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captured by louis 05
         “What happened back there? What's going on? Was that some type of genetic modification?”
           Louis was panting. He grabbed a pair of medical tongs, and began to dig a bullet out of his arm.
         “That's possible. I knew they were dangerous, but no one has ever seen anything like this before.  We can't wait any longer to move out against them.”
         “I mean it won't be long before they realize how many of us there are in the capital. I have to send out the word to everyone, including those on the outside.”
          Louis ripped the bullet out squirting a stream of blood out in front of him. He looked at Adam.
        “That means we are going to have to finish this... tonight.”
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Mature content
Captured by Louis 03 :iconenuocale:EnuoCale 0 1
Captured by Louis 02
         “Left, right.”
         “Left, right.”
         “Left, right.”
         “Seriously, fuck this.”
           Training fourteen hours a day had not been too easy on Adam. To be fair, Louis had been nice enough to make him do much less the first two weeks, in slow increasing increments. Or maybe that's not really fair at all, since he was still kidnapped more or less. Even if he kind of agreed to stay of his own will after the fact. Adam wondered how similar what he was doing to what real armies did was. Louis had a lot of space, amidst various abandoned things, and a seemingly much larger array of technologies than one person would have been expected to get their hands on. Though certainly much less than what a full fledged military would have.
            ...Not that Adam knew what a full fledged military would have.
            Adam wondered where Louis had gotten it all, at any rate. It wasn't just a small handful of people or eq
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Captured by Louis 01
           "Ugh. Where am I? Why does my head hurt?"
             Adam looked up, to see a blank ceiling.
           "This doesn't look familiar."
             He turned his head left, to find a large shirtless man.
            "hmm. I guess I was raped. Yeah, that's pretty bad."
            "Or... drunk I guess? That would explain why my head hurts so much. This is a thing that happens when you get drunk, right?"
            "Wait, but I don't drink?"
              He turned his head the other way, to find another large man of similar demeanor.
             "Huh. But I couldn't have been that drunk."
              He s
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Day Out With the Twins 01
           "Knock knock."
            Adam woke up. He felt like it was early, but the room was still dark. It wasn't the boiler room he had been kept in for the time before he could move. They had moved him to another spare apartment of his own. There were certainly enough of them. Not that that made it any lighter, with minimal lights shining in through the windows, even during the day.
           "Who's there?"
           "Side who?"
           "We're already inside. Hurry and get up, sleepyhead, we're going out to have fun today!"
             Adam opened his eyes again to realize that Matty and Sandy were both standing over him smiling. He wasn't exactly sure how they got through his locked door, but he hoped it wouldn't involve him needing to buy ano
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Adam Meets Tomas
           "It really happens that often?"
            Sophie got an annoyed expression.
           "Don't get the wrong idea. It's not like it happens every day. But it does happen. We actually had a lock on your door to make sure she couldn't get in, but... she appears to have broken it."
           "What happened to make her like this?
           "I really don't know the full story. She won't tell me. Or at least what she does tell is somewhat sporadic and not very consistent. It revolves around abusive parents of some kind. Not very many details to go on besides that. She apparently doesn't want to talk about it I guess."
            Sophie was wheeling Adam on a wheelchair through the dark halls, up to Tomas' apartment. They decided that if he was going to
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Rescue Molestation
        "Take off your pants."
         Adam jumped awake.
         He wasn't sure what he had just heard, but he had hoped it was some kind of a dream. Not really, since he certainly wouldn't have wanted to admit it was his dream, and was a bit worried at the prospect of such a thing. But he was also certain that it was not, so he was even more worried about that. There was a lot of worry going on all around.
         "E... Excuse me?"
         "I said; take off your pants."
          Wilhelmina, the roughly-around-ten-or-eleven-or-whatever year old girl Sophie looked after was kneeling on top of his sheets, holding a knife to his throat. He was certainly not any more happy to realize that he was possibly about to get forced to do something suspiciously highly illegal with him as the victim, but which he'd still probably get blamed for. Even though he was strong enough to move a bit more now, he was still not strong enough to push her off of him, nor fast enough especially when
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Rescue 03
           "So that's about everything. A brief history of the time I spend in my ruined city."
            Adam had been feeling a bit better. Not enough yet that he could walk, or get up much, without a wheelchair, but he had certainly been improving rather than dep... deproving? ...getting worse. Sophie would come occasionally, bringing a little girl he didn't recognize; or the twins would come and talk to him from time to time. Or they would watch movies with him, or whatever other boring things people do with people who can't walk that they pretend they're interested in. He didn't really like watching movies with the twins. They would always make totally irrelevant commentary, which ended in long tangents about ladybugs or bees or something, and in the process usually get popcorn all over him, and the floor.
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Return from lost timestream 02
         Nephilim looked over his broken tower. It didn't matter to him anymore; it had accomplished the purposes he had intended for it, even in light of the people who had tried to hijack parts of it for their own purposes. He wondered if it had been anything more than a token resistance that had taken it down in the first place. Maybe his enemy had given up. Maybe they now hoped he would be able to do what they could not. It mattered little. Even for those outside the circle of the earth, who still had the power, he knew they would not try to harm him with any real seriousness. He already knew this, as his future (as that of all mankind) had already been handed down to him, from above. Handed down to him, from the Laplace on high.
          He looked to the sky, from whence the fires of Meggido had come. Descending now from the abyssal rift was the cosmic horror M'hlc-izdikkh. An immense b
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Talk to Tomas
             "I don't know, Tomas... I'm not sure what to think."
              Tomas was sitting in a meditative pose. He generally did, whenever he was communicating with his voices. And at most other times, as a matter of fact. You'll note that I said 'voices' and not people. It was uncertain whether he had all the screws adequately put in in his head. Probably not. He heard voices.
              Sophie waited for an answer. Even if he was insane, there was no one else she was willing to trust for advice. How that made sense, even she wasn't sure. But it wasn't an impulse. He really did seem to have at least enough screws to give reasonable advice. Something all too rare in this world.
             "I have heard from the voice of Elijah, which is the voice of God. The things he said to you were true. He has been stranded these last years in a va
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Rescue 02
          Adam was waking up a second time. After being left by the twins, he wasn't sure what to think; even about them, much less about the situation of his rescue. It was certainly odd that his old friend had come to an abandoned place to rescue him in the first place, much less that it was inter-spaced with a random wacky revolution endeavor. (or whatever the original reason had been for, since it certainly didn't seem likely that it would have been obvious to anyone that he was still alive after all that time. But then wasn't it a coincidence that it was someone he knew, of all the possibilities?) He wondered if those things were related somehow. And if so, why?
          He also wondered who it could be that he was left with. Most of the people he knew had lived around where he did, so probably there were few of them left among the living. He hoped it wasn't Malachi... his 'friends
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Rescue 01
     Adam became vaguely aware of the feeling of rushing movement and bright streams of somewhat pink light around him. He wasn't quite conscious enough to know what was happening, but he vaguely had in the back of his mind slight confusion as to why he was alive enough for anything to be happening at all. Or why it even would be, even if he was. He felt pain distinctly from almost every individual part of his body, which he was sure wouldn't have made sense if he was actually dead. But at the same time; he didn't feel quite like he was fully alive, either.
     Though he slipped in and out of semi-consciousness, without ever being fully "in" enough to fully perceive what was going on around him, he vaguely got the idea that he was dragged in some long and ridiculously uncomfortable way to some kind of a dark room (Or at least darker than what he had become used to in recent years, that is.) and that someone with red hair and a ton of b
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Escape from Amasia 03
         "Get out."
         "But we..."
          The guards raised their guns.
         "I won't say it again."
         "We don't need your help. If we accomplish anything, that's that. Please wait in your homes for further instructions."
          Adam and Sophie realized they weren't going to be let in any time soon. Hypothetically if they really wanted to survive, they could try to kill the guards and force entry, but that would only be sealing even further the impossibility of anyone solving anything competent out of the situation. And they might die in the process.
          They'd run out of
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Escape from Amasia 02
      "Adam, wake up."
       Sophie was shaking Adam awake, with not an overly reasonable success. He wondered how long it had been going on. He assumed it probably had been for some time, judging based on the pain he was in.
       ...Or wait, no... that was just because he was already in intense pain.
      "I… where am I? What's going o…"
       She jabbed a needle into his arm.
      "Ow! What are you doi…"
      "You need to wake up. I know you've probably not slept in some time. But this will keep you awake for awhile."
      "Why am I freezing? Where am I?"
      "The power's completely out all over the city. There's no heaters, except tiny useless personal ones, so you better get us
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Well, I guess this is where I'll put my more important book-related things. For the time being, they'll be divided by chapter names, or whatever; since the whole thing doesn't have a title yet. Also, some of them are kind of like drafts. I'll fix them once I'm actually good at writing.…

Note. This is all in the order it's supposed to come in. However, there are obviously big gaps in-between, for parts that haven't been written yet.


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