Mogg Slinks and Breeding! THE BIG FANCY UPDATE

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Last Update: 6/13/2022 - Updated the chart and linked to the breeding prices instead of listing it separately here!)

SlinkMoggChart2022 by EnterTheDwelling


Coffee Taffy x Little Sarge Breeding by EnterTheDwelling   Dapple x Gummy Breeding by EnterTheDwelling  Throckmorton x Richard Breeding by EnterTheDwelling

- - - BREED OVERVIEW - - -

Creator: EnterTheDwelling
Genetic Influences: Varies
Available for Purchase: Yes! Can also be obtained through official breedings done by EnterTheDwelling on commission (more info below).
Size: Varies
Temperament: Varies
Intelligence: Varies
Sociability: Varies
Special Care Requirements: Varies, but usually none or minor depending on parentage.


Mogg slinks are the other most common variety of slink next to Originals. Any slink that's a mix of two or more breeds is a Mogg. Each mogg is unique based on parentage and their own unique genome. Sometimes, even if neither parent has a gene, Recessives can suddenly resurface from many generations back and result in distinct and surprising offspring.


  • When you cross two different breeds of slink together, you'll get a mixture of the two parents. In terms of temperament, coloration, and health, each one will be unique.
  • When you cross two of the same breed together, they'll breed true. The slinklettes will be the same breed as their parents.
  • When you cross Moggs together or Moggs with purebreds, the slinklette could be any cross-over combination of the two parents. Very rarely, mogg x mogg can create an original. Some examples have been listed below:
    • Original-Skink (X) Castaway-Cherub = Original-Castaway, Original-Cherub, Skink-Castaway, or Skink-Cherub (RARE: Original)
    • Original-Skink (X) Castaway = Original-Castaway or Skink-Castaway
  • VERY high-gen slinks will sometimes throw out random and unexpected slinklettes when bred - an interesting feature that breeders either love or loathe. High gen slinks can make breeding projects difficult, but they can also spice up the gene pool or give you something rare!

- - - GENERATIONS - - -

All slinks that come from breedings will have a cross somewhere on their sprite. The color of the cross indicates which generation they are.
Slinks without crosses are assumed to be gen 1. The maximum amount of generations that can be recorded is 13, and slinks that are generation 13 or higher (13+) have the highest chance of unpredictable breeding results in their slinklettes.

Slinks that were cloned and produced in a lab setting won't have a cross, and will be counted as gen 1.

You can always refer to the generation chart below for reference:

Slink Generation Colors 3x by EnterTheDwelling


Some combinations require a substitute slink to act as a surrogate parent!
A few breeds won't breed with other breeds naturally due to differences in size, temperament, or genetic dissimilarity. Substitutes help bridge the gap and allow owners to breed more exotic moggs by using them to carry the embryo instead. Keep in mind that the breeds listed below can still breed fine with other slinks of the same breed without a substitute. This just applies to cross-breeding.
Sub0 - Gummy by EnterTheDwelling
The current list of breeds that need a Substitute slink to crossbreed are:
  • Substitute - Reason: Have little to no sex drive.
  • Stoplight - Reason: Extreme body plan (big and has three heads).
  • Ligular - Reason: Large and uninterested in breeding with other slink breeds.
  • Bandy - Reason: Naturally distrusting or hateful towards other breeds.
IMPORTANT: No moggs require substitutes to breed! Only the breeds listed above require the help of a substitute slink.

The current list of breeds that need a Substitute slink to breed AT ALL are:
  • Palm - Reason: Are "forever slinklettes". They're practically babies forever and are unable to breed. They can only be cloned in labs or via artificial insemination of a Substitute.


Some breeds of slink have special genes they can pass on to their offspring, such as a Ligular slink's lovely glowing rings or the Dink Slink's mysterious chromatic distortion gene (also known as "chroma"). Any variety of slink can technically turn up with these genes if:
  1. One of the slink's parents has the gene.
  2. One or both of the slink's parents is very high gen, increasing the chances of the gene spontaneously appearing. If one or both parents had the gene somewhere in their history it's even more likely to appear.
An up-to-date list of all the genes is kept here on the Myriaverses wiki!

There are also some "secret" types of slink. They're not listed on the chart because they're usually made for events, when very specific conditions are met, or as one-offs for various different reasons. There are a few examples below, but these aren't the only ones! Be creative in your crossbreeding and keep your eyes open for novel combinations or unusual gachas and events - you might just bump into one.

Csm25 by EnterTheDwelling Csm50 by EnterTheDwelling Uhm0 - Powerchild by EnterTheDwelling EAF0-PartyFavor by EnterTheDwelling Big080 by EnterTheDwelling Fear00 by EnterTheDwelling Abknu1 by EnterTheDwelling Abfla1 by EnterTheDwelling



Commission A breeding between two slinks from EnterTheDwelling! Be sure to either use your own slinks or ask somebody else for permission to use theirs. Moggs will be created using the breeding chart and rules displayed at the top of this journal.

You can also breed for purebreds as well (example: two Castaway parents will always make another Castaway... unless they're VERY high-gen).


Always kept up to date on the Slink Relevant Commissions Page!

I've provided a form below to make requesting slinks easier and more efficient. You can either note me directly or leave a comment on this journal. Please allow me to reply to your comment and confirm your request before paying.

(Use the slink's ID Number! If the slink is older and no ID exists, put the design name that came with the file. If you aren't sure if you need a Substitute slink for some reason, just throw one in anyways just in case. <3)
Slink A (x) Slink B (Substitute: Slink C)
Amount of Slinklettes: ???
Form of Payment: Paypal / Points


Purchase or receive a Mogg from a breeding sheet, gacha, or giveaway by EnterTheDwelling!


It will depend on the specific batch/promotion/etc., but normally it's at a discount compared to getting a mogg on-demand from specific parents!


Trade for a mogg with another slink owner or receive one as a gift! Always make sure to let me know, and remember the rules regarding trading and gifting.

Slink Rules Recap: Gifting, Trading, and Resale[EDIT: 5/10/2022 - You no longer need a DA account to own a slink, so these rules have been adjusted to reflect that.]
I have these rules posed on the DA page and wiki article for slinks that all adopters should understand and agree to upon purchase, but just in case anyone missed them I'll re-post them to this journal as a simple Q&A with more specific details:

Q: Can Slinks be gifted to others?

A: Absolutely, but they need to be willing to give me an active account of theirs, such as a DA, Tumblr, email address, etc, so I can credit them appropriately and have a place to contact them if the need arises! Please make sure to tell me who the new owner is so I can put the slink under their name.

Q: Can Slinks be traded for other slinks?
A: Yep! Most slinks are of roughly equivalent value and most of what makes a slink "valuable" is subjective or may change over time based on a number of factors, so swap '


Same as with the last section! May change depending on batch/promotion/etc.

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