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TMP Enterprise

This on is a model of the refit Enterprise as seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. i made this model 3 years ago, but it's still one of my most detailed models. She is my absolute favourite starship, a pure beautyness. She's why i started with 3D modeling...
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An extremely talented artist. I wish I could do something like that.
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Which 3D software did you use to construct this? 
Smashing bit of work you've done here, has to be said. 
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Jeez, now that is a sexy piece of art.  Well done!
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The Lady looks lovely!
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This is gorgeous! The TMP Enterprise is my second favorite, my first is the 2009 Enterprise *gets shot*
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Ideed, she´s a beauty!
And your mesh does to make total justice. :)
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Thanks for your kind comment. By today's standards it's a painfully low-detail, and also somewhat inaccurate model. It was one of my first serious 3D projects, done like... 10 or so years ago. But i tried my best back then that's why she looks decent.
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Beautiful detail
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Ooh, she's gorgeous! :D Fabulous, thank you.
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My favourite Lady called Enterprise :)
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Considering htis is now 7 years old the level of detail is fantastic. She is my favourite class as well.
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I agree - this is the best looking Starship in the Federation! It looks great from just about any angle, but you've really brought out it's beauty here! :)
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This will always be the best and most beautiful Enterprise.
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Stunning work you've done a great job in showing the beauty of the Constitution Class refit. It's absolutely the most beautiful and my favorite ship from the Star Trek universe.
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Thank you, she is my ever favourite design too.
I am also a big fan for the Constitution Class Refit.

Do you accept and modify others works for 3D?

I have a plan for a modernized Constitution Class Vessel that you may find interesting and I would be very interested in seeing her in 3d.
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I don't think I've ever seen a model of the Refited Enterprise anywhere else. Gives the phrase(and I quote), "To boldy go where no man has gone before."(end quote) a whole new meaning.
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Polar Lights makes them
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-Looks like she is just about ready to go into warp... :) Awesome job.
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My second favorite version. My favorite is the sovy.
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Simplemente SOBERVIO... te felicito.. this work is very very amazing... congratulations...
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