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This is Nemifayity's charther's for her contest at Gaia...
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O.O favvvvvvvvvvvvvv
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Bah! It puzzles me that your works do not get more comments...

Anyhoo, this is good! As per your usual, the proportions are healthy. Allthough, I'd have to say a little bit more voluptuous than your usual. The colorful bachground at the top is a nice touch, simply because of how the bright colors contrast the generally dark character. I like the way it fades through blue into blackness at the bottom (makes her lower-half blend into the background a bit, in this case a nice effect). The face is very nice, too: sharp lines along the eyes, chin, jaw, and hair do an excellent job of accentuating the contour; the eyes are slanted nicely, as is the overall angle of the face, giving a strong but elegant look to her.

Good job! :thumbsup:

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This is the coolest thing i have ever seen on dA!:w00t:
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I admire the way you drew her arm(the one in front of her), and her hips and thighs, very curvaceous and graceful. The sword is also excellently displayed.
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Congrats on second place. :D I thought your take on Nemi was awesome...
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Your style Reminds me of one of my Favorite net artist, Ito-san. ^_^b
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OMG this is awesome !!! would you enter mine on Gaia ?
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Gorgeous! The skin shading is lovely - heh, I was thinking about trying out for this contest, but I don't think I'll bother now, you deserve to win with this - the pose is perfect.
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I'm pretty sure if you did you'd win...your artwork is some of the best...
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:wow: i love the red and the wings . you draw boots very well too :D awesome pic :)
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nice...reminds me of that dragon lady from monster rancher...
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omg that's soooo hot dude! love it!
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Ye gods, that's a gorgeous piece of artwork! I'm just gonna hafta fave it! :love: :+favlove:
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God, your color work is absolutely do an incredible job of mimicking the look of traditional paint...gorgeous work on this.
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Shes beautiful, thats all there is too it! Her hips and legs are perfect! I like how the wings surround her! Great coloring on the boots especially! I usually over highlight rubber or leather and it makes them look too cloudy! :+favlove:
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I really like the way that you draw boots. Amazing!
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WHOA!!ShE iS sO bEaUtIfUl!!!
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Wow! ^^ I really like it! The wings are cool and she looks pretty! :clap:
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