillaz, Daft Punk, Junior Senior
Favourite Writers
Edgar Allen Poe
Favourite Games
Okami, Tales of the Abyss, Gitaroo Man, UmJammer Lammy
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, Sega Genesis, Super NES
Tools of the Trade
Lined paper, clicky pens, Prisma Colors, and a double strength Rock Star energy drink
Other Interests
Drawing, sketching, doodling, daydreaming, writing, picking my nose... WAIT I MEANT SLEEPING

Short Commissions Now Open!

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Welp, I'm opening character commissions again now that Inktober 2020 is over (and was a resounding success this year, too!). Still got the drawing bug, so why not take advantage of it? All art will be done with Faber-Castell ink pens for lineart, and a combination of Prismacolor and Copics for coloring. Prices are as follows: Lineart (bust) : $10 Lineart (full body) : $15 Example: Full color (bust) : $20 Full color (body) : $25 Example: I've got some time to kill during my lunch break, so if you'd like some art and can part with a couple of bucks here and there, I'll hook you up with something nice. You can reply here or shoot me a Note.  I can probably handle about 3 at the moment, but I may be open for more depending on the workload.
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Sleipnir : Equine Invader from Jupiter is here!

0 min read
So back in 2016, I started a comic commission for my buddy @ranasan and I can say, with great pride and satisfaction, that it is complete and being posted online as we speak! This is one crazy space romp starring the titular Sleipnir, an 8-legged alien horse from Jupiter, and the lucky (or perhaps unlucky?) Williams family of Austin, TX as their worlds literally intertwine as more alien monsters and crazy military personnel are out for their hides. The Williams family is made up of Clint, a literal rocket scientist (with a *slight* temper problem when it comes to others, especially his father); Jessica, Clint's younger sister, horse expert, and enthusiastic farmhand at the Williams farm; and David, Jessica and Clint's widowed father and owner of the Williams Ranch (also with a *slight* temper problem when it comes to his son). Once Sleipnir lands on Earth, lots of things start to kick off. For one thing, it gets the attention of the bloodthirsty General Kincaid, as well as the
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Good Riddance, Nads6969 - A Eulogy From The Heart

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Foreword: For the last 7 or so months, I joined the movement against the notorious Nads6969.  If you've been living under a rock, Nads6969 is/was a middle-aged woman who loved Sailor Moon but couldn't draw worth a damn so she traced damn near everything she had in her gallery.  When confronted, she would either begrudgingly credit the artists of the work she traced, or ignore entreaties to post credit and block the people asking her to be a decent human being.  When faced with the choice of "stop tracing" or "start crediting your shit," she chose the third option of "continue being a talentless C U Next Tuesday, keep tracing, never credit."
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Your art is so clean, It amazing!

You're right idk why I'm wasting my time

I couln't reply back cause he blocked me

honestly I don't care what he says. Him saying I should kill myself was a low blow but I don't care I just want him to stop stealing my art and getting him banned. I'm like 23 and he's just a child mental or physical idk but he is a child despite for attention and I'll be honest it's working for the wrong reasons I found out he block me good. Until I see my stolen art gone from him I don't care.

Whatsup, EnvySkort. If u'll be so kind, could u doodle ''Daphne Blake'' posed as a ghostly hillbilly member of the ''Hatfield Clan'', she has on a shortsleeved dress with a ribbon tied around her waist, she has on a headscarf on top of her head and her legs and barefeet. That was taken from season 2 of the ''Scooby-Doo Show'' episode, ''Ozark Witch Switch''. She look like this...

Screenshot 2019-10-21 03.15.49
Just wanted to hop in and say your art is magnificent, I love the energy and the amount of effort you put into each one!
When are you going back to Transformers comics?

Also if you're doing another Transformers holiday special, how would you depict a cybertronian's reaction to the earth-based superstition of BAD LUCK on Friday the 13th?
Part of the reason why I got into doing Transformers comics was because there were Transformers cartoons that I was super-into.  G1 had long passed, but marathoning the series opened up a whole world of "hey I could play with/parody/make fun of this" as well as opportunities to take characters and run with them like I did with "A Very Decepticon Christmas".

Same with Transformers Prime.  I loved that show, loved the characters (Knock-Out and Starscream specifically) so there were chances to poke fun at it, too.

Animated material for Transformers (unless you count Rescue Bots) kinda dropped off after Prime, so while I still like the franchise, I still more-or-less lost interest in it.  To be fair, there's the two newer series that I haven't given the time-of-day yet.

It's also a matter of how my time is now spent, too.  When I did Transformers comics before, I had a full lunch hour, plus a lot of down-time at my jobs where supervisors would tell you "do anything except browse the internet" when we had down time.  When I moved to a job that was 8-hours of non-stop phonecalls and making sure every shift was properly staffed, I didn't have time to sit down and draw.  Plus, after my accident I had to bring in extra money to take care of payments, so I started doing commissions which you'll understand took priority over doing stuff for funsies.

As of now, I'm almost done with one of my long-term commissions, after which I'm hoping to focus my efforts on a personal project/comic I've wanted to do for some time.  Who knows?  I might get back into doing silly Transformers stuff again because I love making people laugh with the dumb things I come up with, but I gotta focus on stuff that's more immediate at the moment.