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Hello from OCTFollowers! It's time for spring cleaning!

I've noticed you still have an ad with us. Is this group still active? If so, would you like us to move you're ad over to the-OCT-list? You're other option would be to let us delete your ad for now, and resubmit to either group when you're ready (we'll be moving listings back to OCTF in the future, after I've cleaned it up!) Please get back to me as soon as you can, thanks :)
It is still active, yes.
Unfortunately after 3 months I kinda figured you guys don't watch your DA group anymore and cleared the listing. ><

You're welcome to put up a new ad on the-OCT-list though!
Oh, it's active if you check the submissions and what not. I'm just not checking DA every single day like I used to. =) 
I don't suppose you have our old information so I can see what was placed?
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Hello! I am here now  :D
I guess I'll just ask this now, is this league still active? If so, would I be allowed to participate?
EnterVoid is still active, yes and yes. Please visit www.entervoid.com to join.