:new::bulletblue: An excellent sustainable design picture by Bernardeta :bulletgreen: bernardeta.deviantart.com/art/… :bulletgreen: (which mostly deals with electricity, so put in this section)

:? Why should we do anything?
The older forms of generating electricity, such as coal or nuclear, produce waste that damages everything on the planet, including us. We are quite dependent on electricity.   

~:target: Solutions :target:~

:bulletblue: Energy-saving light globes - which fit in the same socket as a regular light globe, but use only 1/5th of the power. :bulletyellow: CLICK FOR IMAGES :bulletyellow:
:thumbsup: Saves electricity/money. Can get different hues - including regular flourescent, or even a warm hue of light which is much like the regular lightbulbs.  
:thumbsup: They last a long time - up to 10 times longer than a regular lightbulb. www.bionomicfuel.com/benefits-…
:thumbsup: Readily available at the supermarket.  
:thumbsdown: They aren't recyclable, and the phosphorous on the inside of the tube is poisonous if they break (but just need to sweep up the pieces without cutting, and they rarely break unless you deliberately smash them).

:bulletblue: Green electricity - your electricity provider may offer plans that use partial or total green electricity (which is electricity produced from clean sources, like windmills or solar panels)
:thumbsup: Sustainable for the environment, unlike fossil fuels.
:thumbsup: Hopefully as more people use the plans, the price will decrease.  
:thumbsdown: Increases the price of the bill, so it is highly recommended to talk to someone about how much your last electricity quarter would have cost if it had been on the new plan you are considering. 100% of green electricity plan really might not be affordable for some.  

:bulletblue: Solar panels on your house or unit block - your own personal source of electricity.
:thumbsup: Be independent of the grid for your source of electricity.
:thumbsup: Any surplus is put back into the grid, so the electricity company actually pays you. (check your area for details) This also means that there is less pressure on the government to build new power plants.
:thumbsup: Possible there is a government rebate.
:thumbsdown: High initial cost. Probably need approval by the government or the electricity company too.
:thumbsdown: Need to be aware of how they can get damaged - from very high winds or hailstorms, therefore would need a way of protecting them - possibly building behind thick glass?

:bulletblue: Insulate your house - so it's warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer.
:thumbsup: Less of a need to use heaters or air conditioners.

:bulletblue: Double-glazed windows

:bulletblue: Wear appropriate clothes to keep you cool in Summer and warm in Winter.

:bulletblue: Experimental - waste products as a fuel source :bulletyellow: Pee-powered car
:thumbsup: Plenty of that! :slow:
:thumbsdown: Still experimental, unsure of the costs to convert, and possibly would meet resistance from corporation since it means they would be making less money.

Comments/questions/clarification/something to add? We need your input! :D
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Lingondraken Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016
Energy saving bulbs, or fluorescent bulbs are they are more commonly known as does indeed contain mercury. However, they are still recyclable, no problems. They also use about 10 times less energy than an old incandescent bulb.

However, fluorescent are becoming outdated and replaced by LED lights. They do not contain mercury, are slightly more effective than even fluorescent lights, lasts longer and does generally not warm up much at all.

It is, economically speaking, insanity not to immediately switch out ALL your incandescent bulbs for LEDs.
Charanty Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2012
on Double-glazed windows
+ Do not give away heat even if it's very cold out side (i'm from Russia so i know what i'm talking about)
+ Let in a lot of sunlight thus you need less electricity
+ Make airing easier and you can regulate how much air to let in.
- May act as lenses when sun is very bright and/or hot so plant lovers be careful
- In some places you need a special permission from district administration if you want to install such windows.

To solar panels
- In some countries they are almost useless since there is a very small amount of sunny days
Tesla51 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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Thanks anyway :)
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Funny, I thought people could submit journels.
dazza1008 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011
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