Introducing the EnterVOID Invitational Tournament!

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Hey all you amazing sequential artists! We’re holding a new tournament where any and all artists can bypass requirements, and submit their characters through our site! Have you been wanting to submit your OC’s but couldn’t find the time to finish their submission? This is your chance to shine! Visit our website for more details!:…

For those of you wondering what EnterVOID is, we are a community that has been pitting artists against each other in sequential matches for the past 14 years! We've been the longest running site to provide a place for artists to create comics and connect with other artists with the same passion. Our community has created a diverse list of Original Characters and a compelling story, whether it’s a one-on-one match, or a collaborative effort between artists, through EnterVOID’s years of activity.

This Summer, we’re holding a tournament that welcomes all newcomers to join the fray! Many artists interested to join our community of comic matches usually need to submit a design sheet, biography, and a 2-4 page introduction comic for their characters to participate. For this tournament however, we’re cutting it down to just a design sheet and a biography and jump into the fray of battle! Entrants will be pitted against each other through this tournament and keep their characters on the site to compete whenever they want afterwards!

Interested in joining and meeting fellow artists? This is your chance! You can read more about the Invitational Tournament in the link above! Our deadline to participate is June 19th, giving you plenty of time to submit!

Know someone who’d be interested too? Help us spread the word! Telling your friends and linking them back here helps a bunch in our efforts to welcome more and more people into the site!

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