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Bow to Your Emperor

VLD Lotor deserves casual Earth clothes that appropriately acknowledge his snackability while leaving his aesthetic intact, so here’s my take. 

Still trying to figure out “my style,” but I’m actually really proud of this. If it’s well received, I might even animate it a tad for further practice!

Stanuary 2018 - Week Four: Safe/ Healing

From my tumblr:

Being “safe” is relative to each individual and his situation, healing takes time, and just because everyone says you’re getting better doesn’t necessarily mean you are.

For Stan, getting his memories back was likely both a blessing and a curse. Without recollection of his darkest days, he probably felt safer than ever before, but sometimes you can’t begin to properly heal until you’ve fully embraced the problem, as proven by the blunders of the Society of the Blind Eye. 

  • Anyway, here’s a very last minute, low-quality Stan. The latter part of my January was hijacked by a really good book, my birthday, and a gigantic design project. 
  • If I get 50 notes and at least one comment about it, I’ll write a semi-legit case study for post-Weirdmageddon Stan (and maybe go back and add some body hair to this drawing). 
  • Two of these quotes are from the show, two are from Journal 3. Credit to the writers!

Happy Forduary!

Stanuary 2018 - Week Three: Youth
From my tumblr:

The handprint poster in Stan and Ford’s childhood room had to have a sweet story behind it. Maybe the “high six” was even invented on the day that they made it, when Stan held up his messy green hand to mix paint colors with his twin. 

  • I had a lot of solid angst in mind for this prompt, but decided to go with some tiny Stan fluff instead. Might return to the prompt later to approach Stan’s stolen youth, but we’ll see.
  • Still struggling to lock down a drawing style that I like, but I definitely feel like I’m getting better at Illustrator, which is nice. Please forgive sloppy shading, I got lazy.

Also I have this headcanon that Stan and Ford have blue eyes because wax Stan’s eyes look kind of blue/ grey, buuuuut, brown eyes went better with this color scheme so here we are.

Stanuary 2018 - Week Two: Trouble
From my tumblr:

A while back I saw some posts about the likelihood of Stan being forced to commit murder at least once. The concept of that, and the psychological trouble it would cause, really stuck with me. He’d probably spend days trying to rationalize the taking of a life but ultimately he’d slip into denial and repress the memory. It’d be the only thing he managed to keep off his record. Eventually, focusing on Ford’s needs and dimensional rescue would provide opportunities for sublimation for Stan, giving him a new channel for his fear and guilt. Saving his brother’s life would feel like reparation. 

So, here’s an angsty little semi-realistic Stanley in his early mullet days, being supported in his slaughter by (maybe) Rico and some other generic baddies. 

Stanuary 2018 - Week One: Con/ Scam

From my tumblr:

While thinking about this week’s prompt, I just couldn’t get past this hilarious piece of fake news. Stan would hop on the Bitcoin bandwagon so fast that heads would spin, and the locals of Gravity Falls wouldn’t know any better. 

  • One of my 2018 goals was to start using Illustrator to draw (and not just for my graphic design work), so here’s my first Illustrator-only piece in a long time! I forgot how intuitive it is for… well, illustrating. Next time, I’ll do a background too. 
  • I did not make Toby Determined’s face logo, so credit to the original artists on the show for that. I altered and rewrote the text from the Huzler’s article, but should credit that as well. 
  • The photo of Stan is intentionally blurry to mimic the look of a newspaper clipping.
Hi! It's been years, but I graduated college and remembered the password to my account. Maybe I'll actually post some stuff here again! 

Hope everyone is doing well. <3


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OMG I'm addicted to your stories!!!
Ive read them over and over and I've read others but nothing is good as yours I just love how you made Ari. 
Please don't stop making these stories or I'll die! D:  
Envy-555 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I'm sorry I'm so late to reply to this, but thank you so much! <3 I might pick up those stories again, so stay tuned! 
xJeffthekillerx01 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Awesome I will read them now! 
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