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some chick...

this is a commision for -~o..Klody..o~-. it's her avatar...
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Yay for curves :)
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DUDE, your work is impressive.
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth's avatar
Her little racoon tail is so cute.
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Beautiful! Love her pose and her wings.
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Cuuute. :D Such nice hips. ^^ I like the brush strokes that make up her wings and tail..
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I really like this one :D

:bulletblue:the proportions, as usual, are the key feature here! And boy are the proportions nicely done on this one... :drool:
:bulletblue:the character deign is well-done as well... the clothing, the necklace, the wings,tail, and ears.... gives an odd sense of "black gothy cuteness" which I like quite a bit.
:bulletblue:the pose and flow of motion through the body are nicely ballanced... it also does a good job at conveying the emotion of the character through body language

:bulletred:What? No background? But that's cool.... your key work is on the characters and character design.
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Them critique dots though...
Centaura-Eblan's avatar
Gorgeous...the wings are just awesome, even though they're simple. The whole picture has a very calm essence...I like that.
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Sexy! :) Havent seen stuff from you for awhile
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pretty cool work u got here
ii think her outfit could use a bit more defenition color wise. its kinda hard to make out her hand from he jacket
and her left leg bends in a funny way, even if its physically possible, she'd fall @_@
her crotch area is too round, maybe a bit more flattening with the colors would do it?

but as usual great colors, skin tones, and hair
awesome work man
sab-m's avatar
great character and great coloring too. Good work :)
SausageMix's avatar
I luv the way you make women's thighs! :heart:
hakubaikou's avatar
I like the way you did her sleeve. :)
Magelet's avatar
*sigh* This makes me really wish I could afford to commission you.
I've been DYING to get you to do my Magelet character...
the black wings here reminded me of that.
Such beautiful beautiful art... *continues to drool from afar*
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