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YJ:ABOMINATION Mission 8/Mind Over Matter
Cat sank deeper and deeper in the water, losing consciousness as images flashed through her head. 

["Cat, I'm baking cookies to celebrate your first day of school. What kind would you like?" M'gann asked.]
["They came out great!" M'gann smiled.]
["We can adjust them to absorb the electricity and send it right back at him. Good thinking, Cat." Artemis placed an arrow on the floor in front of her.]
["See? That's Orion and that's the Big Dipper." Wally pointed them out in the sky. "I'll bring a telescope next time."]
["Whoa, you're pretty good at this game." Dick chuckled. "You even beat Wally's high score."
"Dude! It's just DDR!" Wally grumbled. "Of course she was going to destroy it."]
["Atlantis is completely submerged in water. Conner and M'gann have already been there. I can show you one day if you'd like… well, cats don't normally like water." Kaldur smiled.]
["And there!" Zatanna smiled as the smoke vanished and she spun Cat around to the mirror. "See? That style sui
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Sweet-talk Me! Pt.2 {Takashi Morinozuka X Reader}
    You yawned as you passed through the kitchen, swiping the bento and the small cake box off the counter as you made your way towards the door, leaving through the back of the bakery. You set your bag in the basket of your bike as you pushed it towards the gate and out of the alley. Your mind had been in a haze since yesterday; remembering the incident and almost wondering if it were all a dream.
{The gentle smile faded from Mori’s face as an icy stare turned to Megumi. “She said you’re troubling her, leave.”
A chill went across Megumi’s shoulders as he focused an uneasy glare on Mori. He glanced between you and the giant for a moment before huffing, turning on his heel and stomping out of the bakery. “Whatever, man. I’ll see you later, ___.”
Once the door swung shut, you let out a sigh of relief before your gaze drifted up to meet Mori’s again. Isami had returned from the back, holding stack
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Neon- OC AESTHETIC Pt.1  by Enthaga Neon- OC AESTHETIC Pt.1 :iconenthaga:Enthaga 1 0
YJ:ABOMINATION Mission 7/Hard Learned Lesson
November 7th. 8:35 A.M. EST
Happy Harbor High. Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.
Marvin skated around the other students smoothly, whistling the tune from his headphones. He spotted Conner and M'gann as soon as they arrived, easily changing directions and heading straight for them.
"Hey! Conner, Megan!" He swerved to a stop, stomping on the edge of his board to flip it upwards so he could catch it. He noticed Conner carrying something; not something, someone. Cat rested on his back, piggy-back style. Her face was in the back of Conner's neck while her arms hung around it. "Who's that?"
"A friend of ours. She's starting here today. Cat, we're here. You have to wake up." She mumbled a response as Conner shifted his shoulders as he slowly put her down.
"Here, Cat," She rubbed her eyes in a daze as M'gann handed her a to-go cup.
"Hey, you're that girl from the Halloween Festival."
"Uh, yeah," Cat was startled by the recognition, likely due to her tired state.
"In case, you forgot I
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Ember- OC AESTHETIC Pt.2 by Enthaga Ember- OC AESTHETIC Pt.2 :iconenthaga:Enthaga 2 0 Ember- OC AESTHETIC Pt.1 by Enthaga Ember- OC AESTHETIC Pt.1 :iconenthaga:Enthaga 1 0 Shade- OC AESTHETIC Pt.2 by Enthaga Shade- OC AESTHETIC Pt.2 :iconenthaga:Enthaga 2 0 Shade- OC AESTHETIC Pt.1  by Enthaga Shade- OC AESTHETIC Pt.1 :iconenthaga:Enthaga 2 0
YJ:ABOMINATION Mission 6/ Little Birdie Blues
November 4th. 11:25 A.M. EST
Mt. Justice. Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.

"Hmmm…" Cat laid back on top of Sphere. "It sure is lonely when they're at school." Sphere beeped and chirped underneath her. Wolf gave a curious whine from where he was sitting. "Of course I have you guys here." She rolled over onto her stomach. "Pfft. What's so great about school anyway?" Sphere rocked her back and forth, chirping a tune. "Hmm. You're right. We can have fun on our own. Let's go find Red Tornado." Almost as if on queue, Red Tornado walked through the door with Black Canary in tow. "Oh, speak of the devil. Are we training today?"
Canary gave her a warm smile. "Since it seems you're not busy."
Cat rolled off of Sphere. "If Conner and M'gann were home I'm sure they could find something for us to do." Canary raised an eyebrow curiously. "What?"
"I've never heard you refer to them as "Conner" and "M'gann" before."
"Well… at least not to their faces."
"Why not?" Red Tornado asked.
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YJ:ABOMINATION Mission 5/Afraid
October 9th. 2:15 P.M. EST
Mt. Justice. Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.

Conner clicked through the channels of the TV, stopping on a Halloween movie. "Found a Halloween special."
Wally chuckled as he reached into the box of decorations. "Cat will love that."
"This is so exciting!" M'gann floated around, hanging cobwebs from the cabinets.
"Where is Cat?" Artemis asked as she looked around.
"She went with Robin to the store." Kaldur pulled a skeleton out of the box. "She found ads for some of the Halloween decorations that were on sale when Robin arrived as she was leaving. I asked him to go along with her since she seemed like she didn't want to go alone."
"That was over two hours ago," Conner stood up. "And they're still not back yet."
"They are taking a while," Zatanna added.
"Chill, guys. They're probably stuck in people traffic. With as crowded as it's been with that Halloween festival being set up."
Conner reacted as his super hearing heard the doors op
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MC- A Flower Among Weeds Aesthetic by Enthaga MC- A Flower Among Weeds Aesthetic :iconenthaga:Enthaga 1 0 Kenpachi Zaraki- A Flower Among Weeds Aesthetic by Enthaga Kenpachi Zaraki- A Flower Among Weeds Aesthetic :iconenthaga:Enthaga 7 1 Kyte Al Ghul- OC AESTHETIC Pt.2 by Enthaga Kyte Al Ghul- OC AESTHETIC Pt.2 :iconenthaga:Enthaga 1 0 Kyte Al Ghul- OC AESTHETIC Pt.1 by Enthaga Kyte Al Ghul- OC AESTHETIC Pt.1 :iconenthaga:Enthaga 2 0
The Way to A Man's Heart [Nicolas X Reader] Part 7
“It hurts! It hurts!” you cried as you curled up on the bed. Nicolas looked on, almost fearful. He tried to grab your arm, but you batted him away. You hadn’t realized how strongly you had done so because he was knocked back on the bed. It seemed like Nicolas waited a moment before trying again; you struggled against him.
“___! Calm down!”
“I can’t-! Everything hurts! My skin feels like it’s on fire!” You struggled as he scooped you up. The parts of your body where he was touching burning like you were touching a hot pan.
“I know, I know.” He spoke in as gentle of a tone as he could manage. “But I have to get you to Doctor Theo’s so just bear with it for a bit.”
“Hehe, I think this is the most I’ve ever heard you talk… I like your voice…” the view of Nicolas’s face seemed to blur, at first you assumed it was from the tears in your vision but eventually, you had lost c
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{Kenpachi X Reader} A flower among weeds Pt.11
    You adjusted your shirt, smoothing out a possible wrinkle. You were satisfied to see it gone. You had to admit, adjusting to a gigai was uncomfortable but you quickly adapted. Karakura was practically humming with reishi. You weren’t surprised that Ichigo Kurosaki came from such a town but the town itself was not at all what you expected. You attempted not to look like a tourist but every so often, your eyes trailed off. Things were quiet, not in the bad way either. You were happy to see that this substitute Shinigami was vigilant at his job. You had let your mind wander just a bit too much when your companion called out to you.
“___, you’ll have time to look around later,”
“Oh! I’m sorry.” You jogged a bit to catch up. 
“You haven’t been to the world of the living since the academy, right?” Ikkaku asked curiously.
You shook your head. “No, I chased a prisoner here once but it was a quick cat
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Cat sank deeper and deeper in the water, losing consciousness as images flashed through her head. 

["Cat, I'm baking cookies to celebrate your first day of school. What kind would you like?" M'gann asked.]

["They came out great!" M'gann smiled.]

["We can adjust them to absorb the electricity and send it right back at him. Good thinking, Cat." Artemis placed an arrow on the floor in front of her.]

["See? That's Orion and that's the Big Dipper." Wally pointed them out in the sky. "I'll bring a telescope next time."]

["Whoa, you're pretty good at this game." Dick chuckled. "You even beat Wally's high score."

"Dude! It's just DDR!" Wally grumbled. "Of course she was going to destroy it."]

["Atlantis is completely submerged in water. Conner and M'gann have already been there. I can show you one day if you'd like… well, cats don't normally like water." Kaldur smiled.]
["And there!" Zatanna smiled as the smoke vanished and she spun Cat around to the mirror. "See? That style suits you way better."
"Hello M'gann! So cute!"
"You make the old-fashioned, retro-girl-look look cute. Who knew?" Raquel agreed.]

["You've never ridden a motorcycle?" Conner wiped the oil off of his hands. "Want me to teach you?"]

["You need a name. Something catchy." Guy started.

"Oh no." Black Canary shook her head and everyone seemed to groan in agreement.

"This has disaster written all over it." Booster Gold said.

"Who asked you, Golden boy?!" Guy's annoyance vanished quickly as he put effort into thinking. "I got it. The Black Cat."

"Wow. Not half bad." Flash agreed.

"It suits you." Wonder Woman nodded.

"Heh. You like it, kiddo?" Guy turned to her confidently.]

["You sure you want to finish this movie?" Wally asked. "You're still shaking."

"Wally, you're not helping," Artemis growled.
"I can start pointing out how horrible the special effects are if it'll make you feel any better," Dick offered.

"You're doing fine, Cat." Conner smiled.]

Cat's eyes snapped open, glowing a neon purple as she inhaled a sharp breath. 
"Easy, easy!" Conner was on his knees at her side, drenched from head to toe. "Are you okay?" 
"Yeah, yeah," her hand went to her head for a moment before she jumped to her feet. "Get back to the bioship," 
"You're not going back in there alone-!" 
"I have to go back for the team and the amount of Kryptonite in there could kill you! They have jars of it!" 
"Jars? Why would they have it in jars?" 
"Jars, weird container things, something about it being... unstable. It's unstable!" She turned to Conner, "I know what to do and... I don't think I'm alone," she vanished from sight in an instant.

"Well, let's take the Lantern's ring to be safe." Maliphor decided after what seemed like a debate. 

"Keep your filthy hands off of him!" Cat was standing at the edge of the opening, a sharp glare affixed on the villains.

"Impossible-! How...?!"

"It seems we have a catfish." Ember snickered at Psimon's joke.

"I hope you're not superstitious," In a flash, her obsidian claws appeared. "Because I hear crossing paths with a black cat is back luck." She teleported above Maliphor. Before he could react she dropped on him, kicking him in the face.

'What-?' Psimon thought as he attempted to focus on her. 'Her mind is outside my reach… who's mind is this? Robin? No…' She teleported in front of Ember, barely dodging a fireball and punching her in the stomach. 'Kid Flash? Aqualad?' She slid under Maliphor's grasp and pushed him into Ember; he toppled over her. 'Artemis?!' She lifted up a tank of kryptonite. 'The Superboy?!' She threw it. It crashed into Maliphor, shattering and knocking him over as soon as he stood up. 'No, it's a cover. This is-' Everything in front of him was overtaken in a flash of light. '-the Martian!'

The flash of light dissipated, leaving dark nothingness that he seemed to be drifting in. 'Where am I?!'

'The Black Cat's mind.' M'gann appeared in front of him.

'Impossible! There's- nothing!'

'This is the first time I've ever been this far in myself. I doubt she'd let the likes of you see what's in her mind, no wonder it's shrouded in darkness.' M'gann didn't bother looking around, she focused her glare on him. 'When you knocked everyone out, we were still telepathically linked. Your mind blast had little effect on Cat but I'm still linked through her.'
'That's impossible!'
'Apparently not,' Her eyes started glowing. 'Now I think it's time for you to leave.'

'And just how do you plan on making me-!' He was interrupted by something colliding with his back and exploding.

'Not on her own.' Artemis emerged from of the darkness.


'Wouldn't you like to know?' Wally zoomed into view.

'A team always has each others' backs.' Dick dropped down next to him.

Psimon backed up into someone, Conner and Kaldur. 'Show's over.'

'Not so fun being on the other end of a psychic ambush, is it?' Zatanna and Raquel smiled at each other. Psimon looked around, the entire Justice League was coming down around him and more.

'He looks surprised.' Guy snickered. 'What's the matter? Wet yerself? What do you think, Bats?'

'You talk too much.'

'He really does.' Booster chuckled.

'No one asked you, Goldie!'

'I think it's time to send him packing.' Wonder Woman added.

'I agree.'

'Martian! You dare stand against me! I will bring this mind crashing down on top of you!'

'This is Cat's mind and from what I can tell, your rules don't apply here!' M'gann summoned a blinding, white ball of energy, black energy started dancing around it. 'Now, get-' She released the blast at him. '-out!' Psimon shield shattered in an instant, wiping him out of sight completely. He had been vanquished. M'gann stopped glowing. She glanced at everyone, smiles all around.

'So kid.' Guy started. 'How'd you know? That'd we'd be here, I mean.'

'It was a guess really. When Cat touches someone, she gains emotions and memories; they're pieced together in her mind almost like she gained a part of them. Most minds have a version of how they see people in their head, but Cat is different. I figured if her mind was in danger, who other than the Justice League would help? After all, you're the closest thing she has to family.'

'Smart kid. Real smart.' Everyone started vanishing. 'You know her a little too well. The real me might get jealous.' Guy chuckled, second to last to go.

Conner gave her a smile before fading, "You did great,"

M'gann noticed a low light coming from below her; she looked down to see glowing, white trees. 'Wha-?'

Cat broke more tanks with her claws, shattering as many as she could as quickly as possible. "No! No! No!" Maliphor charged at her, only to be stopped by a glowing green forcefield expanding around him.
Guy floated next to him. "What's the matter, Maliphor? Today doesn't seem to be your lucky day."

"Green Lantern?! How is this possible?! Psimon-!" he was gone along with Ember and Shade. "That traitor! Backing out of our deal!"

"Things aren't looking very good for you." Wally chuckled, the whole team was back on their feet now. 

"You were wrong." Cat approached him. "I'm not the same as before. I'm much stronger and unlike you, I have people who always have my back. I've come a long way but people like you never learn."

"Why didn't you drown?!" he growled.

She gave him a devious smile. "Don't you know cats have nine lives? I don't think you'll be making money for a long time."

"Says you!"

"You kidding? With what merchandise?" Dick snickered. Maliphor was looking around now, noticing there wasn't a single tank left unshattered. The kryptonite fragments had lost their blinding glow and were now a dull grey. Cat picked one up, holding it gently between two fingers.

"The problem with purified kryptonite is its unstable. Without outside elements as a balance or some kind of conduit, if it made contact with everything in our atmosphere, it would become," She crushed it in her palm, opening it to reveal it had turned to dust. "Absolutely useless." 

"Let's radio Bats and head home." Wally followed Cat as she turned towards the exit.

"No…no!" Maliphor rammed through Guy's shield and lunged at Cat. He didn't make it far as Conner rushed past Cat, fist angled above Maliphor's head as he crushed him into the ground.

"Took you long enough."

"Took you long enough, how long does it take to destroy-?" he looked around. "Wow, a couple of dozen tanks of kryptonite." 
"Yeah, glad we didn't let you come earlier?" Dick nudged him with his elbow.
"So glad."


November 8th. 9:32 A.M. EST
Mt.Justice. Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.

"The situation could have escalated to irreparable damage. I have to ask why the single man left behind didn't call for back up once the psychic link was down." Batman directed his question at Conner. 

"Saw no reason to. I trust my team."  Was his short reply.

"Don't be so hard on them, Bats. I took a back seat to the whole thing. The last person I expected to fight was a telepath." Guy interrupted. "I have to admit though, I didn't take Hal seriously when he told me how good you guys were."

"I can't believe that much kryptonite went undetected." Superman shook his head, unsettled by the idea.

"Enough to fill a football stadium," Dick clarified.

"Yeah, locker rooms and all," Wally added; after a momentary pause, he groaned. "Ugh! I forgot a souvenir!"

"I got it covered." Cat held up a small, darkened shard, "De-powered and harmless. Careful, it's incredibly fragile." She warned as she handed it to him. 

"Sweet." Wally smiled.

Guy had noticed Superman wince at the sight of it, "What's wrong, Supes? It makes you nervous?"

"Maliphor said a fragment about this size could kill you,"

"Ugh!" Cat whined. "Speaking of which, I think Psimon got away with the fragment that was in that box."

"Wait. Aren't they unstable? They can't come in contact with the atmosphere." M'gann stated.

"Yeah but with a brain like Surge backing them." Dick started.

"Surge?" Superman asked. "He showed up?"

"No. A theory we had. When we found out a buy was going down, we thought the members Light were likely the buyers." M'gann explained.

"They mentioned the buy that went down for Cobra venom. Neither of them has the brains but they do have the cash."

"Cat brought up Surge. He's got the brains and the resources." Wally said.

"Psimon was the buyer," Wisteria said. "Which would mean," 

"Ember and Shade; we believed the two to be hired muscle when they attempted to kidnap you but their appearance again suggests they may have further involvement with the Light." Kaldur pointed out.
"Which tells me my theory wasn't too far from the truth," Cat frowned. "Surge is smart enough to weaponize it and he's always hungry for more power. Not only that, Red Fox has been at the center of many of the recent robberies and I know there have been several images the League has found with her and Sportsmaster."

"If Ember and Shade are working for the Light, how come we haven't run into them before?"  Conner added into the debate.

"They could have just been hired for the job; I think I'd remember someone with powers like Shade hanging around my dad. Or they might work for Psimon's boss." Artemis pointed out.

"You think they work for Queen Bee." Superman clarified.

"She's definitely got the cash." Wally agreed. "And we have first hand experience of how convincing she can be," 

"She had someone like Psimon lurking in the background for so long, she probably thought she didn't need to use them until Vandal's hostile takeover failed," Artemis agreed. "I don't know about Shade but Ember sounded like she had a slight accent. I'd peg her for a Byalian."

"If Ember and Shade work for Queen Bee then that could only mean one thing. Right, Batman?" Wisteria gave Batman a serious look.



November 8th. 10:02 A.M. EST
Mt.Justice. Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.
Cat clicked through the images on her camera; all of them of her and Guy. "Now I've got photos of you to add to my scrapbook."

"You don't need a mission to see me, Cat."

"But I couldn't! Your job is important! It would be selfish of me."

"Who cares? Be selfish, be unfair. If it's you I'm sure no one would mind." Guy looked at the team, watching thoughtfully as they held a conversation with Red Tornado. "You know, when I first called the Watchtower and Supes told me you were with Batman's covert team, I was a little steamed. I had planned to take you back to the Green Lantern Corp. with me."

"What?" She was surprised by the statement. 

"Yeah; that was until I saw you in action. I guess I was just mad because I was the last to know. I was always the first one you wanted to talk to when you did anything."

"You were jealous?"

"Don't let it go to your head, kiddo." He ruffled her hair.

"I'm not a kid." She frowned as she backed away and attempted to smooth her hair back down.

"Yeah, believe me. I've noticed how fast you've grown up. So I hear you go by Catherine now. It suits you. Almost as good as the name I gave you." He winked.

"He gave you a name?" Conner asked as the team joined in their conversation.

"The Black Cat."

"Prove to me that you deserve the title."

"You don't have to tell me that!" she fumed.

"Don't sass me." He turned to the zeta tube computer and input something.

Destination: Oa, Green Lantern Corps. Outer planetary travel, authorized. 
The zeta tube lit up, ready to send Guy to his destination.

"Remember, when you're in a fight and you're at the end of your rope,"

"Swing forward and kick the bad guy in the face." She finished.

"Atta girl." He smiled as he walked through the scanner.

Recognize, Green Lantern- Guy Gardner. 2.0.

As soon as he vanished, Cat turned on her heel to the team; a huge grin spread across her face. "I'll bite." Conner started. "What's with that look?"

"What look?"

"This look." Wally pinched her cheeks.

"Well," she pulled Wally's hands away from her face. "Have I ever said how much you guys mean to me?"

"No…" Artemis said.

"But it's a lot, right?" Wally grinned.

Cat started laughing. "More than you could possibly imagine."


November 8th. 10:45 A.M. EST
Location: Unknown.
Ashli strolled down the hallway casually, letting the sound of metal music lead the way. It opened into a large room, large glass windows lining the walls letting light flood the room. A dismantled Mister Twister hung in the middle of the room, parts revealed. Similar items were spread about the room; a desk covered in blueprints, tool cabinets, shock bots lining the wall and many electronic machines, devices, and parts she didn't recognize dominated the room. Charlie hung from a grappling line in the center of Mister Twister's parts. A high pitched sound accompanied the static-like sound emanating from the tool he was using. He stopped what he was doing and lowered himself to the ground, plopping down into his office chair. "Alpha. Note that the inner walls of the chest cavity aren't as strong as the outer shell."

"Yes, Master." The Alpha Shockbot complied with the genius's orders. 

The techno-gloves on Charlie's hands had odd blue looking lights leading to the fingertips that seemed to control Mister Twister's movements with his own. "Also, the joints aren't moving as fluently as I want them to. Hmm, I can't tweak them anymore or they'll break too easily. Maybe if I substitute the material for a denser metal." He unlatched himself and rolled the chair back. He ran into Kyte. He leaned back, looking up at her.

"Hey, Nerd boy~"

"Ashli, I'm kind of busy right now."

"Oh yeah? Working on that in a room full of windows?" She motioned to Mister Twister.

"One-way, bulletproof glass. Nothing can see in."

"Smart." she chuckled. "Soundproof walls too?"


"Psimon's back. We need to listen to his report."

"Really? Do you know how busy I am?" He rolled his chair to his desk. "Surge, create a scrambler to mask the boom tubes' energy signatures so that they're untraceable. Surge, reformulate the Blockbuster formula since Desmond turned himself into a monster. Surge, adjust the collars for mind control. Surge, upgrade Mister Twister for easy use," He imitated people obnoxiously. "Since our scientists seem to be getting trapped like rats, I've been stuck with all the work. And I don't even know where to start on Twister without Marrow's notes."

"Aw, too much on your plate?"

He frowned at the cheeky smile she was wearing. "Oh, here's my favorite. Surge, let's go shopping so I have something to wear to the Wayne foundation's party."

"You done now?"

"Yeah, I'm finished." He pressed a button on the remote of his desk. The windows faded to black as the images of several people appeared; Ra's Al Ghul, Lex Luthor, Klarion the Witchboy, Queen Bee, the Brain, Vandal Savage, Ocean Master and Psimon.

"Now that everyone's here, we can get started," Lex began the meeting.

"You mean, now zat Surge has decided to grace us with his presence." The Brain added sarcastically.

"Shut it, Jarhead. I'm doing all the hard work here. You don't even lift a finger- oops, my bad. You don't have any."

"Enough bickering. Let's get this debriefing underway." Vandal stopped them. "Red Fox, Surge?"

"Yes, sir."

"Yeah yeah," he grumbled.

"Alright then." Lex cleared his throat. "Your report, Psimon."

"Well, the young heroes interfered once again. I only escaped with this." he held up the small vial of kryptonite.

"Only a fragment? Out of all that kryptonite?" Surge objected. "How am I supposed to work with one measly fragment that won't stand up to testing?"

"You will have to make due with it, Surge. We cannot afford to waste the little we have." Vandal stated. "Although your frustration over the matter does mirror my own. Continue, Psimon."

"Yes… though I finally went mind to mind with the Black Cat. She was much stronger than I anticipated or than Maliphor led us to believe. They were accompanied by a Green Lantern yet he seemed to distance himself from the fight. I'm certain he was observing though I couldn't figure out why. I could telepathically slam him but he was more or less immune to having his mind read. And our little Martian seemed more defiant than ever. She didn't hold back or even hesitate at all. I believe she could have done some real damage had she not been occupying somebody else's mind. The Black Cat's mind was something unspeakably dark. It was blacked out as if she had shut it off. It was a losing battle."

"That's what happens when a black cat crosses your path." Ashli chuckled.

"Haha! Good one, Foxie." Klarion cackled until Teikl meowed. "Yeah, I know." he rolled his eyes.

"What do think of it, Klarion?" Queen Bee asked.

"Pssht. I knew Psimon was wasting his time on her mind. Memories or no memories. The name fits though, with the way she looks and the way she fights. Right, Teikl?" He meowed in agreement.

"She is intriguing. Zis girl from another dimension."

"She would be more useful on our side." Ra's added.

"Not gonna happen." Surge laughed. "The girl is purer than that kryptonite."

"Pure? Haha!" Klarion laughed. "That's funnier than the cat joke." He pet Teikl affectionately. "There's nothing pure about that one, even is she is just a fragment," 

"I couldn't imagine her the way you described her." Queen Bee said.

"She doesn't exactly appear to be the "destructive and chaotic" type," Lex smirked.

"No one can change their true nature." Vandal said. "Eventually, she will see the light."


November 8th. 11:05 A.M. EST
Mt.Justice. Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.
Cat placed her the scrapbook back on the shelf, happy about the new additions to her collection. She took two steps away before cringing in pain; images suddenly flashing through her mind. She scrambled to keep her balance, shoulder bumping the bookcase before leaning against the wall to keep from falling.

["Megan! You're on top of the pyramid today." Wendy said.]

["Come on, Wolf. It's just a bath… hey! You're getting me wet!" Conner laughed.]

["-radio silence." Batman ordered.]

["Thanks, green cheeks." Wally flirted.]

["Wanna spar?" Black Canary smirked at Green Arrow.

"I won't go easy on you." he returned the smirk.]

["Clark, he needs a father-!"]

["We talked about this, angel-"]

She slid down the wall, her claws catching on it, leaving a huge slash.

"Hey Cat, thanks for grabbing me the souvenir-!" Wally stopped, frozen in place when he saw her. He forced himself to move, rushing to her side. "Hey! You okay?!"
"D- Don't touch-!" she pulled her hand away, obsidian claws vanishing back into her skin.
"I'll go get help-"

"Don't." She grabbed his shirt before he could take off, "Don't say anything… please." She struggled to her feet, using Wally and the wall to keep herself steady. "I-its just a headache."

"A headache doesn't do that." he pointed to the scratch on the wall.

"I guess mine do. Just don't tell anyone, please. I've made everyone worry enough."

"I guess I won't." he sighed before flashing her a grin and winking. "You did get me a souvenir. How are you gonna hide that?"

She eyed the wall. "Hmm… I'm not sure."

"I got an idea." He zoomed out and back in a few moments later with a poster in hand. He unrolled it and showed her. "You like this band, right?"


He taped it over the gashes quickly, "There, problem solved."

"Thanks, Wally." She smiled.

"Anytime, Kitty Cathy."


November 9th. 7:45 A.M. EST
Mt.Justice. Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.
Conner took a bite of his toast as soon as he was done spreading jelly on it. M'gann finished packing the lunches as he swallowed. "Where's Cat?"

"She left already," Kaldur answered from where he was sitting next to Wolf, the large beast curled up on the couch.

"That's weird,"

"She didn't tell me anything." Conner shrugged and Wolf barked in response.

"Apparently, Wolf saw her leave with her school bag earlier." M'gann translated.

"She normally waits for us."

"Maybe the dance team has early morning practice," M'gann suggested.

"Maybe." he didn't seem very reassured.
"Come on, we should be happy. She's finally excited to go to school! She must have found something she liked." 


November 9th. 8:20 A.M. EST
Happy Harbor High. Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.
Cat yawned, her eyes snapping open to see Maria's piercing glare focused on her. "What?"

"At least act like you care about messing up."

"I do." She frowned.

"Then act like it. We're not the sweet, little cheerleader Bumble Bees. We're the Yellow Jackets. You gotta have more attitude and a little more-" She snapped her fingers. "-sting." She smiled; it was an oddly sweet smile. "You get it?"

"Yeah, I got it." Cat felt somewhat relieved by the sight of it. 

"Good. Now everyone back to their spots. It's already Wednesday and the pep rally is in less than two days and Lord missed a day already. I will not be shown up by gymnasts swinging pom-poms."


November 9th. 10:02 A.M. EST
Happy Harbor High. Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.
"No way!" Jasmin practically squealed in surprise. "Superman?"

"It's true. Back during that giant plant incident. His eyes are incredibly blue, they're beautiful." Cat giggled nervously as the large crowd of girls hovered around her.

"Aw! I wish Superman came to my rescue!" Another girl, Lea sighed.

"Honestly, when he saved me I was so mad at myself."

"Why?" Maria finally tuned in.

"He had to go out of his way to save me, I felt bad about being in the way."

"I guess that's understandable." Lea nodded.

"Tcht! It's his job. He is a hero, you know. You can't help if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time." Maria snapped.

"O-okay. Sorry." They stopped in front of Cat's locker.

"Don't apologize. We're gonna have to work on some things, aren't we?" she shook her head, "Catherine, first on your Yellow Jackets list: get used to people worshiping you. Lot's of people are going to go out of their way for you now." Maria said as she leaned on the locker next to Cat's, watching her sort through the books inside. "So don't feel bad that they do,"

"Hey." A dark-haired boy waved to her as he passed, giving her a sly smile before turning back to his friends.

"Oh my gosh." Lea gawked.

"Oh my gosh- what?" Cat felt somewhat confused by the sudden burst of excitement. "Who was that?"

"That was Marshall Grant. Our football team's star receiver." Maria explained.

"He's totally interested in you." Lea squealed.

"He's been eyeing you all week... but you like Conner, don't you?" Jasmin asked. 

"N-no!" Cat shook her head vehemently. "Conner and Megan are dating."


"You didn't know?"

"There was obviously something between them." Maria nodded.

"Between who?" Conner was standing behind her.

"Between Marshall Grant and our dear Catherine of course." A quick lie, Maria was good at them- although Cat was aware that Conner already knew what they were talking about with his super hearing.

"Something happen?" he asked.

"Not really." Cat shrugged.

"Nothing yet but he's obviously interested." Lea nudged Cat playfully.

Conner thought back to the other day during soccer, an unpleasant memory crossing his mind. ["Oh, so you won't mind if I talk to her then?"]

"Kon, you there?" Cat waved her hand in front of his face.

"Uh, yeah." He snapped out of it. "We should get to class. Megan's on the other side of the school so I thought I'd just walk with you."

"Okay. Bye, guys." She waved at her friends before walking off after him.

"She may say no but she's so transparent." Maria sighed. "What are we gonna do with her?"


November 9th. 10:02 A.M. EST
Happy Harbor High. Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.
M'gann strolled to her next class, nose deep in her math book. Cramming for her upcoming test on the go before- SLAM! She tumbled onto the floor along with the person she ran into.
"Hello, Megan! I'm so sorry! I should have been watching where I was going!" She had begun to panic as she looked up to see who she had crashed into.
He stood up, rubbing a head of strawberry blond hair; his eyes were a beautiful, cinnamon brown that looked almost glass-like. He was wearing dark jeans, a black dress shirt and black and white gloves that appeared to be made of leather. His ears had several piercings and she could spot a thin gold chain around his neck, the end of which hidden by his shirt.

"Nah, it was my bad." He picked a chemistry book up off the floor along with her math book before he helped her up. "I apparently missed a chem. test. Happens when you miss a few days."

She chuckled. "I know that feeling. AP Chem.?"


"Chapters 12 and 13. Review that and you're good."

"Thanks." He handed her her math book back. "My name is Charlie by the way. Charlie Blanchette."

"Megan Morse." They shook hands.

"Cool. I guess I'll see you around then, Megan." He waved and walked off. 


Cat took a seat across from Conner at the lunch table, earning a curious look. "Aren't you going to sit with your friends?"

"I am." She responded as she pulled set her lunch box onto the table.

"I meant them." He motioned to some of the girls from her dance class.

"But I want to sit with you." she sighed, exasperated. "Besides, I can relax around you so please don't make me move, okay?"

"I don't care, if you want to sit here the stay."

"So, do you want to help me study while we're here?" She pulled out her history book.


"Oh yeah. I may have accidentally-!"

"Hey. Catherine, right?" She scooted aside as Marshall sat next to her on the bench, the table seemed to be quickly surrounded by his fellow football players.

"Uh, yes. Is there something I can help you with, Marshall?"

"Are you going to the game this Friday?"

"The whole dance team is going. Why?"

"Good, just making sure I'd get to see you."
"Heh, so you are a little... I'm interested in you, that kind of interested,"
"Oh! Oh,"
"Now that that's cleared up," He spotted someone familiar sitting at a table by himself, Charlie. "I'll catch you later then, Catherine." He got up and migrated to Charlie, his group following closely behind. 

"Dude," Marvin sat next to her, setting his tray down. "Was that Marshall Grant?"

"Yeah, he wanted to make sure I was going to the game on Friday."

"Oh. He wants to show off." Marvin popped open his soda.

"He seems nice. What if he's just trying to make sure my first football is nice?"

"I doubt it." Mal said as he and Karen sat down next to Conner with his food. "He's pretty well known among the guys to be a ladies' man."

"Even the ladies think he's two timed every girl he's ever been with but no one's ever proved it," Karen stated.

At that, Conner grumbled- "You're better off staying away from him."
"I don't want to judge him based on some rumor. I would rather find out for myself," 
"Why? We're already telling you he's bad news,"

Cat's frown turned into a glare. "You know what, I've lost my appetite." She quickly stuffed everything back into her bag and left.

Marvin asked as he watched her storm off. "What was that about?"

"I wish I knew. She get's like that sometimes," He shrugged. 'M'gann, can you talk to Cat? She's mad for some reason.'

'Sure.' She thought back to him from where she was sitting with the other cheerleaders.


November 9th. 5:42 P.M. EST
Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.
Cat trudged down the street by herself, her mind a flurry of different thoughts, 'Maybe I'm mad over nothing.' she frowned to herself. 'No. I'm not. I'm allowed to be upset. I can act selfishly if I want to. Wait... I sense something odd...' She could hear a low meowing coming from close by. She noticed an orange cat with black stripes at her feet, He circled her until she stopped walking. 'Good job overreacting, Cat.'
"Aw. Well, aren't you a cute cat?" She knelt down. "I'm named after you, you know." She pet his head, shocked as several images passed through her mind.

["How could you hurt a defenseless pussycat?!"]

She retracted her hand. "Whoa! What was that...? You're not..."

"Excuse me." She looked up to see a boy. Pale skin with jet black hair and dressed in gothic apparel. His voice was the same as the one she heard in her head. A sharp grin spread across his face. "There you are, Teikl." He picked up the cat. "He didn't cause you any trouble, did he?"

"N-no, I love cats." She stood up, her stance staggered a little as she stepped back. "He's... an interesting breed. Do you know what kind of cat he is?"

"I guess you could say he's an orange devil." he chuckled. "But you already knew that, didn't you?"

A beeping sound was muffled in her pocket. "Oh, I gotta go..." She turned to leave, pulling the phone from her pocket.

"It was great seeing you, kitten. Or should I say, Endora?"

Her blood felt like ice water for a moment as he spoke. She quickly spun around to look but he was gone. She raised the phone to her ear, realizing that she had already hit answer. "Y- yeah?" 
"Cat, what's wrong? Is someone there?" 
Artemis's voice was a comforting sound in her ear, "No. No one, really. I just bumped into someone while I wasn't paying attention is all."

[Mission 8/END]

    You yawned as you passed through the kitchen, swiping the bento and the small cake box off the counter as you made your way towards the door, leaving through the back of the bakery. You set your bag in the basket of your bike as you pushed it towards the gate and out of the alley. Your mind had been in a haze since yesterday; remembering the incident and almost wondering if it were all a dream.

{The gentle smile faded from Mori’s face as an icy stare turned to Megumi. “She said you’re troubling her, leave.”

A chill went across Megumi’s shoulders as he focused an uneasy glare on Mori. He glanced between you and the giant for a moment before huffing, turning on his heel and stomping out of the bakery. “Whatever, man. I’ll see you later, ___.”

Once the door swung shut, you let out a sigh of relief before your gaze drifted up to meet Mori’s again. Isami had returned from the back, holding stacks of deconstructed cake boxes in her arms. “Huh? That’s weird, I thought I heard that Megumi guy out here,” she switched her attention back to Haruhi and Mori. “Let me get that cake boxed up for you!”

Mori’s attention seemed to remain focused on you for several moments longer before he turned back to his friend without another word.}

You biked your way down the street, remembering the path you had driven in the delivery truck before. You realized last night that you had forgotten to thank him for chasing Megumi off. You didn’t really understand why but you were glad he hadn’t misunderstood. You were unsure whether or not he understood sign language but when all else failed, you knew one way to communicate better than anyone you knew- sweets.

            You weren’t surprised to only see a single bike rack when you arrived at Ouran with only two bikes chained to it; it wasn’t that kind of school after all. You attempted to remember your path to the club room as best you could but it seemed for a little while that the school’s architectural design was going to stump you. You had no way of finding this Mori considering not only the communicational gap as well as the surprised number of looks you received as you walked through the school in an obviously different uniform; it made your already skittish nature even more ready to bolt at any sign of confrontation. The seemingly abandoned music room was your best bet and even if he wasn’t there, you had planned to just leave a pleasant note. Once you found it, you felt relieved as you pushed the doors open.


“-and then guess what happened, Takashi?” Hani was giggling about something their classmates had been discussing when they arrived. He hadn’t listened at the time, but he enjoyed listening to his friend give him his version of the overview, especially when he was so excited to share the story with Haruhi.


“He slipped and fell even before…” their attention trailed off as the three began to catch on to another conversation as other students walked past.

“Hey, did you see that strange girl walking around?”

“Yeah, she wasn’t even wearing our uniform, what was she doing here?”
“Who knows?”

“That was an Ise Girls Academy uniform wasn’t it?”

“You could tell? All I could think about was how good the box she was carrying smelled! I wonder what bakery it was from,”

‘Bakery…? It couldn’t be…’ Haruhi thought as she looked up at Mori’s pensive expression. “Um, Mori-senpai?” she set her hand on his arm gently and he turned to her slowly. His expression appeared conflicted when he turned to Hani next.

“Mitsukuni, you didn’t order anything, did you?”

“Nuh uh, Takashi. You told me to stay away so I asked Kyo-chan to go back to picking the cakes.”

“Mori-senpai!” Haruhi snapped for his attention as her brow furrowed, “If you don’t go, you won’t find out. It’s better than not knowing, right?”

His expression relaxed for a moment when he nodded, “Yeah. Thanks, Haruhi,” he quickly turned on his heel and bolted.

“…senpai doesn’t know where he’s going, does he?”

“Leave it to Takashi! He’ll find ___, no problem!”

“Why’s that?”

“Because that’s love~!”


    Much to your surprise, the room was not unoccupied. Kyoya looked up from where he was seated in front of his laptop and books, a curious look turning into a smile as he spotted you. “Oh, ___. What brings you to Ouran? Did Honey-senpai place another order without my knowledge?”

You shook your head before you started signing.

Actually, I came by to drop something off for the taller one. Mori is what he’s called, right?

“Ah, yes. Takashi Morinozuka is who you’re thinking of. Surprising that he of all people would place an order.”

He didn’t.

You set the box down on the table before stepping back.

Could you see that this gets to him, please? I know it may be asking too much but…

“Not at all,” he smiled, “Your sweets are not a thing to be wasted.”

Thank you. Please tell him they’re a thank you for yesterday.

“I’m not quite sure what that means but I’ll be sure to relay it to him. Please be careful on your way to school, ___.”

    You gave him a polite nod as you left the room, feeling satisfied and giddy at the thought of Mori trying the treats you made for him. You were somewhat disappointed that you didn’t get to see him try them for yourself, curious about his reaction but you thought that might be asking for too much as you told yourself to be satisfied as is. You pushed the anxious, little thoughts away as you attempted to go back the way you had come.


Mori sprinted down the hall, easily and gracefully dodging other students. ‘She wouldn’t know where my classroom unless she asked someone but… the safest bet is-!’

    He came to a halt in front of the host club doors, slamming them open to see Kyoya, unphased by his entrance. The club manager glanced up at him for a moment, but he didn’t look at him for long before returning to what he had been doing. “___ came by and left that for you,” he motioned to the box on the table.

    Mori stepped closer, opening the box to see lovely, pale yellow cookies with a thin layer of sugar dusted across the top of them nestled next to a green, rectangular cake with simplistic decorations to contrast the vibrant color.

    “She asked me to tell you that they were a thank you for yesterday, I assume you know what that means. If not, you did just miss her; maybe you can catch her before she goes,” Much as Kyoya had expected, Mori bolted out of the club room, leaving the manager to his work again.


    You had finally made it back to your bike and were leaving the front courtyard of Ouran, thankful you had left early enough on the off chance you had gotten lost. You had made it several steps outside of the school grounds, getting ready to mount your bike and leave when you thought you heard footsteps behind you.

    At first, you assumed you were just hearing things as you started to pedal away until you heard your name cut through the air, “___!” causing you to pull on the brakes immediately as your head whipped around to see Mori. He seemed somewhat out of breath; sweat beginning to drip from the lining of his hair and wetting the collar of his uniform.

‘He… He chased me all the way out here?!’ You watched as his face settled into an expression that almost looked like annoyance as his brows knit together and he began walking towards you. ‘Oh no! Did I do something wrong?! Did he not want me to come?!’

You could already feel your foot pushing forward on the pedal when his stride became wider, his hand setting on yours as he pushed down just enough to hold the brake. He was now staring down at you, the need to avoid his gaze becoming greater by the second.

You braced yourself when he started speaking, stunned when you realized what he had said, “I’m glad,” you looked up at him curiously as his expression softened into a smile. “I’m glad I caught you. I almost thought I wouldn’t.” Your eyes dropped back down, suddenly trailing to your hand. He watched as your focus locked onto it, red beginning to rise into your cheeks all the way to your ears. He slowly let go and you hesitated to look at him again, eyes traveling up to his tie and staying there while he continued. “You brought those sweets as a thank you, but I didn’t really do anything worth being thanked for.”

You shook your head, ‘How do I relay it to someone if I’m not sure whether or not they know…?’

“Sorry,” he caught your attention again, “I must be keeping you from going. I just wanted to say, even though I don’t deserve them, thank you for bringing me something.” He took a step away, the space between the two of you feeling somewhat awkward. “Can I…? No, nevermind.” You couldn’t help but look up at his face now, curiosity winning out. He seemed to be wearing the same frustrated expression as before. “Sorry to have bothered you.”

He turned to walk back towards Ouran and a thought occurred to you that hadn’t before, “N-not…” he stopped in his tracks as you made noise, not even sure if it qualified as a word. He seemed to look back at you for a moment, neither saying anything nor moving as he seemed to wait. “You… n-not…both…” you cleared your throat.

‘Why do I care about him misunderstanding?’ Your grip tightened on the handlebar of your bike, embarrassed by your own effort.

He slowly stepped closer, cautiously watching you dodge his gaze but your feet still seemed to be firmly planted in place. “Do you work today?” You nodded slowly. “Would it be alright if I came by?” A gentle hand set on your head for a moment, drawing your attention back up to see Mori was now wearing a smile. “I’d like to tell you what I think of your sweets, if its alright.”

“Y-yes…!” you covered your mouth as quickly as you had blurted it out.

You were surprised to hear him chuckle, “Alright, I’ll see you then.”


Haruhi was surprised to see Mori and Hani sit down at the same table as her, a last-minute decision to eat in the cafeteria yielding a surprise as both her and Hani’s attention went to the pastel cake box Mori had set down next to his tray.

“Uh… senpai?”

“Wah! Takashi bought cake without me?!”

“No,” he answered plainly. “They were a gift,”

“A gift?” Haruhi questioned when Kyoya arrived with answers and Tamaki in tow.

“Miss ___ came by earlier and dropped them off for him.” He explained.

“A gift for Takashi~? I wanna see!”

“Of course! It’s not every day that our stoic Mori-senpai accepts a gift from an admirer,” No one had realized it until Tamaki had pointed it out suddenly; all slowly turned their attention to the man in question.

“That’s right,” Haruhi started. ‘Mori-senpai decided not to accept any gifts or confessions from girls until after graduation… what makes this different?’

“It’s not the same,” Mori spoke up, seemingly reading Haruhi’s mind. “This is a thank you,”

“A thank you for what…?” she thought back to the day before, “Oh, I see. It’s a “thank you.”

“Haruhi~? Let me in on the secret~!”

“Nope.” She shut Tamaki down coldly.

“So, it doesn’t count?” the twins chimed in, revealing their presence.

“Because it’s a thank you gift?” Kaoru asked.

“Or because Mori-senpai likes her?” Hikaru argued.

“Sweets seem like a confession though,” Hikaru nodded in agreement with Kaoru’s next point.

“Hm, I think it depends upon the sweets given. What do you think, Tamaki?” Kyoya’s question seemed to resurrect Tamaki as he sprung to life to comment.

“It does, indeed! Mori-senpai! Please, open the box.”

A silence had fallen over the group as Mori opened it to reveal what he had seen earlier, dusted cookies and a small, green cake.

“Well, that was underwhelming,” Hikaru sighed.

“Yeah, I sort of expected something heart-shaped. It smells like green tea and lemon,”

“The cake is matcha and those are lemon cookies, am I right?” Kyoya asked.

“Yeah,” Mori nodded as he edged a small chunk of the cake away with his fork and taking a bite.

“Guess it was just a thank you.” Kaoru shrugged before he noticed the smiles on Tamaki and Hani’s face. “Boss? Senpai?”

“No, I think ___ definitely likes Takashi.”


“Silly twins,” Tamaki shook his head with a chuckle. “Does Mori-senpai strike you as the kind of guy who likes incredibly sweet things?”

“Uh, no…”

“When Mori-senpai came by my house yesterday, we bought a lemon cake from ___’s bakery and he seemed to really like it.” Haruhi explained.


“A traditional Japanese flavor and something she already knew he might like,” Kyoya added, “I’d say the girl is at least interested. She made the trip here by herself without prompting which is strange considering how skittish she is.”

“Ah! Takashi, you ate it all already?”

“Yeah,” he nodded.

“I wanted to steal a bite!”

“No.” He stood up.

“W-wait, senpai, how was it?”

“I promised I’d tell ___ what I thought,” was the last thing he said before leaving.

“Oh dear, seems as though he hasn’t given up after all,” Kyoya sighed, “I’ll have to keep an eye out then,”

“For what?” Haruhi inquired.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, Haruhi. Leave it all to me.”

    The group was entirely too afraid to press the issue any further, but it wouldn’t be long until they realized exactly what Kyoya was concerned about as rumors were already beginning to take root throughout the school.

To be continued…

Sweet-talk Me! Pt.2 {Takashi Morinozuka X Reader}
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