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I've not been very active lately, I've had a huge art block and what art I do manage I feel too self-conscious about to actually post ;-;
I do post a bit more of it on tumblr, so if you'd like to know my tumblr send a note.
I'll try to post a bit more but I'm still not in a great place right now.
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Done did get tagged by :iconspacemerperson: 
Some questions that are bothersome have been removed.

1. First thing's first. What's your name?
Zin! If you think you know another name you're probably wrong.

2. How about your age?
Started to get a lil uncomfy about this but if that concerns you, send a note

3. Gender?
there isn't one that applies well enough

4. Birthday?
January the 19th

5. Height?
When last checked it was just over 1.6m

6. Weight?

7. Zodiac sign?
Capricorn, not that that even means anything

8. Birthstone?
Garnet Steven Universe - Garnet SU:Garnet animated icon Garnets sexy wink garnet SU: I Ain't Write That Garnet  Icon - FtU :bademoticon: 

9. Heritage?
Honestly there's too much and tiredness is overwhelming.

Personal qualitative section.

1. Eye colour?
Dark brown

2. Hair colour/style. Is it your natural hair?
Dark brown straight hair in a badly-kept asymmetrical bob-type cut. It is natural and it will stay natural.

3. Current fitness?
Not great since the depression kicked in

4. Skin tone?
Olive-y. Paler now, in the winter.

"Romance" Section.

1. What's your sexuality?
Pansexual, aromantic and (although it's not exactly an orientation) polyamorous 

2. Current relationship status?
Single, unfortunately

3. How many relationships have you been in? And could you give a brief description of them?
Only one ever, and it was. Bad. 

4. What is your favourite feature of your preferred gender?
no idea

5. If you aren't in a relationship then do you have a crush on someone?
like,,, at least 3 people. I tend to get crushes on mates my age or a little older frequently, which is part of the reason flirtation is a part of my humour even with friends I'm not interested in.

Seven Deadly Sins Section.

1. Would you be considered a glutton?
Hell no

2. A sloth?
Mental illness so yeah I would be

3. Lustful?
Never acted on it, but I mean, kind of?

4. Envious?

5. Wrathful?

6. Greedy?

7. Prideful?

Education Section.

1. Are you still in school?
I'm still fulfilling education requirements but I don't physically go to school at this point

2. Your best subject in school?
English (lit)

3. Worst subject in school?
Sports. I never was good at sports and my guess is that I never will be particularly good at it.

4. Did you drop out of school?

Family Section.

1. Describe your relationship with your parents.
Well mum is supportive and we have similar interests.
Dad is nice and we work better in conversations typically, but I don't see him much because his wife makes me paranoid and the living space he occupies is not ideal for me.

2. Relationship with your siblings?
I hate my younger sister. She is incredibly obnoxious and I only work with her when I have something to gain from it. She is verbally and physically abusive.
I love my little bro, though. We mesh better and have more similar interests, but he's not very mindful of the disrespect to minorities. I don't see him much because he lives with my dad.

3. With your family in general?
It's not bad, and I do love them I guess I'm just not good at doing what's expected.

Life Section.

1. Do you have a lot of friends?
NOPE. I have one best friend, :iconspacemerperson: (idk if they consider me theirs tho) and two decently close friends. Only one irl.

2. Would you consider yourself a loner?
Crowds make me nervous, so I prefer to be with one or two people if any, so yeah I guess so.

3. Describe your style of clothing.
Comfy and basic, but not unfashionable

1. Do you have a religion?

2. Do you believe in God or a form of intelligent design?
Well there's a good chance this whole thing is a simulation but apart from that no

3. Do people need to live by morals or just live to have fun?
We're a social species and morals benefit the group far better than hedonism. You can have more than enough fun ethically and morally. Don't mess people up on purpose, respect privacy, respect ownership (if applicable), kill all rapists and pedophiles.

4. Briefly describe your most important beliefs/moral standards.
Help who you can, lift up instead of bring down, respect others, sexual assault and pedophilia make people irredeemably bad

"Life Sucks" Section:

1. Do you have any allergies?
Really minor stuff like grass and cloth bandaids, nothing that could possibly require an epipen

2. Permanent injuries/scars?
A scar under my right eye, two on my scalp, one on my right wrist, one on my left upper thigh, my bellybutton is technically a scar, and one that I made on my left shoulder

Favourites Section.

1. Color?
I don't particularly like pink or yellow but beyond that it's hard to tell

2. Style of music?
I don't listen to enough new music to determine a favourite genre

3. Food?
I really like schnitzel, chicken nuggets, and potatoes in most forms

4. Drink?
Apple and Guava juice

5. Outfit?
I like my tight red pants, black ankle boots, and a singlet under one of my many blue slightly-oversized jumpers. Comfy stuff.

6. Animal?
Please ... don't make me choose ...

7. Plant?
Please ... don't make me choose ...

8. Book?
I cannot choose

9. Movie?
I have no idea

10. Song?
Please ... I'm not a normal person ... I don't know who I am ...

11. Album?
We've been through this I don't know myself as a person well enough for this

12. Band/musical artist?

13. Actor/actress?

14. Hobby?
Wikiwalking and being a capricious god toying with the lives of my sims

15. School subject?
English (lit)

16. Sport?
the only proper sport I'm even decent at is tennis

17. TV show?

18. Pass-time?
Wikiwalking and being a capricious god toying with the lives of my sims

19. Candy?
I have too much of a sweet tooth to choose

20. Pizza toppings?

21. Dessert?
Again with the sweet tooth

22. Fruit?
seedless grapes

23. Type of pie/cake?
I hate pie but most cakes are GOOD

24. Flavour of ice cream?
Mint choc chip

25. Weather?
Rains bring life

26. Time of day?
not to be emo but night

27. Word?
Currently? "Vile"

29. Sound?
I ... I hadn't really thought about it 

Personal Opinion Section.

1. Opinion of your appearance.
I look visibly tired, unusually pale, I'm covered in pimples and sores I get from picking at said pimples, I'm hairy, and I'm no longer stick-thin. Disgusting. On anyone else it'd look good, but my brain refuses to allow me a positive self-image.

2. Opinion of your personality.
OBNOXIOUS. Self-absorbed, long-winded, awkward, condescending, too polite/formal, depressing, whiny. My only """positive""" personality trait is my willingness to listen and understand.

3. Opinion of your family.
Apart from my sister they're decent enough

4. Opinion of your friends.
I don't even know what love is really but I love all of you

5. Opinion on religion
the Westboro Baptist Church can go to hell. Religion as a concept tends to cause problems, but I have no issues with individuals of faith because of their faith.

6. Opinion on homosexuality.

7. Opinion of school/work.
I'm too lazy/nonfunctional for those to be anything but major stressors to me at this point

8. Opinion of modern society.
Not nearly as bad as it used to be, but we still have a lot of deep-rooted issues to work through

What was the last…

1. Movie you saw?
I don't recall

2. Book you read?
I'm currently reading Christine

3. TV show you watched?
Horrible Histories

4. Thing you ate?
raw carrot

5. Thing you drank?
Water to take with meds

6. Piece of art/literature/poetry you did?
I'll upload it in a sec I forgot to post it here after tumblr whoops

7. Person you kissed.
I invited a dog here just to be sure. It's Milani

8. Person you texted/Instant messaged/emailed?

9. Time you exercised?
Getting out of bed in the morning counts, right?

10. Dream you had?
there was a god
and a god's servant
and I was kind of in control of them?
I could skip through time
right and the god had weird patterns
like big bulky lines
and the servant was gaunt and pale and I jumped very far ahead in time fully expecting them to be dead
but they weren't?
they sat there cross-legged covered in scars
at the end of time
and so I jumped back
I was sent on reconnaissance and I searched about the nearby town
switching between cameras and then moving freely from there
I was reminded very much of the sims
especially when I uncovered a weird flood in an underground bathroom?
There were 4 people in the stalls including one ghost
And I was called back
and a team of the hillfolk and I helped the god ascend and reach more potential
And their power extended over the world and into the heavens
they performed many great feats
but there was at least one place they couldn't reach
the floating scourge-pyramid
upon it dwelt hordes of undead knights and a tyrant king who threatened to ruin us all
having been instrumental in the god's ascension I was given a blade and granted authority over a battalion for the raid on the floating scourge-pyramid
god assisted from afar, throwing boulders at our request to destroy structures as we mowed down the death knights
I was in the fray, the melee and I watched my soldiers fight and be cut down, advance and retreat
we progressed through the levels and eventually came to the monarch
described as a king earlier, they were neither king nor queen
massive frame coated in decayed flesh, practical clothes were draped over the bones loosely
a ghoul-monarch, tall and wide and unforgiving
they watched our approach from the tall throne atop the pyramid
we called upon god to throw boulders but none would land on the tyrant and they gave a speech
I don't remember much of the speech now but it was (more or less nonsensical) paradox plot stuff
the boulders rained down on where the monarch was but none would hit them
they chipped at the throne, killed a teddy bear, fell before my battalion but they would not be hit
they could not die by god's hand
they could not let us live
they slid down from their elevated position and faced us all
it was a long, hard battle, and many of my good soldiers were wounded fatally
we succeeded, eventually
the ghoul-monarch's corpse lay at our feet and we were exhausted
and then I fell off the floating pyramid
it was sickening and free to fall for so long even with god's winds slowing my descent
I had an injury on my leg from the fight, so soft though the landing was it was painful
I was in the bush on a hiking trail of some sort
I limped along the trail along for a while
it was not scary or lonely it was wonderful
I met a couple on the trail
very vague people
I was scared of them but they were friendly enough
we walked together and god gave us the power to see secret rooms and things
we entered one such room ,and on the far side there was like
you know those party-favour things you blow into and they make noise?
one of those
and I blew into it and the dream ended

11. Thing you favourited on deviantART?
Fly-squad by sarakuan

12. Animal you saw?

13. Time you cried?
Probably a few days ago but I'm not good with time

14. Time you laughed?
A couple of hours ago

15. Time you were furious?
When the becbuddy was talking about the trauma stuff and I wanted to punch the person responsible really really hard

Final Section

1. Did you like this meme?

2. Would you do others that are similar?
I guess so

3. Are you glad this meme is over?
yes, I was dissociating all through the first half hence the desperate avoidance of personal pronouns you may have noticed

4. Now who are you going to choose as the meme's next victims? (Tag people if you like, not required.)
It's taken enough lives as it is ... if you maso assholes want to inflict this upon yourself then go ahead, but be aware that I did edit this down to remove some bad questions
I had a tantrum and deleted a bunch of art a little while ago. I've got the pieces saved to my computer, so I can probably put them back, but ... idk. I'm on here less and less anyway, you should probably follow my tumblr instead if you can. Sometimes I post art there.
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STREAMING OVER, and I'm going to read some short stories. The books containing these are:
  • Poems to Read to Young Australians
  • The Complete Illustrated Stories of Hans Christian Anderson
  • Stories Not for the Nervous Part One
  • The Children’s Golden Treasure Book
  • The Children’s Treasury of Literature in Colour
  • The Complete Illustrated Stories of the Brothers Grimm
  • The Dragon Book
  • Also I might read creepypastas and nosleep stories, so if you have any favourites among those then link them to me and I'll give it a shot!

Once a few people are in attendance we'll have a vote! I'll be streaming for several hours, maybe even all day if it goes well, so don't worry if you're late!
I hope to see you there!


Or winter, for those of you in the northern hemisphere. 

This isn't really for you up there though.
It's set to be pretty hot down here this summer, so make sure to take care of yourselves. It's mostly common-sense stuff, and if you've been an Aussie citizen for long enough, you probably know all of these.
Do yourself a few favours:
  • If you don't have a pool yourself and are comfy swimming in private pools, find a friend with one. They can't all be snobbish assholes.water pistol 
  • Rinse out your bathers once you're out of them
  • There is no such thing as a summer body!
  •  Don't put your face too close to electric fans
  • Drink water!:aspirine:   Ice cubes and frozen grapes are good too, but aren't replacements.
  • Try to avoid wearing too much black when you're out
  • Don't lock kids or pets in cars! They could die!
  • Remember that not everyone at barbecues will eat the meat, and that that's ok.
  • At least wear thongs (flip-flops) if you're going to be walking places, unless you want hot feet with prickles in them.sun day  This doesn't go for people who don't use their feet.wheelchair panic 
  • Take off jewelry before swimming
  • Don't swim alone. Make sure that you all know DRSABC. Make sure you all know how to swim:flooding: 
  • Don't wear winter clothes. Just don't. If you're covering up, wear long, breathable clothes, and don't get carried away with layering.
  • Remember that people in bathers are usually just there to swim. If they wanted your opinion on how they look, they'd ask.
  • Even if you don't get sunburns easily, wear sunscreen. It does make a difference.
  • If you haven't already, familiarize yourself with the signs of heatstroke and heat exhaustion. :youaremysunshine: 
  • Don't leave perishable food outside for long
  • Hats and sunnies are good ideas. It doesn't matter who thinks wide-brimmed hats and/or sunglasses look dumb.
  • If you end up partying, don't force your peers to do anything they might not want to do.
  • FIRE SAFETY.I'm on fire! Please, please take some precautions. If you aren't sure what precautions you should take for where you live, look it up.
  • Remember to water your plants on schedule! And your pets, remember to leave plenty of water out for your pets.
  • If you have boobs and are too hot, it's ok to go bra-less. Cis boys do it all the time.
  • If you're gathering with people and bringing snacks, ask about allergies. You don't want to have any lactose-intolerant people missing out on cool snacks because of milk-based icypoles.
  • Do not jump off things into water without checking the water first! There could be rocks, there could be people, it could be really shallow! You won't know for sure until you've checked!High DIvE 
I'm not a medical professional.
These are just some tips from me, a young aussie. I've lived on the west coast for my whole life, and seen temperatures go to 47 Celsius (116.6 Fahrenheit), usually with low levels of humidity.
If there's anything you think I should add, tell me!
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I am pretty much in tears.
I started a 50x50 canvas up, intending to make another avatar for myself. I then got distracted with the blues and started making an ocean picture instead.
It was a breeze. The process came to me so quickly, the strokes so smoothly, the colours so easily. I had the proportions downpat, the physics intact, the lighting figured out.
I was 15-20 minutes into it and I thought I'd be done in just a few more, no need to save. I WAS WRONG.
Mum tried to turn on the exhaust fans for the kitchen, and instead cut off the power to the computer.
So yeah I'm not ashamed to say that I am on the verge of tears because I might not be able to recreate it ...
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My last journal was about trying to write more. I wrote one piece, helped a friend edit their piece, and that's all I've done.

I can't even draw. I've submitted 4 things in a fortnight and I usually try to submit something every three days, but I can't do that apparently.
I feel like I want to do things but I don't know what I want to do or how to get motivated to do it.
I've been talking to some people on a stream and I mentioned that I can't imagine looking back on that art and thinking it's crap. Apparently that was the wrong thing to say.
We then discussed how apparently I'm obsessing over the artist (I don't really obsess over things), and how I'll never get good if I don't keep practicing.
I know that there aren't art shortcuts. I know that I have to do it to get better at it, so it makes me feel worse that I don't have the motivation.
I feel like I won't achieve anything because I can't get motivated for even basic stuff. I'm surprised I've been motivated enough to eat at all today.
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Okay so despite it saying National, it is an international thing. A thing that I will not be participating in this month. I kind of want to, but maybe later.
However it has inspired me to do some writing.
I'm thinking maybe I try to do at least 5 written pieces a week all month? What do you guys reckon? Should I try for something harder, or not push myself that much?
Also for those who don't know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Try these: and…
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I can't art right now, haven't been able to for days it's stressing me out
So have this spam of thingoes! 
Dancing Pumkin head 4 Dancing Pumkin head 2 Dancing Pumkin head 3 Dancing Pumkin head 5 Dancing Pumkin head 
:bademoticon: The skull bones connected to the- backbone! Skull :bademoticon: spooky scary skeletons Emote skull Scary Spooky Skeletons EMOTE 
:bademoticon: Halloween Ghost THIS IS SPOOKY :WooBoo: :ghostdance: ghostiewoo Wooo to you, too :ghost Li'l Ghost Ghosteh Ghost Emote Boo Top Hat Ghosteh Halloween ghost icon :bademoticon:  [ Pixel ] Ghost1 - F2U 
:witch: -:Halloween:- Tabbymote-witch :witch: Moon :halloween: by andry04 Halloween set: flying witch Double Double FlyingOnABroomstickBySynconi Witch Happy Halloween 2009 
Zombie Nom Zombie Attack zombie boo Zombiewalk Entry :zombie: zombie wave Robby has found a rusty shovel Zombie Chibi Baby Zombie 
Vampire Female - No Batboy Stamp_Avatar2 Vamp Male Vampire Male - No Halloween Pumpkin, Vampire :bademoticon: :vampireglomp: :bademoticon: dAMonster 
Happy Halloween Mini Jason Happy Halloween!!! F2U: trick or threat AAAA - Halloween Emote 
Eye Candy Brown Iris Eye Candy Red Iris Eye Candy Golden Iris Eye Candy Green Iris Eye Candy Silver Iris Eye Candy Blue Iris Eye Candy Purple Iris 
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So that didn't go very well. I feel more like trash with every tumblr post I see, and some of them send me into a spiral of self-hate. I didn't end up posting any art there, and I don't think I ever will.
I might check it sometimes, maybe every few months, but I don't think I like it there very much.
Plus there are more gifs there, and those bug me sometimes.
Sorry if this sounds whiny to you, I guess I am just another mentally-ill teen who can't really cope with anything. 

[/] You'd Rather Be Pale Than Tan. 
[ ] You Like To Eat Or Drink Red Things. 
[ ] You're Lustful/Sexual. [not in the slightest]
[/] When You're Kissing Someone, You Tend To Bite Them. (I wouldn't know for sure, but ...)
[/] You're Dark, Mysterious, And Seductive. (Well ... maybe not the last one)
[X] You've Tasted Your Own Blood Before And Liked It. 
[/]Being Out In The Sun Too Long Makes You Feel Weak. (Only really when it's 40+ degrees outside, which is 104+ to you Americans.)
[X] You're graceful, lithe, and can appear threatening or dangerous to others. (Threatening maybe, but immediately dangerous? Probably not. I'm too short and thin)
[ ] You have incredible charm and can get people to do nearly anything.
[X] You're more active at night

Total: 5

[ ] You're Incredibly Lustful/Sexual. (HAHAHA NOPE)
[ ] Sex Is Almost Always On Your Mind. 
[ ] You Could Make Someone Completely In Love With You By Merely Kissing Them. 
[ ] You're Not A Virgin. (I am still very much a virgin.)
[ ] You Burn Through Lovers Quickly. 
[ ] You Can Make Love With Someone And Drop Them In The Same Breath. 
[ ] If You Don't "Feed" Your Lust, You Go Insane. 
[X] You Have Strong/Long Nails.  (I do actually, and apparently it's strange?)
[ ] You Could Get Nearly Anyone You Want. 

Total: 1

[ ] You have a bad temper. 
[ ] You're incredibly physically strong and fast. 
[x] You Love The Moon. (I find it interesting! Is that the same thing?)
[X] You're Very Loyal. (TO THE TRUTH!)
[ ] If You Love Someone, You'll Do Whatever You Possibly Can To Protect Them.
[ ] You Would Go On A Devastated Rampage Should Your Loved Ones Be Harmed. 
[X] You Like Dogs. 
[ ] You're fairly Sturdy in stature.
[ ] You're Either A Good Leader Or A Solitary Person.
[ ] You Have A Hard Time Controlling Yourself Half Of The Time.

Total: 3

[X] You Like Cats. 
[X] You're lithe and agile. 
[X] You could fall off of anything and always land on your feet.
[X] You Like Gymnastics. 
[/] You Love To Eat Seafood. 
[X] You're Affectionate And Cozy.
[ ] If Someone Is Able To Sneak Up On You And Startle You, You Jump Up Or Swat At Them. 
[/] You Like Yarn. (I learnt to knit from my Nanna. She tried to teach my sister and brother too, but they weren't as good.)
[x] You Like Chasing Things. 
[/] You're An Excellent Hunter/Fighter. (I'd like to think that)

Total: 7.5

[X] You're An Outcast.
[X] You Feel As If You're Not Truly Alive.
[/] You'll Moan When You're Hurt Rather Than Scream Or Cry 
[X] You Tend To Zone Out. 
[ ] You Don't Feel Very Smart. 
[ ] You Like Worms. 
[X] You Like Taking Things Slowly.
[X] You Like Odd Foods. (Black liquorice, broccoli, and vegemite to name a few)
[X] You Prefer To Suffer In Silence. 
[/] You Don't Get Much Sleep. 
Total: 7

[X] You're Invisible.(not literally, but almost)
[X] You Have An Oddly Eerie Presence. (If people notice me at all)
[ ] You Can Send Chills Down A Person's Spine Just By Looking At Them. 
[X] You Have Messy Hair That Is Partially/Completely In Your Face. 
[X] You're Incredibly Gentle. 
[X] You're Very Shy Around Someone You Find Attractive (I'm shy around most people)
[X] You Tend To Simply Disappear When no One's Looking. (What even is reality, am I right?)
[X]You Enjoy Scaring People. 
[X] You Like The Indoors. 
[ ] You Are Deeply Connected To The Ones You Love No Matter What Happens. 
Total: 8

[ ] You Will Eat Just About Anything. (NOPE)
[ ] You Like To Attack People Verbally Or Physically (I prefer logical debates)
[X] You Are Thrilled If You Can Make Someone Bleed. (That said, I get this weird satisfaction when I make someone bleed, accidentally or not.)
[ ] You Wouldn't Care If You Hurt Someone As Long As You Can Get What You Want From Them. 
[ ] You Like Stalking People.
[X] You Find It Fun To Crawl Into Tight, Small, Cramped, Dirty Spaces. (Absolutely! I'm not the hide-and-seek champion for nothing!)
[ ] You Get Hungry Easily. 
[X] You Like Torture. (Mind games are fun when it's trivial stuff, but I don't like starting drama)
[ ] You live to hurt people. 
[x] You Like The Idea Of Being Insane.
Total: 4

[ ] You're Into Wicca/Paganism. 
[ ] You Like Magical Objects. 
[ ] You Believe In Magic. 
[ ] You Perform Odd Rituals On A Daily Basis.
[X] People Find You Intolerably Cruel. 
[X] You enjoy manipulating people. (Harmlessly)
[ ] You Feel Deeply In Touch With Nature And Hate Industrialization.
[X] You Love Black Cats/Ravens. 
[ ] You Practice Voodoo
[ ] You Tend To Laugh Hysterically While Picking Up On Someone You Find Attractive.

Total: 3

[ ] You Have Different Personalities 
[X] Your Style Could Change From Goth To Preppy In The Same Second.
[ ] You Have More Than One Lover.
[ ] You're Unpredictable. 
[ ] You Would Change Yourself Entirely To Fit In. 
[ ] You Are Fond Of Many Different Things. 
[ ] You Can Easily Get Out Of Trouble By Changing Your Demeanor. 
[ ] You often say one thing and mean another. 
[ ] You Like To Leave Your Clothes On The Floor After Taking Them Off. 
Total: 1

[ ] You Have A Very Bad Temper.
[ ] You're Usually Angry.
[ ] You Have To Make Other People Miserable With Every Breath That You Take. 
[ ] You Worship Satan. 
[ ] You like pentagrams. 
[X] You love to mess with people's heads.
[ ] You Could Do Just About Anything Bad To Someone And Feel Proud.
[X] You Laugh When Other People Are Hurt. 
[/] Physically Harming Someone Turns You On. (I wouldn't word it that way but sure)
[ ] You Respond To An Insult By Viciously Attacking The Other Person. 
Total: 2.5

[X] You're A Very Good Person. 
[/] You Take Care With Everything You Do. 
[X]You Can Be Extremely Serious. 
[X] You're Gentle And Kind To Even Your Worst Enemies.
[X] You Cannot Hold A Grudge Against Anyone. 
[ ] You Would Gladly Endure Anything For The Sake Of The Ones You Love.
[X] You're A Virgin/Have Never Kissed Anyone Apart From Family. 
[X] People See You As Being Very Pure
[/] You Are Obedient And Follow Rules Without Question. (I'm very obedient, but really I do question the rules, and if I can't see a good reason for them being there, I may choose to disobey)
[ ] You Love God. (Hell no I don't. I'm an atheist)
Total: 7

[ ] You Enchant People. 
[ ] You Like Organic Things. 
[ ] You're Almost Always Smiling. 
[ ] You Love The World Around You. 
[X] You Get Attached To Animals Easily.
[ ] You're A Walking-Talking Chick-Flick/Prince-Charming.
[ ] You Fall In Love Easily.
[ ] You Don't HATE Anyone. 
[ ] You Have A Very Bright/Bubbly/Friendly Personality.
[ ] You like long hair
total: 1

I will probably update this with a sketch of what I look like later.
For the record, I am a ghost (8) - werecat (7.5) - zombie/angel (7). Should I just do the ghost-me? Or should I do the gjost-werecat-me? Maybe I should do the ghost-werecat-zombie-angel-me?

  • Listening to: The immortal memory, the lost memory
How?? How do I blog? What do I do? I am lost.
I'll tell you my URL if you note me asking for it, because I need help probably.
I also might post more horror makeup stuff there, so you might get to see my face? Not sure though.
I'm already following a few of you guys, because, in a frantic scramble for at least 5 blogs to follow to get started, I checked here.
I hope that I learn stuff soon, because I'm a noob and oh boy, do I look it.
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[Deleted due to poor humour]
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Spreading art and possibly affection across the internet!
Okay that's all of my enthusiasm for today.

-The first 10 people that comment on this journal will be featured below and I'll choose three deviations I like most from their gallery! 

-If you comment, you must to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place. 

-The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1) Kisskaigura, with some very cute pieces!
Cute Niisa by ChuggyVine [Gift] Denebola by ChuggyVine [Commission] Nettimato by ChuggyVine
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I was tagged by :icondrake-n-willard:

Who is your fave YouTuber?
Well the only Youtubers I watch with any level of consistency are TheRPGMinx, Azzman and Markiplier, and I can't really pick a favourite among those.
Are you a villain or a hero?
Does anti-hero come under Hero? Because probably that if not villain. I might be a hero, but I'm not sure.
Make up a useless superhero with a useless power. (I know it’s not a question)
You can communicate with horses, but it makes them angry. I'm not sure what to call a superhero with that power.
What are you listening to?
The gentle hum of my computer, the tap-tapping of keys under my fingers, the thoughts dictating what I write before and as I write it.
What are your fave TV shows that are not anime?
You're Skitting Me, Horrible Histories, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, Camp Lakebottom, Spongebob Squarepants, and all of the Total Drama series'. 
City or Country?
Least fave singer, actor, artists? 
Least favourite? Look, I don't want to start a war with the thousands of prepubescent kids who like the artists I hate, and I don't want to start a war with people who like Country music.
Who would you rather fight Magneto or Loki?
Magneto. Loki is pretty much a god.
Fave Disney song?
Can't say I have one actually, although I like the ones from the cartoon Alice In Wonderland
If you met your fave YouTuber what would you say or do?
Congratulate them on their accomplishment and leave them alone because they have better things to do?
What are your thoughts on the rumours that Christopher Nolan might directed to live adaption of Akira??
I don't actually care at all.
Are you a Freak on a Leash?
I think not.

Tag yourselves, if any of you have the urge to actually do this. Change any of the questions you don't like, just make sure you end up with 10 of them answered.
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Is it a thing that actually happens?
I mean, it's widely if not unanimously accepted to be so, but what proof do we have?
I came up with this question when musing about what the future will be like with a pal of mine.
Also because I'm very depressed and philosophical at the moment, I've been thinking about wanting to live in the future or not at all.
But can one live in the future if you only ever live in the present? Why can we only live in the present, or is it just what we perceive?
What is time?
Is time even a real, actual thing that happens?
What proof do we have?

What proof can YOU provide?
I'm not on drugs, before you ask. Unless you count the Codral I took for my terrible cold.
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BECAUSE I've figured something out! I've figured out how to make parts of things transparent!
I figured it out this afternoon and I made myself the icon I myself am sporting now ( Untitled Drawing by EnthrallinglyBadArt for those of you visiting from a future where I have changed icons)
I know I'm still not great at things, but I can make one for you! If you have nothing you want to offer, we can arrange for me to make one for free!
Really I just want a reason to do good art, because my motivation has been a little low lately.
You can ask about it in the comments or by note, whichever makes you comfortable!
So I've hit 30 watchers recently, and I've been thinking about maybe doing a batch of adoptables.
Maybe some cute monster-babs in time for Halloween?
Maybe some cute space-babs?
Or monster-babs in like space-grunge and witch-grunge stuff?
Feel free to comment with other ideas, and to comment with whether or not I should make adoptables.
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I'm entering this DTA which anyone can enter, find it here DRAW TO ADOPT: Corrupti
Keep in mind that it is a CLOSED species, which means that you are not allowed to make your own. 
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Omg what a cutie!
Xynthii: Adopt: 800 Watcher Raffle CLOSED by ObsceneBarbie
Xynthii: Adopt: 800 Watcher Raffle
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