:new::bulletblue: Fix your leaking tap, buddy ;p With water being a precious resource, we don't want to squander more than we need - it might not be noticeable to people in the city, but it would be noticeable to the farmers - we had a bad problem with blue-green algae forming in a main water source in NSW because the water flow was too low.
:thumbsup: Saves water and money. Can't fix it just yet? Not a problem! Just put a mug or something under it - then you can use that water in the morning.
:thumbsdown: Have to get someone to fix it. ;) Might only require a new washer, which is cheap.

:? Why should we do anything?
Water is the source of life. :D If we use too much, then natural habitats can suffer, as well as the water source becoming polluted due to transportation.

~:target: Solutions :target:~

:bulletblue: Water-saving devices - like aerators on faucets, water-saving showerheads, dual-flush toilets, and front-loading washing machines. There's even this self-built toilet. :lol:
:thumbsup: Saves water, and money over time. Still does the job, too.
:thumbsup: If you buy a front-loading washing machine, it's possible the government will rebate some of the cost. (check your area) And front-loaders take less detergent, as well.
:thumbsdown: Need to pay for a professional to install them, or to buy in the first place.

:bulletblue: Female urinal - as trialed in the Shaanxi University in China. www.chinasmack.com/2010/pictur…
:thumbsup: Saves water. Possibly more hygienic than sitting directly on a toilet seat.
:thumbsdown: Looks like it involves a disposable funnel.  

:bulletblue: Short showers - we're still clean after it. :)
:thumbsup: Find your balance - a 2 minute shower makes a world of difference. If you can't do it every day, find a comfortable schedule.
:thumbsdown: We don't get to lounge around in the shower, but we get that melting feeling of helping the environment. :XD:

:bulletblue: The Bucket system - collect cleaner water in a bucket that would otherwise go to waste.
:thumbsup: Having a shower or a bath? ;) Just put the bucket in the shower to collect the water, or scoop up the bathwater in the bucket, then use it to either flush the toilet or put it on the garden. The nitrates in the soap can help fertilise the plants. Also, you can put a bucket outside to collect rainwater. And, there is a hose with a hook for used water that comes from your washing machine - you could collect that with a bucket, or somehow connect it directly to your garden.
:thumbsdown: Not suitable for people with bad backs.

:bulletblue: Rainwater tanks - collect water that falls on your roof.  
:thumbsup: The water that goes down the gutter is filtered and saved in this tank.
:thumbsup: Check that you can get a Government rebate for the initial purchase.
:thumbsdown: Initial expense.

:bulletblue: Grey water system - installing a system where grey water is filtered and redirected to the garden.
:thumbsup: The relatively clean water from your bathtub and other places gets put onto the garden instead of in the storm drains, thus saving money as well as water.
:thumbsdown: Can be expensive. Need council approval. Could use the bucket system (see above) instead, even though the water wouldn't be filtered.

:bulletblue: Reduce pollution - use conditioner instead of shampoo (fewer chemicals)

:bulletblue: Ways we affect coral reefs It involves water conservation, monitoring pollution, and supporting local eco-friendly businesses.

Comments/questions/clarification/something to add? We need your input! :D
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what's grey water?
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