:? Why should we do anything?
Unless you live walking distance from where you need to go, we all need to get from here to there. The traditional petrol-fueled car produces gases which if exclusively breathed in, would kill someone. This is just let out into the atmosphere, not to mention the damage caused through drilling for the oil *cough*BPoilspill*cough*.   

~:target: Solutions :target:~

:bulletblue: Walk or ride a bike for short distances instead of driving
:thumbsup: Don't have to pay for transport or petrol.
:thumbsup: Good exercise, clean conscience.
:thumbsdown: If it's a bike, need to buy a bike and helmet, or comfortable walking shoes first.

:bulletblue: For longer distances, catch public transport or ride a bike
:thumbsup: One really great effect is that you can multi-task, like doing assignments on a train. I tried glancing down at a paper I needed to read while driving - it wasn't comfortable! :noes:
:thumbsup: Looking at daily, weekly, monthly or yearly tickets, you can make quite a saving and don't have to pay for petrol or car maintenance, plus registration, etc.
:thumbsup: No additional petrol fumes emitted.
:thumbsup: Chances are that you would have to walk to a bus stop or train station, so there is that bit of extra exercise. Especially if you're on a bike. ;) So if you incorporate exercise into your day, it is like multi-tasking. And you'd go faster and harder if you have a deadline, like a train or bus leaving.
:thumbsdown: Have to pay to ride on public transport - it's the weekly tickets that offer good savings (at least in my area). Pensioners have good daily rates, though. And you'd need to buy a bike first, if that's your method. As well as a helmet!  
:thumbsdown: Can take longer, but if you multi-task, it's not noticeable.

:bulletblue: Experimental - waste products as a fuel source :bulletyellow: Pee-powered car
:thumbsup: Plenty of that! :slow:
:thumbsdown: Still experimental, unsure of the costs to convert, and possibly would meet resistance from corporation since it means they would be making less money.

:bulletblue: Experimental - Solar-powered plane! :bulletyellow: e.g., Boeing's solar-powered UAV
:thumbsup: Can stay in the air for 5 years! :wow:
:thumbsup: Clean and sustainable source of energy - being the sun. And less dependent on the weather if can fly above the clouds.
:thumbsdown: Still experimental, would cost a lot to produce but would be worth it in terms of fuel savings, is being tested in 2013.
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Lingondraken Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016
This guide should be updated to include electric vehicles. See Tesla Motors. Or, for buyers today with smaller wallets, Nissan's Leaf, Renault's Zoe and KIA's Soul EV are excellent choices.

Experimental/alternative fuels will never compete with it, simply because building such ineffective infrastructure would render it insane, economics-wise. It should really not be included in a list of practical things anyone can do.

P.S Yes I realise this was written 6 years ago.
Charanty Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
on bikes:
You shouldn't ride a bike in winter in case if you live in country where cold, snowy winters are common - you can get some nasty cold-induced illnesses because if it. Not to mention that you can kill yourself.
vilva73 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010   Traditional Artist
I move bike (on distance, let's say, to 15-20 km) & trains/ buses etc. (on greater distances):)... But in Poland, majority of people drive car even if distance = 1-2 km:(
They probably think car is a 'symbol of luxury':D
But, its sad:( and stinky...
dazza1008 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2010
Thank you so much for the suggestion! Sorry for lateness - life is busy, but I'm definitely not giving up on this project. It will have intermittent updates - I'm aiming for one major update every two weeks. I hope you can forgive me! :iconbowplz:
vilva73 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2010   Traditional Artist
No problem:) Have a nice day:)
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