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EnterVoid DA Portal F.A.Q. the first in online sequential art battles. Our goal is to provide an environment for prospective comic artists to sharpen their artistic and story-telling abilities through sequential art (or comics). Our site provides what has been dubbed at times an "arena" or "battle ground" for up-and-coming talent to display their skills and refine their art. Here you will find Fan Art of current members of the site, as well as sneak peaks of comics featured on the site.

Submission Guidelines

When submitting comics, please keep in mind that the comics MUST be on Void before submission. Any on-going battles that are submitted will be removed, so please remember to wait before the battle is finished before you submit the comic.


When submitting FanArt, Character Reference sheets- please do not flood the submissions with duplicated artwork or characters not yet submitted to


If you wish to affiliate with our group, your group MUST meet the following criteria:

1) Be a group dedicated to comics- be it original comics, published comics, webcomics, fancomics, comic groups, or other comic-related subjects.

2) Have at least 25 members.

3) Be ACTIVE. We will not affiliate with any groups that have not updated their blog in over two months. If you do not actively update your blog, then you must prove to us that you are active in another manner.

Gallery Folders

2015 Lune by luniara
Lophii Formes and lophiiformes by fernmoon
Tsumi Void Epic Collab by otakutaylor
Arena - The Lucid Justicar by pyrasterran
A Very Void Christmas by kozispoon
Gigara - Lore - 01 by pyrasterran
Gigara - Pieces - 06 by pyrasterran
Gigara - Pieces - 05 by pyrasterran
Character Sheets
Ma's Classic Homestyle Alphabet Soup by CornOfTheBreads
Jonos Valorous The Worse Centurion In the Galaxy by OrionTheMuse
Me Me, Mimi by kozispoon
Capgras by kozispoon
Banners, Icons, etc.
Kaiju KIller Banner by pyrasterran
Monster Island Void Banner by angieness
Pin Ups, FanArt, Other
Secret Santa drawing: Lil Lily by pyrasterran
Xia by fernmoon
Drink it all down ... by AstroSean
Girl's Destruction by AstroSean
RoflQ Toolio ReDesign Contest by luniara
TOOLIO redesign by lookehereguy
Toolio by DrSalt


Month of the Dead
October is dead and gone.  And so too have the fallen returned to their graves.  But their struggles are not forgotten!  
If you missed Month of the Dead here's the legacy left behind:

OS-1 vs. Jessie Valley…
Clown Princess vs. Pixel Princess…
Sonny del Salvador vs. Margot Seraphina…
Velvet Starr vs. Jiko Shi…
Sweet Itch and Margot Seraphina vs. Jiko Shi…
Dolly Dandellion vs. Lil Lily…
Dr. Calderwood vs Margot Seraphina…
Princess Aurelia VII vs. Miller's Judgement
(The First Annihilation Match!  Dead on Dead violence!)…

Monster Mash
Let us not forget the mayhem that has started as the creatures of the night mix it up and spill over into November.  Round One of Monster Mash has come and gone and with it many monsters have been consigned to oblivion but round two is still underway and the competition is fierce!  

Round 1
Morey Gorey vs. Lil Lily…
Kids Meal vs. Venom…
Michigan Grisly vs. UFA…
Ur vs. Kabocha…
BLACK|WHITE vs. Her Royal Corpseness…
Sovereign Greece vs. Chloe and Iron Leg…
Peggy And Porkchop vs. Mildred…
Dr. Freakinstyle vs. Jeanette, Sona & Trick…

Round 2
Dr. Freakinstyle vs. Sovereign Greece…
Kids Meal vs. Morey Gorey…
Kabocha vs. Michigan Grisly…
Peggy And Porkchop vs. BLACK|WHITE…

Annihilation Matches
During the Month of the Dead, Void has introduced a new match type to pacify the bloodthirst by those undead fighters who hunger for a challenge from beyond!  Annihilation matches allow dead characters to fight other dead characters in a high stakes match in which the winner gains glory and honor and the loser ceases to exist.  That's right, the character who is already dead and is defeated in an annihilation match can never be used or resurrected ever again.  A permanent death and a permanent fate in which they cannot post Beyond Battles, enter the SRT or participate in the MoTD.  Accept at your own peril!  View details and join the discussion here!…

New in Town
An experiment of sorts in occurring in the forum.  Check out New in Town!  Based on things like MSPaint Adventures, you help control the action!  Using MisterKent's discarded designs, this is a forum adventure taking place in the default setting of Void City, a weird city with weird inhabitants and even weirder adventures!…

And hey everybody, make way for Pulpito!  Void’s first ever mini-zine!  Check out the theme and details at the link here and join in on our bite-sized adventure!…

General Site News

It hasn't been very long since the forum changed over to the current look but what has been lacking is input from YOU!  Yes, you!  We are currently accepting banners with your art to spruce up the place. The only requirements are that the banners be submitted at 150 px tall and as wide as possible.  For further details and to see submissions go here.  Show off that VOID pride!…

The site has gone through some recent troubles but thanks to Bobo's efforts those troubles have been cleared and the site is running at full speed once more.  And some slight changes have followed.  I bet you're dying to talk to some of our artists on the site. Well, introducing our new: VOIDChat Discord chatroom!  That's right, our successor to the dA VOIDChat is here and more simpler than before! Don't be afraid and join, all you do is type in a username and bam, you're in! We all love meeting new people and chatting, so we look forward to seeing you there.

And don't forget to follow us on multiple social media platforms: Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook pages, along with our dA group page!

If you have any general suggestions, which are always more than welcome, go here.…

And if you find any bugs, please report them here or directly to Bobo or Kevin.…
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