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My Bio

Alex / CS / Sushi | Female | 28 | Happily Married to Jesseth! LEGAL NOTICE: I do not consent to having any of my works used to inform AIs, be fed into AI databases, or otherwise used in any way, shape, or form, for furthering any AI art based projects, services, etc. If you wish to sample my works for this purpose, you must discuss it with me personally and we may be able to sort something out (this would only apply to art that was not commissioned and does not contain any kind of copyrighted content or properties - so effectively only generic content I've produced).

Some interests of mine are:

  • Astrobiology and Spec Bio

  • Myriaverses (The original setting me and @AltamaranEmpire work on together. It's FULL OF ALIENS.)

  • Slinks (Closed species I make and sell)

  • HerApogee-OCT (An OCT I ran in the past)

  • Fanart, such as Sonic, Homestuck (Specifically Fantrolls), Invader Zim (Especially my IrkScrap AU setting), and Steven Universe.


General Commission Info and Prices | Deviantart Specific Commission Info and Prices



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Slink Resource List with Links | "All My Slinks" Journal!  | Mogg Slinks and Breeding Info

I have some proper Legal Opinions on the DA Art AI, Dreamup, that just got released. I'm not in the mood to type it out again here, so I'm going to link the comment I made. This is also to keep any responses to this consistent and publicly viewable and easily accessible on DA's announcement post. I'm doing this because I think the legal ramifications of this are real and inevitable. https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/933537821/5020598808
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Okay, so I've gotten back into commissions properly and I have Postybirb working again, so I SHOULD be able to keep most of my websites in the loop. Anyways, hi everyone! My up-to-date commission listing and pricing is here ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eZWjVbZhrv-byAVIIrScjWzIjRGEzHB9oY9jxUiZej8/edit?usp=sharing ) . I'm going to see if I can stop hoarding my art on my computer and actually put it somewhere. I'm sorry in advance for any setting/fandom hopping - I always like the things I like, but I have periods where one interest hits very hard. I always get kind of nervous about that and whether or not I should make alt accounts for different things, but if I want to put anything online again I'm just going to have to accept that these are my accounts and tagging exists so people can see what they'd like from me ;flejsfsej;
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Updated the Slink Commission Info!
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thanks for llama
Thanks for the llama! Here's one for you! Llama fella (Badges) 
Thank you so much! <3
You're welcome! :)
Hi, there!
I thank you for the llama! =D
I'm offering commissions!
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