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Sith Holocron

By Enterprise-E
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Sith Holocron of my own design.

Made for, and won contest at
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just me or ones from Rise of Skywalker look like this...?

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This looks amazing ! you could work on the object beneath it tough, every single little detail matters.
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This is awesomely complex!!! :O
Do you used a bump map down for the dusty aspect?
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I love the fact that it sais "Satan My Master" in Aurebesh.
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I'm glad I read this
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It really feels good when people put the effort in to notice details like that :-)
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It's nice when there are little details to be noticed.
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Pretty wicked design and congrats on the win.
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whats a Sith Holocron?
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sith holocrons are similar to the jedi holocrons. theyre data storage devices where all their teachings are stored to be learned.
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that is so cool :D
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This is an amazing looking Holocron, I used it for an image in a Star Wars RPG campaign I run and have now credited you, if there's an issue with me using the image, let me know and I'll remove it.
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Holy hell, man. Your skills are insane!

And, I know this is probably a bit of a silly question, but what is a holocron?
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I can't imagine what kind of secrets this particular Sith Holocron would have in it.
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Is it ok if I use this for a journal I am going to create?
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I really like this. You don't see many of them and I think you did an awesome job keep it up.
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Awesome! Can I has it?
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