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I've compiled a list of all the slink resources that exist so far to help keep things more organized without having to delete and re-write everything to one place. Hope this helps!

Slinks belong to the Myriaverses multiverse and can be used in MyriaversesMenagerie!

LAST UPDATE: 7/7/2019 - Combined a couple of sections and reorganized the page to make it easier to read.

  • Main Species Reference and Lore

  • Gifting, Trading, Retiring, and Breeding

    • Gifting, Trading, and Resale
      • Outlines rules about slink transfers.
    • Retiring Slinks
      • Goes over how to remove individual slinks from the species. Also touches on what happens if an owner deactivates or goes MIA.
    • Mogg Slinks and Breeding!
      • Contains information regarding crossbreeds, how to breed them, breed-specific genes, and more. You may request breedings here if you'd rather do that instead of DMing me directly.

  • Slink Commissions

    • Slink Relevant Commissions - Always Updated!
      • All of my current slink related commissions! Includes prices for all types of Slink Booster, breedings, customs, and hybrid icons.
    • Official Slink Breed YCHs 
      • Good for people who have a difficult time drawing or just want a pretty, official ref to look at. Always open!
    • Other Slink Full-Body Commission Info (Tumblr) 
      • A tumblr ask about buying full-body art for their slinks. Lists some varied exampled and prices if you'd like slink art from me but want something more personalized than one of the breed YCHs. Also a good option if you want a mogg drawn!

  • Artist Reference

  • Miscellaneous Reference

    • Slink Hybrids! Guidelines and Rules
      • Brief write-up on what slink hybrids are and the rules associated with them.
    • CS's Slink Journal (Google Docs) 
      • Always up to date! You're welcome to use it as a basis for your own slink journals.
    • CS's Slink Journal (Deviantart)
      • Not up-to-date, but still feel free to use it for reference if you keep a DA slink journal.
    • NOTICE: How to Upload My Designs to
      • This shows you how to credit slinks appropriately when you upload them to
    • How To Get the Old Window's Photo Viewer Back 
      • Added by request. Windows 10 computers all use the new photo viewer, which is incredibly slow-loading and blurry compared to the old one. This is an extremely quick and easy tutorial on how to get the old Windows Photo Viewer working on your computer. I had to do this more than once specifically so I could view my slink files properly without opening a photo editor. I highly recommend trying this if you want to easily see your slinks in gorgeous and sharp detail!

  • Community

    • Slink HQ Discord
      • This is the invite link! Was originally the discord server for SlinkRP, but has since been renamed and hosts lore discussion, casual RP, announcements, and more. Supports and encourages linking to slink journals, trading, organizing breedings, and other official things alongside chattering. Previews get posted often and I'm almost always around. I'm always very easy to get in touch with here.
    • "Slink Craigslist"
      • DA journal for you to advertise and negotiate slink trade offers, breeding offers, etc. Great way to ensure slink transactions stay documented so I can update ownership status appropriately.
    • Public Slink Journal Masterlist
      • DA journal that lists and links to existing slink journals. You can submit a link to yours here if you want it to be easier to find for other owners. Totally voluntary.

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