:? Why should we do anything?
The advent of computers was meant to produce what we call a paperless office, however, hardware or electricity failures and people wanting to have hard copies of emails means that just as much paper is being used.   

~:target: Solutions :target:~

:bulletblue: Office paper recycling bin - for clean office paper waste.   
:thumbsup: Make sure that the clean paper you don't want any more is not being wasted. ;)
:thumbsdown: Might involve extra cost, as well as the container needing to be set up.  

:bulletblue: Re-use your scraps - why only use one side of the paper?
:thumbsup: Cheaper, as no need to buy scribble pads, and you can still recycle.   

:bulletblue: Recycled paper - for photocopiers.
:thumbsup: Looks the same as regular paper. Reduce the need for trees to be cut down. A full circle - use recycled paper, and recycle it.   
:thumbsdown: It is more expensive.

:bulletblue: Email signature is a good way of communicating with those who would receive.  
:thumbsup: e.g. "please don't print this email out unless necessary" or "the environment thanks you for not printing out this email"   
:thumbsdown: Might not affect the recipient unless they have an alternative, but at least gets them thinking about better practices.   

Comments/questions/clarification/something to add? We need your input! :D
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.. Kinda sucks how I can't really share this in my group..  -thanks btw
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