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SimpleSmudges .1. Photoshop Brushes


Download: click here

This is my 3rd Brushes Pack, I've done it using watercolors.
Made in Photoshop CS2.

Archive file contains .abr and .txt

Inside You will find 14 brushes.

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See my other brushes packs!
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You're welcome! :)
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Wow..super nice..I will used this for my blog soon..
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Great, good luck!
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Thank you, I used them to paint a yellow chicken! XD
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This will come in handy Thanks!
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Something's down here by Blu-Reaper still practicing though but thanks for your brushes!
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Thank you very much-looking forward to using them.
Thanks so much for sharing!
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No problem! :)
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Sorry, I see you have a down load for Macs.  However, when I tried to down load my Norton Virus protection found a Genieo Virus in the file and stopped the down load. 
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There is no viruses. RAR file contains only .abr file (I've scanned it with Norton Internet Security 2014 and NOTHING dangerous was found).
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Can SimpleSmudges.1. Brushes Pack be used on a Mac OS?  When I started to down load your brushes it appeared they are for Windows.  Thank You. 
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I made them in Windows system. I don't know is there any chance to open/convert to Photoshop's Mac OS version.
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thank you SOOOO much!
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No problem, good luck!
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Thank you for the excellent brushes
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You're welcome!
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Thanks, these are great! Can't wait to use them (n_n )
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