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We are eternal

By Enterprise-E
Long after the Homeworld war, not recognized as a threat anymore by current powers, the imperial fleets are striding through space, hidden. Gathering their strength to one day strike back at Hiigara, and exterminate the unworthy republican branch of the Taiidani... To restore the Empire to it's past glory.
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Jul 31, 2008, 6:36:38 PM
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LordOmegaZ's avatar
and now thanks to homeworld remastered ;D you can fight as them AGAINST hw2 higarians

i believe you can i think :3
01Damocles's avatar
Nice job!  I still play Homeworld 1 and 2 all the time!
TheBleachDoctor's avatar
Yay, Homeworld art!!!!
zsoca-san's avatar
Le a kalappal! Mesteri.
Midgarde's avatar
Woo Homeworld! Great Awesome-sauce here.
Nils-Iver's avatar
Wait, this reminds me of some kind of old space online game, Homeworld?
Padawanmage's avatar
I love Homeworld! Question though...on the bottom of the pic, it mentions 'Enterprise-E'?
Cromagblack6's avatar
Imperial Taiidan will rise again
....That looks like a Kushan heavy cruiser on the left-most side :/
Erementarushokan's avatar
May the Emperor be Praised!
Triumviratus's avatar
The wail of steel beneath the battering of kinetic shells as it echoes through the dust of ages is the far cry of poetic thought and the imagination that brings us closer to the dream of leaving for the great beyond.
porkal's avatar
Homeworld is such an amazing game...Glad to see some more Taiidani fan-art...the Vaygr and homeworld 2 get too much attention

Not saying HW2 is bad or anything though XD
Again amazing work! :D
polarlex's avatar

I thought it`s screenshot. Great work, mate

here is mine)[link]
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Hav0c13's avatar
Homeworld is such an epic game. The ships, story, everything was just so spectacular.

I wish I could get these ships on GMod!

OR XTM!! THAT would be fun!
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Great shot man! Indeed, one of the greatest space RTSes ever made.
pizzacat's avatar
One of the best Homeworld tributes around Ive seen your models are amazing and so high def and detailed, and you managed to render it out in such a way to look all painted, impressive stuff.

The lead Taidan ship with the triple ion cannon turret what is it, is it from Cataclysm since I never got to play the expansion?
Enterprise-E's avatar
Thank you. The lead ship is my original design, the Naar-Mah class light cruiser. Backstory wise i designed her to be a Cataclysm era ship.
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I salute you sir
FinalSage's avatar
May they live for another thousand years!
anubis-myr's avatar
Fantasztikus darab :)
Enterprise-E's avatar
anubis-myr's avatar
Ha nem tévedek akkor a Karos temető a helyszín (a törmelékek a háttérben és a hatalmas űrködök erre utalnak), jó búvóhely :D
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