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Silvia... by enumasam Silvia... by enumasam
Another pic of Silvia...
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zJoriz Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2007
What a great outfit! I like asymmetric stuff like that. Oh yeah, and a big :woot: for the tattoo...
niekitty Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2006   Traditional Artist
I used to have a black pair of pants just like those and nobody ever understands when i try to tell them about 'em.

Beautiful work!
ediprata Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2006  Professional General Artist
Very pretty. Congratulations.
lozrad Featured By Owner May 1, 2006
awesome pic.. i'd fav it with less ass hahaha
but serious its brilliance
powerman2000 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2006
this is delicious bro.. ilove the costume design and the paint style is chill
check this out if ur really into the female form--> [link]
brotherpanda Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006   Artisan Crafter
Never seen one-bun pants before. :?:XD:
stabTyler Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2005
beautiful girl... even more beautiful car... what more could anybody want from a painting?
Morya Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2005
awesome pics dude how did you get those colors?
DaRockman Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2005
I like this pic.........very bad ass. This is a definite fav. Keep up the good work :D
Hiderou Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2005
this is great!! :D aploders xD nice
enumasam Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
phadedillusionz Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2005
2 thumbs up.. way up!!! awesome piece bro!
vincefryer Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2005
i love this, man. :+favlove:
i've been meaning 2 do something almost identical 4 awhile. won't b a scratch on your skillz, tho ...
deleric Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2005
i like it, excellent work!!!!
Artoki Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2004
Love the pose XD! The car looks fantastic!
Kinetijitsu Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2004
That tattoo just makes it all complete.
crawdaddy79 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2004   Photographer
Very Need for Speed: Underground-esque :)

I like the outfit.. Wish I could see it in real life.
Maladjusted-Me Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2004
i want those boots >_< great coloring too the folds in the cloth look very real
Rickitte Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2004
that's one hot car!!!!!!!!! ....and babe too~ ^^ I always loved the look-over-shoulder pose...
Centaura-Eblan Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004   Digital Artist
Her clothes make me drool. Hot damn. I envy your anatomical skillz. :nod:
cuidame Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, it's soo amazing. *0*
kragen Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004
I remeber this character you should work on the tatoo a little more other than that good work
shadowolf13 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004  Professional Artisan Crafter
you re-did it..yeah..I love this one.
Lokklyn Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Oh myyy, I really love that black boot. T_T Something about it seems so awesome. The tattoo is alluring because it draws my eyes to her lovely rear. TT^TT Wonderful painting style. That car looks really sweet, too - I don't have much experience with painting cars, but I can recognize Awesome when I see that. And that car, sir, is Awesome (that wheel and those headlights are totally winning).
Bensaret Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2004  Professional Filmographer
I'll make sure to bring an extra-large suitcase enext time I go to Japan so I can bring one of those back ^_~
gone-for-good Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2004
:> super! +fav.!
Yaoi-Huntress-Earth Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have to say those are interesting pants.
EaratanMorfindel Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2004
I love this one!!!!!!! your style and the way you paint is so amazing!!!!!! This one is goes to my favs rigt now.... Keep the good work!!!!!
ExtremeSi Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2004
Very very nice! The Made in Japan is awesome! That alone puts it in my fav's. Not to mention one of my favorite cars as well.
eqlipse Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2004  Professional General Artist
Heh... nice perspective there! ;)

I like....
:bulletblue: As is typical of all your works, the anatomic proportions are freekn' perfect! I mean seriously: it's none of that über-skinny, big-boobed, small-waist, sculpteured fat with no muscle, bimbo bullshit that I'm so incredibly sick of. These are nicely proportioned HEALTHY people: the breasts are a natural and good size, instaed of huge waterballoons... they're not too small, just large enough to be perky and firm. The legs are shaped as they should be if the person is in good shape, too: they have a defined muscle structure. Same goes for the arms and back, really: a defined muscle structure, one that's visiblely noticeable. Anyhoo, yeah, that's what I like most about ALL of your works... the healthily proportioned people.
:bulletblue: Going right along with the bit about the proportions, this is an interesting character design, especially the clothing. Although, I don't think I'll ever understand why people wear those single-leg pants... it just doesn't make sense to me why people would indulge in that sort of fashion, even if it does look pretty cool and sexy :shrug:
:bulletblue: That car in the background... tt's very well done! An excellent blend of broad simple strokes and small detailed strokes, giveing a good sense of volume and shape to it. Not to mention those headlights: it's not easy to express translucency of something like that.
:bulletblue: The perspective is well played-out. :drool:
:bulletblue: The green color scheme seems to work quite well, methinks.

:bulletred: The part on her right leg where it attaches to her boot. Since the boot is black, and so is the area of the car's fender, the area of the skin just seems to fade off at the edges, like it's being "pinched" by the shadows.
:bulletred: Again with the boots. Where the boots touch the ground, and the shadow/reflection starts, it seems that you got laxy here or something, because the boots simply merge with the floor. That is to say, there's not defined line between the boots and the floor.
:bulletred: The border, however well it seems to fit, could have used some more work.
:bulletred: The coloring of the word "Silvia"... it you're goint to make it red to contrast with the overall green color scheme, then don't make it simply red. Make it look like it's on fire or something, because it seems somewhat out of place with it just being red text ontop of a greenish background.
Dkay Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2004
Me love this.
fib3rglass Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
veryyy nice. :)
Kiwi-Twist Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2004
I absolutely love her pose. She's got a lot of attitude. x)
Acre Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2004

I'm diggin your style...the perspective on the car looks a bit off tho..

Otherwise... great work :)
Keitaro333 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2004
Wow man you just rock. I don't have words for your work anymore. You raelly KNOW how to draw people/anatomy in great poses. What is mainly your inspirations? I'd be guessing some fighting game artworks?
MasterPitzy Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2004  Student Interface Designer
1)shes hot and her body proportions are great!
2)awsome pose
3)OMG!!! the car looks so sweet

conclusion=GREAT PIC!!!
Angel-from-your-nigh Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2004   Digital Artist
this is a very hot picture!!!
Hanasu Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
hotty hot hot, lovely angle and pose
DrOfDemonology Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2004  Professional Writer
This is so wickedly smoking hot! Definitely going in the favs! :+favelove: :worship:
Orenji-kun Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2004  Student Digital Artist
argh.. this is just gorgeous.... all the great details of the car...
husseindesign Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2004
I love the style! :+fav:
mr-mister Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2004
omg that made in japan on her buttcheek is awesome! i LOVE how you paint! always so amazing!
dancubus Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2004
I dunno who silvia is, but that fucking awesome. :eyepopping:
gabo-the-baka Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2004
wow that is awesome. very nicely colored. I like the "made in japan" tattoo. The car seem kinda odd but thats because of the way its painted. Cars usually have edgier shades, and they dont look so blurry. Nice pic so ill :+fav: it
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