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Triple 7.

It has a meaning. but you wouldn't get it. It pertains to my numerology, my name is 3 and my birthday is 7. 777

so I'm not satan so what. he's 111% different than myself.

no it isn't demonic.

no it isn't religious.

it actually has a numerological meaning.

It's also the number of a plane (Boeing 777)

(damn evil plane)

Some racist group used the 3 7's like a 3 point swastika, but this pisses me off.

Aleister Crowley found these numbers cool enough to write a very strange book about demons and angels based on The Qabalah 651, but this isn't related to my image. At least I don't think so, as I haven't read that. so unless you have contact with the ghost of Aleister Crowley and he tells you that I am somehow missing something, don't tell me about it.

As a matter of fact, if you have that communication with him, don't write me about it even more.


And please don't go saying something stupid like

"Are you the AntiChrist??!!"

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I have written about the number 7 and its connection to many different things. I have used your image as a link in my article and attributed you with a trackback to your page here. I hope that is ok with you.